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I am leaving…

I will be taking myself off the OCCUPY pages and website… No one ever uses the website any more and all I do on the facebook pages is screen people to find out if they are spammers or note…. and remove spam…. NO ONE helps me with these tasks any more and I feel that this is useless time. I believe OCCUPY is dead in this area. Everyone seems to have their choice ‘movements’ to champian and wish to do no more. I wish you all luck. I have better things to do with my time than to babysit the facebook pages and the website.

MAY DAY 2014

We planned it in less than two weeks… We did not get to promote as much as we wanted… BUT we deemed it as a success for our first event in over a year. We had a total of 11 people show up or stop and join us. Had as much as 9 people standing with us. We had 5 regular OCCUPY Wilmington NC peeps in attendance… Ron, James. Brad, Aliaka and myself (Star)… Two young UNCW OCCUPYers found us by looking at the website calendar and rushing down to join us… The other 4 OCCUPYers  were plucked off the street to join us. We had no press join us, but then we had already decided that we wouldn’t call them and if they showed up we wouldn’t talk to them. We were greeted nicely by the Wilmington Police. and we had several Lawyers, a few officers and more walkers who welcomed us back to our protest corner at City Hall. They had not forgot us. We will be planning some more City Hall protests at our next GA. We are thinking that we should come stand at our corner once a month as we remind Wilmington that the OCCUPY movement is not gone and we will continue to fight for the 99%.

May Day, May 1st 2014

May Day, May 1st 2014

written by Star ‘Auntie Bear’ Anderson of OCCUPY Wilmington NC

We Need News Contributors!!!

We want all the great posts being shared on facebook to be posted here…. Would you like to be a contributor??? Go to the forums and look for ‘We Need News Contributors!!!’ and find out how to join the online staff here at OCCUPY Wilmington NC.

G.A. Notes 6/30/12

  • Peter
  • Shelby
  • Nikita
  • Jerome
  • Keenen
  • Alle – (Occupy Cleveland)
  • Star

Attended wave Hearing- Peter, Keenen, Jerome

Star news wrote an article, they are not cutting out Sunday service, possibly charging a fee for free trolly service. Board member Mr. Barfield not voting for cutting out Sunday service.

Federal Election Committee- Keenen , Ethan

Executive Order on publicly financed elections – President has no jurisdiction – Dream Act was due to ICE

Old Business/New Business:

Potluck was a success . July’s Potluck will be Hotdogs, Baked Beans, Chips Soda’s.

Talked about fund raisers…possible 50/50 Lottery …Bake Sale….Raffle

Alle brought up points on Action Movements…ex.-Occupy Congress Human chain of hearts- (make a wish) ..could possibly do Human chain across Riverfront, College Rd, Market St, Military Cutoff Rd…We need more Recognition, and recruitment, passing out flyers as an option maybe downtown on street corners – 3 points in teams of 2-3 people, Bus Stops, Walmart, The Shopping Mall…etc.

I personally would like to see a radical action taken..I would be willing to stand up, be arrested for it..I strongly believe that we need to do something of epic proportion

(Just a personal thought)

No G.A. Wednesday due to 4th July Holiday


GA Notes 06-16-2012

G.A. Meeting

By Desire Powell-Willey in OCCUPY WILMINGTON NC · Edit Doc · Delete





Homeless woman Betty died @ Greenfield Lake Park of natural causes, she attended our Potluck last month.
Citizens united- Keenen public fiance elections universal voter registration.
Wave Transit- protest date change due to correct info. Protest event scheduled for Tues. June 19th 5:30pm – 7:30pm @ city hall- regular scheduled city council meeting. Ron & Jerome to possible speak at mtg.
Ballpark- Asked if Included Homeless in survey- got a laugh people not considered taxpayers by majority persons surveyed.
Potluck- Need to decide by Wednsday June 20th- change to a Spaghetti dinner to include Spaghetti/veg. Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, and possible Salad. (Nikita to change event)
Statewide GA- Keenen spoke w/people from Charlotte between now & National convention. ( NC Coal. ) Approx. 5 people on National news- amazing /solid in media liaisons.
Occupy media from Charlotte/Asheville speak to Wilm. press reach out to Occupy Ashville. Use as information.
Questions? How much is housing, when can we book? July- August , Room availability,cost, location, How many rooms Avail. the max per room and min., cost per person, toilets, rules, std rules, policies, bedding, what is avail in each room,Dorm room, Lobby area. Reach out to other occupies.
Invite speakers- Topic would be ALEC . hopes/permit Riverfront Park- presentation for ALEC

CFCC for back up -possible weather cond. pending. Plan is to use ALEC to draw in ties to Corporate Personhood/City council- Petition- DO NOT OVER EXTEND OURSELVES

Sheree- house in foreclosure, as well as rental house in foreclosure w/2 yr rental contract


Old Business:


Voter Advocating, Rolling over to next GA Mtg. Occupy Wallstreet – 90% of all had voted in past elections. 80% plan to vote in the Political Process. Wallstreet has been using in media -

People who are outside mainstream -don’t count. Occupy Wallstreet- does not endorse candidates.

Amendment 1- Encourage people to vote and repeal Amendment 1

Key is to know the issues, the voting process, getting a consensus of the voting process.

Potluck- Announce voter registration at potluck, possible door to door petition.

Nikita call restaurants for food donations.

New Business:


Working on Voter registration @ potluck

Possible doing a door to door petition for Corporate personhood (approve as written) Schedule & heard within 60 days after presented.

Board of Elections-


Printed names

Signed names

registered address of voter

Wilmington city resident