GA notes 10/26/11

Announcements: We have a nice Welcome board for those attending the meetings. Thank you Roxanne! It has every thing from and intro to who we are, a place to post needs and the list of committees and how to contact them. People can write on sticky notes and post directly to the board.

We are in NEED of media people. Access to cameras, video and so on. Hoping to start our own youtube channel.

Committee Reports: IT is working on getting a forum on the .org site.

Tonight we had a vigil after the GA for the fellow occupyers in Oakland. It was very approachable and positive. Open conversation about the current situation was held, and some folks on the street stopped and asked questions.

Sunday at 8:30am on ILM network (cbs) is the televised interview with our own Mary Kate!

Saturday, December 3rd is the Riverfront event from 2-5. We have an art contest for t-shirts as well! Contain OWNC/OWS material. Submissions need to be turned in by Nov 11th. We need event planners, a participatory art project (and great balloon idea was proposed by Jen), and posters and flyers. Also may need help with logistics. We will be trying to get ahold of Foods not Bombs as well. Denny offered to help look for music/bands.

Tomorrows Protest:::Permits are for 4-7. We are going to be in front of the Merrill Lynch 1100 block. We have the entire area from the 900-1300 block available. We are still waiting on the noise permit. Check the event page on facebook for more information.

Community service:The Sunset Elementary project is postponed until the school aquires the appropriate permits to build the greenhouse. It was proposed that while we wait on permits, to get a tentative date to move forward with painting the Girls Club on 15th and Castle, and also maybe do some painting for the Boys Club on 9th and Fleming. Brian will contact them and get back to us.

We are getting panel forums together for UNCW and CFCC. We are also going to try to organize a canvasing event.

Encampment: City Hall is a current favorite at the moment. However, Denny had good/neutral/bad news. Good-he’s got a tentative meeting with Parks and Rec. Neutral-Parks and Rec has jurisdiction over the potential site at City Hall. Bad-Not negotiable for camping. Something was brought up after this:What is their definition of camping? Just some food for thought. Jim has been looking at a place at 26th and Market and has been in contact with those in charge.

The meeting with Deb Butler is tomorrow morning.

Friday we are supposed to vote on encampment sites, but now that we have the potential bad news about City Hall, should we still have the vote. Open for discussion online!

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'GA notes 10/26/11'

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