GA Notes 3/21

Planning for May Day protests will begin so login or register in our website forum. (link can be found in the nav bar across the top of this screen)

Attendance: Desiree, Jerome, Star, Denny, Ron & Peter

Announcements: None

Committee Reports:

    1. Corporate Personhood-Peter
    2. Voter Suppression-Peter
    3. Met with a council member, unable to recruit.
    4. Finance:-Ron
      • Balance $721.61

Old Business:

  1. May Day Action-FB signups

New Business:

  1. Gas Prices
  2. WOW
  3. Occupy Solutions
    • Questions for candidates
    • Ending Corporate personhood
    • Stoping Voter suppression
    • Anti-Foreclosure
    • General strikes(Nationwide)
  4. Post discussion for Occupy outreach strategies
  5. Post petition drive on FB to get secret money out of politics.


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