Frack No!

It was expected the likes of Thom Goolsby, Danny McComas and Carolyn Justice would vote for something as bad as fracking; but Susi Hamilton? What a fracking shame.

Fracking is not safe in geological formations like those we have in North Carolina. Any risk of damage to limestone shelves in proximity to shale formations will result in hazards like salt water intrusion into our aquifer. The Castle Hayne aquifer provides the fresh groundwater for all of southeastern NC and most of northeastern SC. The dead and dying cyprus trees around Wilmington and New Hanover county show what salt water intrusion can do. Although that intrusion is the result of rising sea levels and deep dredging of the Cape Fear, the result is similar. Salt water is bad for places where it shouldn’t be. We don’t have to look far to see how bad it can really get. The freshwater crisis in Miami, Dade County, Florida is a perfect example of how hard and expensive it can be to provide drinking water in areas lacking in fresh groundwater. Susi your fracking vote was wrong. You have made a serious error in judgement along with our other corporate sponsored representatives. Save the USA! Get the money out of politics! A corporation is not a person and money is not speech!

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