GA notes 11/11/11

Keenen facilitated, Brian took notes.
Committee reports:Legal-a list of important numbers has been posted on the forum (i.e. city numbers, bail bondsmen).

IT- we have WIFI for the livestream!!!
Financial-the new Financial plan is postedon the forum and facebook.  Financial will bring committee needs to the GA for approval.  We also discussed the need to establish our own not-for-profit status.

Arrest discussion- until we have access to the current funds we have raised, everyone will be responsibile for their own bond payment.

Medical-If you have medical/medication needs and are arrested let the medical committee know beforehand->Julie Santos.

Old business-Working groups communication flowchart is posted on facebook.

New business-IT purchased WIFI card for livestream and made a motion that $40 is needed for monthly web hosting (passed). Motion that $59 is needed to pay for the WIFI device (passed).  Motion that $50 is needed for this current first time use of prepaid wireless and then be revisited to explore other options (passed). $75 was collected and will be reimbursed to IT.
Encampment-If we are run off from City Hall we will reassemble at Centinial Park at 5th and Chestnut. (passed).  We will also try to delay the actual camp setup until after the GA on Saturday.
Kitchen/Encampment-We have bagels, cream cheese and coffee!  Add any other supplies to the list on the forum.

We had a stack of flyers to be posted.  Get the word out!
Tonight was the Vigil.

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