A Fracking Shame

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources did a study, as directed by NC legislative Session Law 2011-276, which found that fracking can be done safely if proper regulation and the funding for it is in place. However, the study also concedes to the dangers. It’s interesting that one of the stipulations is to “Provide funding for any continued work on the development of a state regulatory program for the natural gas industry.” In a time of deep cuts to education, mass transit funding and toying with the destruction of social security this is something that our right wing government says is ok to tax people for. CORPORATE WELFARE

Every natural gas company is going to take advantage of the following exception that was just written into “regulation” standards by our corporate oligarchy.

“Require full disclosure of hydraulic fracturing chemicals and constituents to regulatory agencies and to local government emergency response officials prior to drilling. The state should encourage the industry to fully disclose the same information to the public and require public disclosure of hydraulic fracturing chemicals and constituents with the exception of trade secrets already protected under state law.”

People of southeastern North Carolina are coming together to show our state “representatives” that we do not accept their offer to allow fracking in the state of NC. We the people do not accept the fallout from such operations. It is well known what kind of horrors come with hydrolic fracturing and we will not have this in our state. Together we will put this behind us. We make our stand. We make a line in the sand. NO FRACKING!

On May 9th, 2012, occupiers from Wilmington, NC participated in the Showdown in Charlotte. People from across the country occupied the intersection of Trade and Tryon in front of the Bank of America shareholder meeting. Bank of America also is a financier of the Natural Gas industry.

We will be participating in a protest at College and Oleander intersection. Come anytime between 4 and 8pm, and stay as long as you can. It will be hot: bring a chair, an umbrella, wear cool clothes, bring cold drinks. And make your best anti-fracking signs!

Please come and help us show all of NC that the people of Wilmington are willing to boldly instruct our government on the way they should go. Politicians listen to their constituents because their jobs depend on election and reelection. Never forget that.

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