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Legalize marijuana posession in North Carolina

Click Here to sign a petition for the Federal Government to allow North Carolina to legalize possession of marijuana in North Carolina.


I suggest that we use the recommendations contained in this article to grow our local movement. The recommendations seem quite strategic and well within our competencies.

GA Notes 03-17-2012

No facilitator, Peter scribe.

This was a very insightful GA. We addressed the fact that members were dropping out of OWNC and some were posting very critical attacks on their way out the door.

We discussed the need to consider whether we were relevant as a movement and the issues that we were promoting.

Core issues:

Voter suppression

Corporate personhood

Foreclosure prevention

Other items discussed:

99% vs 1%

Issues promoted by other occupiers

Taxing the rich

Local issues

Posting positive topics

Republican wars on women, blacks, gays, immigrants

The need to attack ideas and not people


Review FB observation at next GA

Open invitation for supporters to attend GA


GA Notes 03-14-2012

Met at City Hall:

Ron facilitated, Peter scribed.


May Day demonstrations need FB sign ups.

Committee Reports:

Finance: Treasury balance to be posted in GA Notes.

Old Business:

Discussion of Work On Wilmington 4.21.12

Discussed the fact that decisions are made at GA and persons with action items should present them at GA.

New Business:

A motion was passed to support the demonstration against the County Commissioners for refusing the health care grant.

A motion was passed to support the demonstration for same issue at the April 2, 6:00 pm County Commissioners meeting.

The motions were passed the day they were introduced because they were time sensitive.

A proposal was made to promote OWNC FB outreach.

A decision was made to improve the tone of our Discussion page by stressing the need to address/attack ideas and not individuals. Attacks on individuals will be deleted promptly.

Meeting was adjourned.

GA Notes 03-10-2012

Occupy GA met at 5:00 Saturday at Greenfield Park.

Denny Best facilitated and Peter Grear served as scribe. Please message any corrections to Peter.

Star announced our May picketing project and asked for volunteers to our FB picketing workgroup.

Under Committee Reports:

Peter announced follow up contacts designed to garner support for our Corporate Personhood Resolution for Wilmington City Council.

Peter announced that our voter suppression had an in-depth FB discussion that yield a consensus.

Sheree announced that we needed to continue our foreclosure defense efforts.

Under Old Business:

A proposal was made and passed to thank Raleigh Occupy for hosting our statewide GA.

A proposal was made and passed supporting the Urban League’s Occupy the Ballot campaign.

A proposal was made and passed to support Occupy’s national initiative to occupy the Democratic National Convention.

It was reported that our T-Ball sponsorship was denied and our check destroyed. Some that made cash donations gave the money to Occupy.

It was reported that our We Pay account was closed and that we need a new account to enable us to continue soliciting funds.

It was proposed and passed that we allow a Wilmington Pride representative to make a GA report on Amendment 1.

Under New Business:

It was suggested that we support Work on Wilmington. It was decided to create a discussion thread to allow input before it the suggestion comes up as a proposal.

Our meeting was adjourned.

Pleased message me with additions and corrections.

It was suggested that we write political candidates and ask them to support Occupy issues.