GA Notes 7/14


  • Peter
  • Star
  • Ron
  • Shelby
  • Nikita
  • Gary ( OWS- here until August 1)
  • Jerome
  • Stan



  • Ron contacted Paul about hot dogs. Will do Hot dogs either way, with steamer.
  • Frack No event was Thurs. Approx. 10 people showed, a lot of people did not know what Fracking was. Nationwide Insurance not insuring anyone for fracking.


OLD/NEW Business:

  • OWNC numbers are down. Potluck is the most active thing happening.
  • Foreclosure, Voter Supresion, Corp. Personhood
  • Peter thinks we should add voter registration.
  • We need to add fundraising and try some sort of recruiting.
  • Voter Registration- getting the vote out effort. Getting people to vote.
  • Gary – Drop the Banner. Nikita thinks this is perfect time for recruitment to do a “DROP THE BANNER event” Possibly the first week of new semester at UNCW or CFCC or Both.
  • Corp. Personhood needs approx.5500 signatures for petition.
  • Need to work on Stopping foreclosures, increasing the get out the vote effort.
  • Livestream could be a great tool to use for education, Fracking, Occupy, forclosures, voter supression, etc.
  • We need more self empowerment-Corp. money in politics- Military 80% goes to fund american arms, Vet supports, touch base with Homeless, many are vets. What are the issues? VA benefits,
  • Inclusion , empathy, generosity. * ISO* International Socialist Organization*
  • Chris Haggies – Harvard Prof. Our Objective take America back from Corporations.
  • Favorite Quote * There’s enough for human need, There’s not enough for Human greed.*
  • Capitalism keeps them oppressed. Issues of Debt. Key issues to focus on right now would be debt, Foreclosures, Student debt.

* Had a lot of great insight from Gary with ideas, and things to focus on.*


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