GA Notes 12-11-12

Roxanne facilitated with help from the group

Announcements -

Two nice new signs were on display – one showing GA times for the group and one for Roxanne’s “Three Big Wins” project.

There will be no GA next Friday – instead we will be trying to have a Roundtable discussing whatever anyone wants to discuss, but limiting people to 5 minutes to make their points. Time will be 6-8 pm at Lynn’s store, Abracadabra, at 4th and Harnett.

The Outreach group will meet at the downtown branch of the Library from 6-7:30 pm on Tuesday, in the Cape Fear Room. Roxanne has too much going on to go point on Outreach any longer. She asked for someone to replace her and we think Delthea might have halfway volunteered – keeping in mind that her distance – 40 miles away – make frequent attendance iffy.

There will be a Foreclosure Group meeting on 12-19 in the downtown library’s Cape Fear Room from 6-7:30 pm. The initial step of fighting foreclosures will be to contact city and county governing bodies, banks and sheriff’s departments to request that they support a 12 month Moratorium on foreclosures. A letter will be sent to the threatened homeowners offering assistance. The first is being hand delivered now. We need to have “affinity groups” form to support direct action by assisting the homeowners, possibly by squatting and possibly in other ways. Possibly also by serving as observers. Each direct action team will also need a point person. The direct actions will probably begin in January. There are meetings of City and County government this month – on the 15th and the 10th. It is uncertain if anything will be ready to present at them.

Ethan’s Direct Action – anyone interested in meeting to consider mic checking a financial institution should come to Ethan’s meeting Wednesday. It will be after the GA on the steps of City Hall.

Legal presented three issues -
===Shelby’s court date is 1-11-12 and he will be defended on freedome of speech grounds. His attorney, Alex Hall, will require $300 to attempt to get a dismissal. If he is unsuccessful and there is a trial, the fee goes up but the cap is $500. It was proposed that the group cover the $300 initial fee and that vote passed.
===Legal has suggested, because of police threats against the group for contributing to the delinquency of a minor in Shelby’s case, that we get parent or guardian consent to future minors acting with the group. This matter sparked some discussion and was tabled to next Sunday’s GA.
===People of Faith is campaigning for a moratorium against the death penalty in NC. It was asked it we could endorse this, but some members of our group are pro-death penalty so this was seen as a problem. There is nothing blocking anyone from participating on their own, and it was felt that as long as their support wasn’t stated to be support by the group as a whole, there was no problem with it.

Ethan announced some successful mic-checks done locally and posted on FB.

Peter noted the continuing problem with functioning of the website was preventing us from moving to a more focused area to present our views. The OccupyDurham site was praiced as an example. Attempts will be made to get movement in IT again.

Denny reported that our permit to picket City Hall expires tomorrow and asked about getting a new one taken out. No answer was reached because we moved on to another subject.

Peter mentioned wanting to get moving on an Art Pope project – a poster is being obtained. Peter will be on point for the project. We will interface with other NC occupy groups for this.

Difficulties getting responses from Sean and Angie with respect to work on the website was mentioned – reportedly, they have gotten busy with other things. Ron will contact them.

The question of redacting the minutes from last Sunday to drop identification of two persons named in them was brought up but was tabled for the next meeting and pending instructions from one of the two persons whose desires concerning the request were unknown.

The suggestion was made that we needed to go into some form of Winter format, with alteration of activities for the weather.

It was suggested that we start trying to find a way to post the agenda prior to the GA’s.

New business – New member Tabitha and Roxanne will work on some sort of “healing ceremony” for the group in light of recent divisive issues. There was considerable support for the proposal and those who thought it was not necessary had no desire to block it if others felt it would be of benefit. So that will be moving ahead.

Meeting then went to soapbox.

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