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I am leaving…

I will be taking myself off the OCCUPY pages and website… No one ever uses the website any more and all I do on the facebook pages is screen people to find out if they are spammers or note…. and remove spam…. NO ONE helps me with these tasks any more and I feel that this is useless time. I believe OCCUPY is dead in this area. Everyone seems to have their choice ‘movements’ to champian and wish to do no more. I wish you all luck. I have better things to do with my time than to babysit the facebook pages and the website.

MAY DAY 2014

We planned it in less than two weeks… We did not get to promote as much as we wanted… BUT we deemed it as a success for our first event in over a year. We had a total of 11 people show up or stop and join us. Had as much as 9 people standing with us. We had 5 regular OCCUPY Wilmington NC peeps in attendance… Ron, James. Brad, Aliaka and myself (Star)… Two young UNCW OCCUPYers found us by looking at the website calendar and rushing down to join us… The other 4 OCCUPYers  were plucked off the street to join us. We had no press join us, but then we had already decided that we wouldn’t call them and if they showed up we wouldn’t talk to them. We were greeted nicely by the Wilmington Police. and we had several Lawyers, a few officers and more walkers who welcomed us back to our protest corner at City Hall. They had not forgot us. We will be planning some more City Hall protests at our next GA. We are thinking that we should come stand at our corner once a month as we remind Wilmington that the OCCUPY movement is not gone and we will continue to fight for the 99%.

May Day, May 1st 2014

May Day, May 1st 2014

written by Star ‘Auntie Bear’ Anderson of OCCUPY Wilmington NC

G.A. Notes 4/19/2014

Attended: Brad, Robert, Denny, Ron, Ed, Jeff, Erin, Desire, Star.

Topics of interest:

-May Day event planing
-Future direction of Wilmington Occupy
-Coordination between Cape Fear Equality and Occupy Wilmington
-Live stream
-Return to formal G.A. structure?
-Mobile camp vehicle
-Voter suppression
-Corporate person hood
-Health Care Exchange
-School reform
-Voting out the bums in office
-Labor movement history
-Working with the city council
-Putting the upcoming events of other groups on the Occupy Calendar
-Moral Mondays
-Veterans for Peace event coming in early summer/late spring

Out Reach:

-Food Not Bombs
-Cape Fear Equality
-City council
-Women Occupying Wilmington
-Occupy UNCW
-North Carolina Association of Educators
-Various Unions
-Veterans for peace


Got 100 Fliers printed and ready to go. Hit me up if you would like some.

GA Notes 4/12/14


Topics of interest:
May Day – march, meetup
Voter suppression
Affordable Healthcare
BLM vs Navada rancher
Wilmington city Laws – Protests..what  is legal/illegal?
New volunteers for Street Team – Brad, Desire, Aliaka
Occupy Monsanto – May 24, 2014
Documentary Night at the Juggling Gypsy *Available nights: Thur, 17 Sat. 19, Thur 24 @5pm
Page admins: Who is still active?
Fundraising opportunities – Desire
Corporate Personhood
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