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Got 100 Fliers printed and ready to go. Hit me up if you would like some.

A new monoply is about to be born

Comcast and Time-Warner are planning a merger worth $45.2 billion dollars that give give Comcast control over the cable and internet access in roughly two-thirds of the house holds in America. Don’t like Comcast? Well too bad, it looks like they’ll be the only game in town if this merger is allowed to go through and chances are it will be.

Follow the link below to read more about this merger.

Comcast-TWC Would Be a Monopoly, But That Probably Won’t Stop It


Next GA Meeting

Our next GA Meeting will be Saturday March 1st 2014, 5pm and we will be meeting at The Juggling Gypsy located at 1612 Castle Street, Wilmington NC.

Legalize marijuana posession in North Carolina

Click Here to sign a petition for the Federal Government to allow North Carolina to legalize possession of marijuana in North Carolina.

Rally to Expose Political Corruption

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