GA Notes 11/12/11

First Encampment GA!

Facilitator: Keenen; Stack: Mary; Timekeeper: Mary Kate; Vibe Check: Brian; Scribe: Jenne

Meeting called to order @4pm

Next weeks facilitator: Mary Kate


Denny gave a welcome to the 30+ people in attendance.

Steve Lee presented legal advice borne from experience.  Informed the group that Ct. Osbourne of the Wilmington Police Department would be stopping by sometime during the evening to discuss with the encamped protestors the parameters of the permit, and to answer questions. Steve outlined options available to protesters in the event of an eviction order, including: to leave/stay, to resist/or not.  Steve stated that his opinion is that the police are not looking for trouble but have expressed a concern about violence against protesters by people who are not sympathetic to the cause.

Denny announce two workshops that would begin after the GA: “Active Resistance/Affinity Building” which he will present, and “Legal” to be presented by Matt.

Denny also called attention to the yellow armbands being worn by all the de-escalation team members.

Keenan gave a review of hand signals.

Jenne introduced members of the Daytona movement here to show their solidarity as part of a nationwide tour they are making of encampments.  They are collecting thoughts/comments and information to include in a book.

Solidarity shout-outs from Asheville and Roanoke.

The Forum at UNCW will be held in the Azalea Room of Fisher Union.  Additional information can be found on the Occupy UNCW page, and our calendar.

Our “media table” is really a bench, but it has lots of flyers and information handout that can distributed.


IT – Website now has a livestream link that Sean says ma be up and running tonight.

Kitchen – Food/water are available for anyone.  Most of this does not require preparation.  Further support in this area is needed.

Facilitation – A meeting will be held soon.  Anyone interested in facilitation should attend a meeting. Kate has the working phone tree sheet.  Anyone interested in being on a call list should make sure their name and contact information gets on the list.

Medical – Supplies are on hand.  No designated tent area is available, so for the interim they will remain in a car belonging to the medical working group.


The Art Fest has been rescheduled – TBD

Restrooms are available on the riverfront 24/7

Ron made a motion that was carried for people who are not encamping to stay on the sidewalk during an eviction, which was later amended to include staying even after the eviction is over, to maintain our presence and be care-takers of our goods.

No cigarette butts are to be put out on the ground.  Butt cans are provided. Maintain our good neighbor policy at all times.


The permit for tonight’s encampment is valid until 8pm.  “Fallback position” in the event of an eviction is 2 blocks north on 5th.

The Gourmet Market has extended a 10% discount to anyone displaying the Occupy Wilmington logo on a bumper sticker or piece of clothing.

Princess Pizza has extended a 20% discount for pizzas ordered for the encampment.

Cucalorus security members have been very generous and supportive of the encampment.  Shout out to them for their support.

Sade has flyers concerning the local 1%.  Who they are and the businesses they are affiliated with.

Meeting adjourned at 4:35

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