GA Notes 06-16-2012

G.A. Meeting

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Homeless woman Betty died @ Greenfield Lake Park of natural causes, she attended our Potluck last month.
Citizens united- Keenen public fiance elections universal voter registration.
Wave Transit- protest date change due to correct info. Protest event scheduled for Tues. June 19th 5:30pm – 7:30pm @ city hall- regular scheduled city council meeting. Ron & Jerome to possible speak at mtg.
Ballpark- Asked if Included Homeless in survey- got a laugh people not considered taxpayers by majority persons surveyed.
Potluck- Need to decide by Wednsday June 20th- change to a Spaghetti dinner to include Spaghetti/veg. Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, and possible Salad. (Nikita to change event)
Statewide GA- Keenen spoke w/people from Charlotte between now & National convention. ( NC Coal. ) Approx. 5 people on National news- amazing /solid in media liaisons.
Occupy media from Charlotte/Asheville speak to Wilm. press reach out to Occupy Ashville. Use as information.
Questions? How much is housing, when can we book? July- August , Room availability,cost, location, How many rooms Avail. the max per room and min., cost per person, toilets, rules, std rules, policies, bedding, what is avail in each room,Dorm room, Lobby area. Reach out to other occupies.
Invite speakers- Topic would be ALEC . hopes/permit Riverfront Park- presentation for ALEC

CFCC for back up -possible weather cond. pending. Plan is to use ALEC to draw in ties to Corporate Personhood/City council- Petition- DO NOT OVER EXTEND OURSELVES

Sheree- house in foreclosure, as well as rental house in foreclosure w/2 yr rental contract


Old Business:


Voter Advocating, Rolling over to next GA Mtg. Occupy Wallstreet – 90% of all had voted in past elections. 80% plan to vote in the Political Process. Wallstreet has been using in media -

People who are outside mainstream -don’t count. Occupy Wallstreet- does not endorse candidates.

Amendment 1- Encourage people to vote and repeal Amendment 1

Key is to know the issues, the voting process, getting a consensus of the voting process.

Potluck- Announce voter registration at potluck, possible door to door petition.

Nikita call restaurants for food donations.

New Business:


Working on Voter registration @ potluck

Possible doing a door to door petition for Corporate personhood (approve as written) Schedule & heard within 60 days after presented.

Board of Elections-


Printed names

Signed names

registered address of voter

Wilmington city resident



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