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GA Notes 06-09-2012




Post poned the Mtg with Jason Rosen from Central Labor. They will meet next week.

Jerome court Monday-Needs more time to pay fees- $200

TR was here at the Park from 11-3 for Pride Mtg.

Sun 6/10312 Pride walk downtown meeting @ OldBaileys Theatre from 3-5 Start Walk @5pm

Occupy – The Drag @ The Toolbox on Burnett St. TBA


no money spent

Old Business

Kitchen set-up sign up Sheet for monthly Pot-Luck : Nikita
(Posted in both Discussion and regular Group pages as well as OWNC Encamp.Kitchen)

Nikita is getting information about the Wave Hearing @City hall and (will post all information Mon-Tues.) also Is setting up a Protest event for Wave Transit Hearing

New Business

6/26/12 Wave Transit hearing at City Hall from 8-5pm

Nikita to set-up Event And Info. – Jerome to be facilitator at the event

Ron will work on Inviting Black Churches to attend and Participate, Nikita is contacting Domestic Violence Shelter, Interfaith, Salvation Army. Also Nikita to set-up event and Poss. Email List.

Ron is Looking into Purchasing for OWNC Occupy stickers with the OWNC Logo on them to use for Events, PotLuck, Etc. So they can double as a name tag as well.

(Prestige Labels-Burgaw)


to Homeless shelters

Wave Transit Hearing- Ron to talk to Linda Pierce


GA Notes 06-06-2012




Sheree- Foreclosure court on 6/7/2012
Ron to meet with Jason Rosen (Central Labor) on Friday 6/8/2012
Peter – made a post referring to Statewide GA thinking a FB page would be more effective.


1) Committe report check on paypal & contribute…
Ron has paypal set up..need everyone to start to contribute

2)Corporate personhood -
Trying to get city council in raleigh to pass personhood.

Wisconsin has 63 million gave to Democrats/ 3.5 million to republicans.

67% came from out of state.

Americans for Prosperity
Florida & Texas – Florida is trying to verify signatures
NC – trying to pass a voter Id Bill

Old Business

Check into being reimbursed from the Protest in Charlotte BOA
Wes Hudson has an ebook – How to sue your lender.

Wave Transit protest ….
Hearing is set for June 26th @ city Hall from 8-5pm…They are trying to do away with all city service on sundays beginning Aug. 1, well as all free Trolley service.

New Business

Corporate money in politics – Resolution
Peter – to follow up Ending Corporatehood/personhood
money is speech- City is to do a resolution
Constitution Ammendment – Disclosure


GA Notes 05-31-2012




Hosting the statewide GA – August ?
needing an overnight possible Fri, Sat, Sun…Opt. to talk with UNCW and CFCC/Hotels
Option- camp downtown / under the bridge

Ron is going to check with CFCC as he is an alumni

Thurs- Ron to meet with Central Labor – ILA

Possible site for mtg – Landfall Library on Saturday

Discussed – Democratic party …Sept 3-6 conv.

( Charlotte – Coalition to march on Wall St south – Wk before)

Action items

Paypal – set up ….Ron
Groups set-up ….Working groups …Shelby
OWNC Outreach working group
OWNC De-escalation working group
OWNC creativity working group

Labor-ILA …..Ron
Statewide GA……Peter

(Ron commented that David Paul is friend and owns Paul’s Place hot dogs if we choose to use option )

Old Business

Pride Walk
scheduled for 6/10/2012 Sunday
to meet at the Old Bailey’s theatre downtown from 3-5pm..walk will start at 6pm

Shelby, Nikita signed up..Nikita gave donation of $10.00 to TR Nunley at potluck

GA Notes 4/14

Since our website front page was updated a couple days ago we received about 2,000 hits. We suggest more creativity in writing and graphics to be displayed on our website. If you really want the world to change come to our GA’s.


  1. april 17th tax day protest
  2. not enough people are active for our may day protest
  3. an unnamed group is interested in reaching out to occupy‎ Wilmington to help against       foreclosure fraud.

Committe Reports:

  1. Information Tech: Since our website front page was updated a couple days ago we received about 2,000 hits. We suggest more creativity in writing and graphics to be displayed on our website.

New Business:

Old Business:

  1. Round Table Discussion on our Website and Facebook presence.
  2. facebook vs website debrief in our website forum.

GA Notes 4/11

A fundraiser for Anti-Foreclosure activity in Raleigh was tabled for discussion to be voted on in a future GA. A NC Against Corporate Power meeting will be held on the 4/21 in Charlotte to plan for May 6-9th actions of protest. Stategizing on our internet presence was discussed.


  1. May Day protest
  2. 4.21.12 NC Against Corporate power GA
  3. May 6-9 Bank of America protest
  4. 4.17.12 Tax day protest

Committe reports:

  1. Foreclosure activity in Raleigh-donations
  2. Corporate personhood FB proposal by Beau DeRosa

Old Business:

  1. Dis Gust-FB post re OWS frames
  2. FB v. Website debrief
  3. Farmers market open

New Business:

  1. Donations for Raleigh foreclosure event
  2. Todd Warren represented NC protest against corporate powers