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A new monoply is about to be born

Comcast and Time-Warner are planning a merger worth $45.2 billion dollars that give give Comcast control over the cable and internet access in roughly two-thirds of the house holds in America. Don’t like Comcast? Well too bad, it looks like they’ll be the only game in town if this merger is allowed to go through and chances are it will be.

Follow the link below to read more about this merger.

Comcast-TWC Would Be a Monopoly, But That Probably Won’t Stop It


Occupy Wilmington GA Meeting

Occupy Wilmington will be holding a General Assembly meeting on September 28th from 3PM until 4PM at Green Field Lake. We will be meeting under the pavilion near the playground.
Please visit the Facebook event page here.

Pardon the Wilmington Ten

Click here to sign a petition to urge Gov. Perdue to pardon the Wilmington Ten.

Rally to Expose Political Corruption

Rally Information

GA Notes 05-31-2012




Hosting the statewide GA – August ?
needing an overnight possible Fri, Sat, Sun…Opt. to talk with UNCW and CFCC/Hotels
Option- camp downtown / under the bridge

Ron is going to check with CFCC as he is an alumni

Thurs- Ron to meet with Central Labor – ILA

Possible site for mtg – Landfall Library on Saturday

Discussed – Democratic party …Sept 3-6 conv.

( Charlotte – Coalition to march on Wall St south – Wk before)

Action items

Paypal – set up ….Ron
Groups set-up ….Working groups …Shelby
OWNC Outreach working group
OWNC De-escalation working group
OWNC creativity working group

Labor-ILA …..Ron
Statewide GA……Peter

(Ron commented that David Paul is friend and owns Paul’s Place hot dogs if we choose to use option )

Old Business

Pride Walk
scheduled for 6/10/2012 Sunday
to meet at the Old Bailey’s theatre downtown from 3-5pm..walk will start at 6pm

Shelby, Nikita signed up..Nikita gave donation of $10.00 to TR Nunley at potluck