GA Notes 1/27

Facilitator: Brian Cox
Scribe: Keenen

Denny goes to Occupy Raleigh tomorrow for a statewide GA planning meeting.

Roxanne is working on an ordinance to petition. We need 25% of the number who voted in the last election to submit an ordinance. Group in PA helps draft petitions for city bill of rights. Would like to do a handfull of petitions. A resolution to end corporate personhood and gay marriage among other things.

Committee Reports:
Encampment kitchen: submited donations collected in camp and receipts for expenditures.

The website has been significantly revamped with the help of new members Brian Hinson and Robert Pascarella. Please everybody sign up to use We would like to have content submitted to the website so that punctual information can be seen at the home page.

meeting to follow this GA.

Old Business:

New Business:
It is too far for Rox to drive to GA. Could she Skype in? People felt that would set a precedent for more people not coming to GA. Ethan said he would come and pick her up.
GA concensed to trying Livestream and texting to facilitate participation from those who cannot be in physical attendance.

Jesse feels we should have a provision for inclimate weather. Roxanne said that we still lost attendence even when we move GA indoors.

Tony Rivenbark came in to tell us we don’t have the right to use the foyer of City Hall. There is no clear demarkation between the city and thalian hall. Jesse will research to find the status of the property where we hold our GA.

GA concensed to create a committee to create petitions to amend local ordinances.

Finances were requested for flyers for upcoming events to be posted across the city prior to seeing the flyers. It was concensed upon seeing image files prior to releasing money.

Friday night campouts and saturday protest actions reached concensus but that more planning is necessary.

The following facilitation proposal passed consensus:
Upon the introduction of a proposal, a limit of five individuals at a time shall be put on stack to express their opinions. Each person will be limited to 2 minutes to make their point. Upon conclusion of the last person on stack a the facilitator shall ask if there are anymore points to be made that have not yet been made. If yes then another limit of five individuals at 2 minutes each shall be chosen for stack. If points are repeated it is the job of facilitator and the whole of the GA to interrupt repitition and move on to a vote. If a block is issued the GA will be asked to brainstorm a compromise or table the proposal and move on.

The Unity between GA’s via facebook proposal passed:
This came to us in an email from Occupy Charlotte.

1 The proposal is that each occupation pick 5 individuals via there G.A’s approval to participate on a facebook group page called Occupy Solutions NC.

2 The 5′s main objective is to relay Factual / Credible / Up to Date information to the other G.A’s who are on the page.( Not to make Decisions ) for the other G.A’s

3 If there is a Proposal or Action that is G.A approved that a G.A would like to bring to the rest they would be able to Fast/ Credible and Direct.

4 This is a Closed Group. The only people who would be added would be the 5 from a G.A approved Occupy.

5 All the one’s chosen will be Admins.

6 We are a leader full movement the Purpose of this is to bring UNITY and Better our Communication.

7 If there is changes that the group would like to make to the actual page as far as Events or what not they would inform the other Occupy’s on the page.

8 The 5 who should be on there( And this is just a suggestion) Should 1) Be a constant participant at there respective G.A’s 2) Have access to the Internet and 3) be trusted by there respective G.A’s to receive and relay the correct information.

9 This Proposal has been already approved by the Occupy Charlotte G.A we are in the Process of picking our 5 we hope you will work with us as we work together to make a change.

If you approve please send the names of the 5 to and they will be added.

In Solidarity Occupy Charlotte

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'GA Notes 1/27'

  1.' Roberta Penn says:

    I agree with Roxanne that we need a way for people who don’t come to GA to participate. This has been dealt with in other Occupy GAs. Physical presence is difficult for those with children, people who can’t afford the gas, people who live long distances, people who work at the times of the meetings, etc… If there is a remote hook-up the meetings would be more inclusive. I want to follow up on making this happen & will do research or foot work or whatever is needed. Will someone please keep me posted? I think Robert P. is on it so I am going to communicate with him about it.

  2.' Ron says:

    Good job, Dr. Scribe!

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