GA Notes 4/11

A fundraiser for Anti-Foreclosure activity in Raleigh was tabled for discussion to be voted on in a future GA. A NC Against Corporate Power meeting will be held on the 4/21 in Charlotte to plan for May 6-9th actions of protest. Stategizing on our internet presence was discussed.


  1. May Day protest
  2. 4.21.12 NC Against Corporate power GA
  3. May 6-9 Bank of America protest
  4. 4.17.12 Tax day protest

Committe reports:

  1. Foreclosure activity in Raleigh-donations
  2. Corporate personhood FB proposal by Beau DeRosa

Old Business:

  1. Dis Gust-FB post re OWS frames
  2. FB v. Website debrief
  3. Farmers market open

New Business:

  1. Donations for Raleigh foreclosure event
  2. Todd Warren represented NC protest against corporate powers

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