GA notes 10/21/11

Denny facilitated.

Announcements-A WePay link has been added to the website so we can accept donations.  Also, a DVD titled “Inside Job” is circulating.  It is about what lead up to the banking collapse.    A little side note, Denny is hosting a Zombie Walk and if you attend he suggests Corporate Zombie attire.  It would be fitting.  Please bring canned/non-perishable food items.

Committee reports-Outreach has done a fabulous job of creating a newsletter prototype!  In includes a sweet QR code so that, when scanned with a smart phone, will link to the OWNC website.  We need members to contribute and give feedback.  We also discussed the possibility of getting the newsletter in jpeg form so that it can be directly printed.  Occupy Wall Street has been mentioned in a few local papers, and we discussed getting the local Occupy Wilmington group some exposure as well.

Stack-The protest of yesterday had a great turnout.  We did have one counter-protest participant, but things appeared to have gone smoothly.  Getting a legal team and workshop was brought up.  This would help with getting to know our right and get comfortable with them.

*The protest for next Saturday is canceled and will be rescheduled, so stay tuned.  Riverfront park requires a 30-day notice of events.

Encampment Ideas: 25th and Market,  Bicentennial Park (5th and Chestnut),  Hugh MacRae Park (the history makes it ideal),  Empie Park,  the Wing Fling park (sorry, not great with locations),  4th and Wooster where there is also a free market,  Wallace Park,  and  1898 Park.  Some things to consider-Pollution, discussing with Parks and Rec., Closing times if there are any.  We had brought up making a list of priorities to go by when scoping out the potential sites.  Sanitation, high profile location, and within marching distance from potential demonstration sites was mentioned for this list.

Last week the proposal to move the location of the GA meetings was brought up.  This week we discussed keeping the consistency of what the media and others have heard from us.  So as it stands, we are keeping the meetings as they are, at Greenfield Park.

Brian had brought up doing community service work last week.  He has talked to Sunset Park Elementary and they have a project for us.  They have a greenhouse that has been donated to them, and they need some people to assemble it.  Denny has the tools and some have volunteered to be the helping hands.  As for right now, Tuesday is the projected day for the project, maybe between 2pm-4pm.  Brian will talk to the school on Monday.  Also, the Boys and Girls Club are in need of some fresh paint.  The Girls Center on 15th and Castle is in desperate need!  They have the materials for us.  Ted mentioned that he will approach ArtSoup about the possibility of getting some art supplies donated.

IT team discussed getting the website calendar made more prominent now that we have more and more events coming up.

At the end of the meeting, Denny mentioned that Occupy Charlotte has hit a rough patch.  We’re not sure of exactly what has happened, but Denny is going to propose that there be a state-wide GA and potential protest at the Bank of America Headquarters in Charlotte


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