Foreclosure Fraud Is A Crime

The following has been submitted to Occupy Wilmington, NC from a person who has had experience with the foreclosure process:

First let me state by no means should anyone misconstrue anything that I say as legal advice I am only sharing my life expierences with this group what one chooses to do with this information is their own decision and by no means is it any influence of mine

  • 1)  I  Do    attend the hearing and any scheduled subsequent hearings scheduled in front of the clerrk of the court with regard to the foreclosure
  • 2)  I   Do  research of any and all names involved on any documents  given to you by the substitute trustee bank representitive or anyone affiliated with the foreclosure
  • 3)   I  Do  Question everything submitted on behalf  of the bank through the banks representitives
  • 4) I  Do  ask for a continuance to seek legal representation
  • 5) I  Do contest anything and everything
  • 6)  I  Do my best  to save every penny I can in the event I have to appeal the clerks decision to foreclose
  • 7) I  Do my best to dedicate all my spare time to get to the truth with regard to whom owns my loan evidenced by the Deed Of Trust
  • 8) I  Do my best to contact such entity and do what I can to keep my property
  • 9) I Do seek the advice of legal council
  • 10) I  Do send a qualified written request to the bank that has sent the notice of default
  • 11)  I  Do send a qualified written request to the substitute trustee after I have recieved the response from the bank that is foreclosing
  • 12)  I  Do keep a file with regard to any and all information sent and recieved from any and all parties involved in the foreclosure process
  • 13) I  Do send all correspondance United States Postal Service certified return reciept requested
  • 14) I  Do have a tenant living in my home with a five year lease

The below image links to a concise description of how this crime works.

Remember the true party of interest must be the one iniating the foreclosure not the servicer.

Big banks like Bank of America JP Morgan Chase and the likes service these loans for the true party of interest these fundamental research tools will enable one to have more power over making a decision with regard to staying in your home or fighting these pretender lenders

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