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GA Notes 4/12/14


Topics of interest:
May Day – march, meetup
Voter suppression
Affordable Healthcare
BLM vs Navada rancher
Wilmington city Laws – Protests..what  is legal/illegal?
New volunteers for Street Team – Brad, Desire, Aliaka
Occupy Monsanto – May 24, 2014
Documentary Night at the Juggling Gypsy *Available nights: Thur, 17 Sat. 19, Thur 24 @5pm
Page admins: Who is still active?
Fundraising opportunities – Desire
Corporate Personhood
QR codes for website- Ron
Choose a topic to lead, working parties are needed!

Food Not Bombs
Wilmington Pride
Occupy Cape Fear
Occupy UNCW
WOW (Women Occupying Wilmington)
NC Occupy supporters running for office
Occupy Schools
Occupy Courts
Occupy Forclosure
Occupy Monsanto
Occupy NC
Local Farmers Market
Local Veterans and Police
Bike groups
Occupy the Hood

Flash mob
Gather a list of local events to attend
Cape Fear lock-in
Activist Fair
Occupy the Arts event – Juggling Gypsy?
Mask alternatives

GA notes 12/18/2012

Attendance: Keenen, Peter, Jerome, Nikita, Ron

Agenda 21, legalization of pot, medical research, Wealth & Wellness, private prisons, population

Obama may overturn legal marijuana efforts – a petition has been started legalize on the federal level.

Bank of America – break it up

Pardon the Wilmington 10 delivered 14,000 signatures to gov Bev Perdue

anti-corporate personhood amendment submitted to We The People on

producing media & ability to sustain it.

Climate Justice – environmental justice – Nikita

corporate personhood – Ron

voter suppression -  Peter

marijuana – Jerome

unions – Keenen

ALEC – Jennifer


who has the ability to record themselves with a message? pick a topic. connect it to state and federal issues then relate it to local issues.

discussion on ways to reach out to local unions


G.A.Meeting 12/8/12 Port City Java

G.A.Meeting 12/8/12 Port City Java


Old Business/New Buisness

Discussed Agenda 21
Legalization of Marijuana- Making a Pot group page
(Medical Research,Health & wellness, Prisons, Population)

Obama trying to overturn the Legalization of Maijuana in Washington and Colorado

Bank Of America- Break up the banks

Wilmimgton 10- Delivered 14,000 signatures to Gov. Beverly Perdue

Corporate Personhood- Keenen petition

Voter supression – Peter is keeping an eye on it
Need to become more involved- RTW law / Michigan

ProducingMedia & ability to sustain it.

we are going to attempt to make a 5-10 min video toral in length .Each of the following subjects will be 1-2 minutes in length and put all together

Topics ….Climate/environmental justice —Nikita
Corporate Personhood —Ron
Voter Supression –Peter
Legalization of Marijuana –Jerome
Unions/Labor –Keenen
Alec –Jennifer


G.A. Meeting Sat. Nov.17, 2012

G.A. Meeting Sat. Nov.17, 2012

PortCity Java-Front St. (DWNTWN)




Peter Jerome

Ron Jennifer

Nikita Robert






Personhood Amend.- cont’.

Legalize Marijuana- Peter filed Petition, posted to Facebook Page, start discussion

Voter Suppression

Wilmington 10- Start of Petition drive

Alec- Maj. issue model legislature ( Prison, Stadium)

Voter Registration



Legalize Marijuana- Legalize, setup treatment programs, economic issue

comprehensive – discrimination

Value Suppt.Self

NAACP- pres. to help support legalization

Peter – started Petition to support lealization of Marijuana

Corruption in – economic, social, judicial justices.


Task Team- to handle project in Working group.

Jennifer – Petition -Wilm.Journal for party – Posted in WE ARE CHANGE -WILMINGTON



Ron working/Nikita help- on putting together a demographics of Arrests, ratio of percentage of inmates in Jail system in NHC/NC State…ratios imates/Staff…etc.

Arrests for Possession, violent crimes, prob.viol., etc.

G.A. Meeting Sat-Nov.10,2012

G.A. Meeting Sat-Nov.10,2012

Fat Tony’s



Ron Star

Nikita Jennifer

Sheree Jarrod





Getting close to the end of the year- Stand up to Tea Party- It maybe neccessary to go to DC by the end of the year.


CAll to Action- ZAP ACTIONS:

Look at election results

Poss. Pickett Tom Goolsby

Mic Checks- Rep/Dem functions


Montanna passed Corp. Personhood

Ron is to call to get us on the agenda for City Council.

Sheree- ask Roberta to speak @ city Council on Corp. Personhood

- Sheree will reach out to Wilm. NOW to have more female prescence @ city council mtg.


Petition Widespread support against Corp. Personhood

Peter – ask NAACP for support


Keenen – talked with the Port Authority Pres. of Longshoreman ..Leo/Jason

Re: Labor Limit – Organiz. SC, GA Pres. Sponsors Southerm Workers Assn.