G.A. Meeting 6/13/12

G.A. Meeting 6/13/12





Peter met with UNCW they do have rooms avail.
However It has been decided that OWNC will not be hosting the statewide GA.
Charlotte/ Ashville Occupy’s main concern was having a 7 1/2 – 8 hr drive.
It would require a 2 night stay.

Keenen went to Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston Salem for Occupy

June 21st in Charlotte there will be a media coverage and press release in response to May 9th BOA protest in Charlotte. Apparently BOA is greenwashing the event proclaiming to still be the #1 financier in the country.

Steve Barker, Tony Indage (forgive the misspelling) would be a good person to talk to about the Beach Erosion.

Wave Transit hearing is actually a budget proposal scheduled at the regular City Council meeting on June 19th NOT on the 26th. It is scheduled for 6:30pm at city hall as normally scheduled. Our proposal is to do a Protest from 5:30pm to 7:30 pm. DVS is on board, but they have to watch their support due to federal funding.

Waiting for a call back from Interfaith.


Outreach – pass on information regarding Protest

Nikita post event for Wave protest

Old Business:

  • Jerome talked to Delthea about coming back, she will come back when she is able to.
  • Potluck …trying to get people to sign up and organize the event (Keenen wont be there)
  • Denny’s Birthday is the night of the potluck on June 23rd 9pm at the Juggling Gypsy
  • July 13 – Jerome 26th Birthday
  • Wave Transit Protest
New Business:

Peter – Question:

Are we as Occupy people to vote in November or not ??? Consensus of this GA meeting was voted Yes – that we should encourage people to get out there and Vote in November for the elections , but not to support a particular Party or candidate.- which goes back to Voter Suppression. This will be voted on again at the next GA Meeting on June 16th @ Greenfield Lake Park.

(Wall Street is giving money to both parties)

It should not overshadow what we stand for. Our Objective is to counteract Wall Street.

  • Homeless
  • Foreclosures (Civil Rights)
  • Voter Supression


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