GA Notes 1/25

Facilitator: Peter Grear
Scribe: Keenen
Stacker: Ethan

Committee Reports

We have got all the money from WePay. Ron is interested in finding a different service.

Corporate Personhood:
Still working on an overview. Suggested to model after Move To Amend. Ron is assembling a list of city council members in Brunswick and New Hanover counties.
In order to speak in front of city council you have to make a request in person.
Peter has been looking at conservative websites to find if they support the reversal of Citizen’s United.

Social Media:
Denny will start linking all NC occupies to our facebook issue groups.

Voter Suppression:
We need to schedule a meeting on it.

Old Business

Mlk Parade went well. Good media coverage.
Port Action has filed the intent to picket. Meeting after GA on friday.

New Business
Consider changing GA’s frequency to once a week to make room for more committee meetings. Some felt our committee’s have plenty of time to meet with three GA’s a week especially with all the technology we have. Others thought otherwise. Open for further discussion.
Erik Gray made a solicitation for legal services to individuals in our group through a corporation called Legal Shield. We listened politely but with skepticism.

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