GA Notes – 10-15-11

Facilitator – Delthea

Stack – Ted – eventually

Committee Reports:

People are needed on all committees.  A sign up list will be put up on the website, or people can come to a General Assembly and contact people in the committee they would like to join.  We should also ascertain strengths and preferences of new members to see what committees they might want to be involved in.  Angie will do an edit to get a table of contents so all the working committees are more visible on the website.

IT Committee – They are moving many of the dialogue/discussion capabilities of FaceBook over to the website.  There will be thumbs up/thumbs down options for comments.  There will be a QuickStar guide on how to post articles in the Documents section.  PUSH THE WEBSITE!!!  Put the URL on your signs, on your email signature, in your posts.  We want people to start to migrate over from FaceBook to a site we have more control over.  We are in need of member-created articles.  You can even write one and post it anonymously.  Creative submissions, such as poetry, are also welcome if they pertain to the movement.  The site can accommodate PDF files, sound files, pictures, etc.  Tumblr has been added – articles, posts and links can be added.  Use OWNC.

Social Media Committee – Tweeting encouraged using hashtags like ILM, NC, OWNC, OWS.  Tweetpix encouraged.  Adam is tweeting personally as OWNC1.  IT is planning on running a twitterfeed box on the side of the website.  It was noted that this would require 24/7 moderation – it was stated that this could be done.

Here we sort of transitioned to other matters.

Outreach Committee – we are all to do outreach.  The Unitarian Universalist Social Concerns Committee has issued support for OWS so we should make touch with them.  They have been a good site for holding workshops and speeches.  Delthea goes to this church – she would have to put use of their facilities up before their social action commitee.  Other places in town for workshops might be 4th and Castle or the Juggling Gypsy.  Outreach flyers is an emphasis at this point.

It was stated that we need to have a line-up of upcoming events.  Everyone wants to know what the next event will be when they come to or stumble across one of our events.  We should be ready at each event with something to give people about the next one.

We had over 200 people at one time or another during the Bank of America event.  For an organization only one week old, that was an amazing accomplishment.  We shouldn’t be too hard on us for things we forgot to do this time.  Delthea channeling Paine:  “We are not the sunshine patriots, we are the winter soldiers.”  [December 23, 1776:  These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.]  Attendees gave their opinions on the event:  good vibes, fantastic, we did damn good, loved the drums and callbacks, the kids loved it, great positive energy.  All the drummers were recruited from Juggling Gypsy, which can provide fire spinners if we do a night-time event.  A gentleman named Bill Messer was at the event interviewing people and will make his videos available for viewing.

A “rush hour” event in the middle of next week was proposed and sites were discussed, including the B of A across from the college (question of actual space available again discussed).  Going on campus was discussed but we can only do so in association with the UNCW group but as of 48 hours ago, that was still not formally recognized by the University.  The Military Cutoff Merrill Lynch/BofA “Bankers Rowe” location was mentioned but ultimately the favored location was the intersection of Collge-and-Oleander was favored.  It was proposed and accepted that we will do the rush hour event next week.  A permit will be obtained for from 2-6.   People can do shifts during the longer period.  There is parking at an adjacent shopping center and one member who works at the corner CVS will see if they will allow parking. It was suggested that radio and TV stations be contacted.

There could be a location committee to scout out locations for future events.  Perhaps this will be part of the Logistics teams area.  It was again emphasized that all the groups need volunteers, that about 4 people are carrying most of the burden of organization. 

One member mentioned that we might have a good response if we gave out flyers at the Social Security Office or the Employment Security Commission

Alicia, a newer member, mentioned that new people needed som sort of orientation/introduction.  A handout was suggested.  Also use of the first 15 minutes before the meeting officially starts as sort of a meet and greet – this was voted on and carried.  A couple of attendees volunteered to be part of an unofficial welcoming committee.  Name-tags were suggested but support was less than enthusiastic.

The topic of future event sites was revisited with a more thorough consideration of a future strolling demonstration at the Military Cutoff Merrill Lynch location.  Shifting demonstrations to different areas will enable us to reach different types of traffic.  Concern was voiced that we needed to have bigger numbers for that location because more resistance might be expected.  There will be minimal interaction at College and Oleander.  At the BofA today, Occupiers were able to talk to bank customers when they came out on the public sidewalk after their banking, but did not approach them when they were going in and out of the lobby.  We have a banner but it is not yet printed – will try to get it ready for College and Oleander.  Denny can pull a bunch of permits at once – we don’t have to use them all.

Interfacing with the UNCW group was again mentioned, as was their need for flyers.  Angie from IT told them there was a downloadable printable flyer on the website.

There was again a discussion of the need for talking points.  [We seem to cover this for new members at just about every meeting - there is a document with talking point suggestions on Facebook and we have agreed to use the demands of the OWS as the source of more talking points for those who need help in that area.  For shorter talking points, there is a page of signs and slogans on the occupywilmingtonnc website]

IT indicated that each committee needs an email contact.

Ron is looking for his megaphone to donate to the group.

Ted announced that Nov 4-6 there will be a weekend-long fundraiser for OWS with workshops (about a dozen) and bands.   This will be the same weekend as the Keystone Pipeline Shutdown event so some students might not be able to make it.

Joan really liked the use of corporate flags – Jim said he got them through Adbusters for $25 each and said he would pick up a couple of extra.

Denny indicated that peacekeeping at the B of A was mostly de-escalating the mutual attraction of two dogs but he will need more team members as the meetings and events get larger.  Ron, Joe and Sean volunteered.  It was suggested that new members be alerted to any past problems.  The question of calling the Peace Team the De-escalation Team came up. 

New attendee Kathy cautioned that we should be careful not to dismiss any group of people as prospective members.

——End —–

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