Wave Transit; The People’s Buses

Three occupiers attended the public hearing held at Wave Transit’s Board of Directors meeting in Forden Station on June 28th. In solidarity with at least 20 other working class people of Wilmington, NC, we educated the Board about the devastating effects this would have on Sunday food service industry employees who depend on a bus service that, if anything, needs to be expanded as well as service for the rest of the week.

The public also scolded the Board of Directors on layoffs and bloated administration salaries. Several complained about bus drivers who are stressed as a result of a diminished workforce and reduced benefits; therefore, causing poorer work ethics and impleasant attitudes. No media was present except for Occupiers, one of which who is bringing it to you now.

The Board of Directors voted to return to planning and finance committees to rework a budget that would only cut Sunday service after exhausting all other possibilities. Board member, Mr. Jeffrey B. Petroff, suggested one possiblilty would be to add a fare to the Downtown Trolly service, which was added as a free service several years ago to service PPD employees. PPD has since been bought by private equity firms and its Wilmington office destroyed 700 jobs.

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The Frontline Is Everywhere

The city did a citizen survey of all the cities services that left out an evaluation of Wave Transit. Only 800 people of 2400 randomly selected households participated. I still don’t know who they payed to do a “report” that found sunday ridership to be a lot lower than any other day of the week. Did they really need to do research to figure that one out? It’s Sunday. The fact that sunday ridership is lower does not mean that the 91 people who ride every hour on Sunday can fork out the cash for a taxi instead.

In February the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority sent a letter to U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre opposing provisions in a proposed Congressional bill that “would have a profoundly negative impact on Wave Transit.” The 1,000-page bill, the American Energy and Infrastructure Act, proposed a major change to the funding of mass transit. For more than two decades, a portion of federal gasoline tax revenue has been used for mass transit, according to The Washington Post. Currently, 2.86 cents from the 18.2-cents-per-gallon tax supports mass transit.

America does not have a spending problem, it has a revenue problem. We have depended on the federal gas tax for transportation revenue and people are using less gas so there is a revenue shortfall. Throughout the spring the lobby for the Keystone XL synthetic crude oil pipeline has been busy buying our representatives. Many representatives don’t need to be bought as much as others because they are already invested in the oil industry.

These politicians are trying to add a mandate to the Transportation bill that would implement the construction of this pipeline and , yes, it is mainly republicans. Not to be partisan, it is just a fact. This has caused a stall in the passing of a transportation bill that provides funding to States and Municipalities for Mass Transit.

In Wilmington, NC our city council has responded with a property tax increase of 3 cents on every $100 valuation. Effectively what has happened is corporations get their tax rebates on tens of billion in profits while individual property owners get a tax increase. The city is fully funding Wave Transit and not cutting their budget, yet Wave Transit managers are claiming fuel prices and low ridership on Sundays are a drain on their budget. After the city council meeting on June 19th occupiers met a disabled Wave Transit worker who told us that upper management is lining its own pockets with the cities money while burdening its workers with layoffs and benefit cuts.

We are protesting in support of our public transit and against any implementation of for-profit services subsidized with taxpayer money or cuts. Austerity measures are a result of the fact that corporate profiteers receive tax rebates that eliminate their tax burden while they continue to layoff more workers than they hire.

The American Legislative Exchange Council is hard at work buying state legislators so they can push their pro corporate anti-government agenda. This includes:

  • Diminishing Worker and Consumer Rights
  • Privatizing government services to funnel tax dollars to for-profit corporations
  • Stripping the rights and remedies of Americans injured or killed by corporations
  • Reducing the number of polling locations and time for early voting so that less people vote

They are poisoning our republic with all their right-wing corporate money. Wake up friends. WE HAVE TO STOP THE RADICAL RIGHT THIS YEAR OR IT MAY BE TOO LATE! The damage they are doing is real.

Visit ALEC Exposed to learn more and find a repository of model legislation this PAC uses!

Forclosure Fraud is a Crime

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  1. matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

    President Obama Signs Indefinite Detention Bill Into Law
    December 31, 2011

    WASHINGTON – President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law today. The statute contains a sweeping worldwide indefinite detention provision. While President Obama issued a signing statement saying he had “serious reservations” about the provisions, the statement only applies to how his administration would use the authorities granted by the NDAA, and would not affect how the law is interpreted by subsequent administrations. The White House had threatened to veto an earlier version of the NDAA, but reversed course shortly before Congress voted on the final bill.

    “President Obama’s action today is a blight on his legacy because he will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law,” said Anthony D. Romero, ACLU executive director.

    Check out this video about the NDAA:



  2. matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

    True Conservatism vs. Neo-Conservatism

    by Nelson Hultberg

    The late William Simon, former Secretary of Treasury in the Ford Administration, was not your usual government functionary. As evidence, his 1978 memoirs titled, A Time For Truth, became one of the most influential books of the past 50 years, for it clarified in vigorous prose the disease of governmentalism afflicting America. The Federal Government has been, for many decades now, corrupting our country like gangrene laying waste to a wounded leg, and Simon captured the ideological why and how of this disease masterfully.

    Simon loved Adam Smith’s “system of natural liberty” that built the culture of freedom we knew as a nation prior to 1913. As eloquent as his tome was, however, it contained a profound error. It was an error that was to grievously misguide the Reagan administration, the Republican Party, and the capitalist renaissance launched by post-war libertarian intellectuals.

    William Simon bought into the notion that the rising neoconservative movement headed by Irving Kristol in the late 1970s could become a valuable ally in the fight to restore liberty and constitutional government to America. Simon was brilliant, but on this issue he failed to see the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” personas of Kristol and the collectivist gang of scholars he had gathered around him — Patrick Moynihan, Norman Podhoretz, Daniel Bell, Nathan Glazer, and Sidney Hook (with the likes of Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, William Bennett, and George Will to soon follow).

    As Simon put it, these distinguished intellectuals “are still interventionists to a degree that I myself do not endorse, but they have grasped the importance of capitalism, are battling some of the despotic aspects of egalitarianism, and can be counted as allies on certain crucial fronts of the struggle for individual liberty.” [A Time For Truth, 1978, p. 227.]

    On all three of these points, Simon could not have been more wrong. Neoconservatives have never grasped the importance of capitalism. If they had, they would understand that the hubristic interventionist programs they cling to from their youthful New Deal days are anathema to capitalism. Moreover they and their acolytes are not battling the despotic aspects of egalitarianism with anything substantive, only with lip service. Irving Kristol has been a vehement supporter of affirmative action and racial and sexual quotas over the years, while guiding his followers always toward a dutiful obeisance to the left’s “civil rights” agenda.

    And most erroneous of all was Simon’s claim that neoconservatives “can be counted as allies” in “the struggle for individual liberty.” On the contrary, they have proven in the last two decades to be precisely the opposite by enthusiastically endorsing the wholesale expansion of the welfare-warfare state at every turn and opportunity.

    Neocons’ Ideological Roots

    But what else should we have expected. Kristol and the original gang of neocon intellectuals were followers of the communist Leon Trotsky in their youth during the 30s and 40s. Their ideological roots were socialist through and through. They bought into Lenin’s Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and saw socialism as an ideal that needed to be spread to the West. While neoconservatives have modified the Leninist roots of their ideology in favor of the more gradualist methodology of the English Fabians, they are still adamant supporters of collectivism for America. Are they outright socialists? No, but their policy proposals are always in favor of relentless government expansion both domestically and internationally.

    The paradigm they have given their lives to is built upon a centralized mega-state running American society from Washington. In Kristol’s eyes, the laissez-faire vision of the Founders was a “doctrinaire fantasy.” To adhere to it now is anachronistic foolishness; it must be phased out of our collective conscience. All neoconservatives think that the moral principles undergirding the Founders political vision are an impediment to a stable society. Therefore adherence to such moral principles must be discarded in favor of amoral pragmatism.

    In their eyes, the principles of individual rights and limited government are unworkable. Machiavelli and Plato had the better idea. People need to be manipulatively led by statist elites — via open dialogue and democracy if possible, but by deception, coercion and expediency when necessary. For example, Kristol speaks very favorably about the Prohibition era of the 1920s, and he enthusiastically endorses censorship. “If you care for the quality of life in our American democracy, then you have to be for censorship,” he proclaims. [Cited by Daniel Shapiro, "The Neoconservatives," Libertarian Review, January-February, 1978, p. 30.]

    While neoconservatives were always on the political left and strongly aligned with statism throughout the 40s and 50s, they became horrified with the New Left rebellion of the 60s and its ragtag intimidation of the establishment. Consequently with George McGovern’s takeover of the Democratic Party in 1972, neoconservatives began to migrate to the Republican Party in search of sanity. Being good Leninists at heart, they knew how to disguise themselves with verbal sleight of hand. They adopted the name of neo-conservative to distance themselves from what they perceived as failed liberalism, but also to steer clear of the libertarian conservatism that animated the political right. They presented themselves as what they hoped would become a new conservative middle ground in which the mega-state of FDR and LBJ would be accepted as progressive and proper.

    True Conservatives Rush to Power

    Unfortunately the intelligentsia of established conservatism bought into the neocons’ Leninist disguise and their pseudo-advocacy of capitalism. Blinding themselves to the dangerous ideological roots of the neocons and their open espousals of mega-statism, established conservatives saw only what they wanted to see in such a merger — a chance at political power in Washington. Since the grand principles of the conservative movement had to be discarded to accommodate these highly prominent ex-liberals, this default had to be suppressed in their minds. But so be it, for the attainment of real power was beckoning. Conservatives had been in the wilderness for too long and craved rulership in Washington.

    Sinister Greeks were thus trying to gain entrance to Troy; and William Simon’s book aided them greatly. When he invited all freedom advocates on the right to welcome these “distinguished intellectuals” into their camp, the prestige of his career and the eloquence of his message lulled the conservative movement into a most ill-fated decision. After Reagan was elected in 1980, his advisors opened the gates and brought scores of Kristol’s Machiavellians into Washington power circles to run the country for the next eight years. Bush the elder followed suit in 1989, and the groundwork was laid for the ultimate coup that was to take place with Bush the younger, which pushed America into the desire to pursue world hegemony. By the year 2000, the neocons had wormed their way into very high places. They had become influential at the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, The Weekly Standard, Fox News, the American Enterprise Institute, the Project for the New American Century, and a slew of other think tanks and media institutions. Washington had ceased to be a dominantly liberal town; it was now ruled equally by neocons. Even that bastion of liberalism, The Washington Post, cordially endorsed neoconservative pundits such as Charles Krauthammer and his jingoistic slant on things.

    The original conservative movement was a far cry from neoconservatism. It sprang from advocates for the Republic in opposition to the New Deal during the 1930s, espousing free enterprise at home and non-interventionism abroad. But by the mid 60s, it had been adulterated badly by National Review’s bellicose foreign policy and exasperating lack of backbone in face of domestic statism. As a result, the infiltration of neocons in the 70s was able to effect a very damaging political transformation that forced true conservatism into exile. The conservative movement was hijacked by the very enemies it was formed to fight — Fabians, New Dealers, welfarists, progressives, globalists, interventionists, militarists, nation builders, and all the rest of the collectivist ilk that was assiduously working to destroy the Founders’ Republic of States.

    Too many true conservatives failed to realize that once adherence to right principle had been forsaken in quest of power, it would be next to impossible to regain the lofty heights of truth and justice to which they had once adhered. Power was a frightful and addictive narcotic. Invariably it corrupts the moral sense and dissolves one’s desire for rectitude.

    Can the Republic Be Restored?

    The pressing question now is: What is to be done in face of this tragedy? Can the original, true conservative movement be rekindled — the movement to restore the Republic launched in the 40s and 50s by constitutional conservatives and libertarians such as Richard Weaver, Clyde Wilson, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, and Milton Friedman?

  3. Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

    The Roots of Liberalism and Conservatism
    By: Paul Shlichta

    Conservative writers sometimes complain about the obstinacy of liberals — how they persist in their beliefs despite the flagrant misdeeds of their politicians and the collapse of welfare states, as is now happening in Europe.  Since false conclusions are often the result of false initial assumptions, I tried to find the cause of this persistence by tracing back to the roots of liberal and conservative thought.

    I concluded that conservatism is based on the concept that “all men are equal but not necessarily good,” while liberalism is derived from the idea that “all men are good but not necessarily equal.”

    Conservatism is the logical consequence of two Christian doctrines: universal equal rights and original sin.  As Wikipedia puts it:

    The concept of universal human rights was not known in the ancient world, not in Ancient Greece and Rome, Ancient India, Ancient China, nor among the Hebrews; slavery, for instance, was justified in ancient times as a natural condition.

    The concept of universal equal rights is implicit in the New Testament and was discussed by Augustine and Thomas Aquinas.  However, few organized attempts were made to put the doctrine into practice until the issue of slavery in the Spanish colonies induced Dominican missionary Bartolomé de Las Casas to plead for freedom and legal protection for the Indians on the basis of divinely ordained human equality [1].  This led Robert Bellarmine, a Jesuit theologian, to set forth in detail (e.g., in his De Laicis) the universal rights of human beings.  Through later philosophers, like Hume and Locke, this doctrine came down to Jefferson and was embodied in the Declaration of Independence.

    Original sin — the doctrine that all human beings have an unfortunate tendency (like a car with a bent axle) to go crooked rather than straight — was cited as the reason for the need of redemption by Christ.  It is also the most obvious lesson that history teaches us.  Its principal political/economic ramification is the dictum, expressed by many champions of freedom, that no one can be unquestioningly trusted with power:

    “There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men[.] … Those who have been once intoxicated with power and have derived any kind of emolument from it can never willingly abandon it.” -Edmund Burke

    “It is weakness rather than wickedness which renders men unfit to be trusted with unlimited power.” -John Adams

    “Free government is founded in jealousy, not confidence.  It is jealousy and not confidence which prescribes limited constitutions, to bind those we are obliged to trust with power.” -Thomas Jeffferson

    “All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” -Lord Acton

    These two doctrines lead conservatives to the conclusions that (a) freedom is the most precious and fragile blessing we possess, and (b) no single individual or group can be trusted to protect and preserve it for us.  Therefore, conservatives try to construct society like a mobile — balancing the powers of one group against those of another, so that no group or coalition can become powerful enough to outweigh the others.  Conservatives differ among themselves as to how best to achieve this balance but agree that it is precarious and difficult to maintain.  As Thomas Paine said, “[t]hose who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”

    In contrast, liberals accept the concept of human rights — and have an admirable record of fighting for some of them — but deny the existence of original sin.  They do not believe that there is anything wrong with humanity that proper nurturing and education won’t cure [2].  Instead, they tend to believe in evolutism, a quasi-religious belief that humanity is guided by a driving force (like the black slab in Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey) that will lead us toward an ever-higher form of life and intelligence.  Therefore, if we follow the right path, we will inevitably come to a happy world with peace and security for all.

    However, there is no experimental evidence that the black slab or shining path really exists.  I therefore contend that liberalism is as much a faith-based religion as Christianity.  As with any religion, it has a demonology — Wall Street, big business, and the rich and powerful.  Once we get rid of these demons (after stripping them of their wealth), we will all be kind and prosperous.

    To exorcize these demons, and to supervise our nurture and education, liberals believe that the common herd needs shepherds to guide it.  This is in keeping with the doctrines of evolutism; some of us will be more evolved than the rest and will be the fittest leaders [3].  Therefore, despite constant professions of universal equality, liberalism is essentially elitist and tends, as Djilas pointed out, to produce a class system of its own.

    Liberalism has even flirted with a variety of gods.  The rationalists of the French revolution tried to make mankind its own god.  Others have worshiped Historical Necessity or Gaia [4].  But these are unsatisfactorily abstract, so contemporary leftists tend to choose dictator-gods like Chairman Mao or Kim Jong-il.

    In summary, I see the battle between liberals and conservatives as a struggle between two religions [5].  The point is (reality aside), which one would you prefer to believe in?  The conservative worldview is grim; as in the red queen’s race, we must run as fast as we can just to keep the freedom we now have.  In contrast, liberalism promises that if we follow its path, we will soon rid the world of its ills and enjoy peace and plenty.

    According to scientific studies and practical experience, we tend to believe what we want to believe.  Liberals just don’t want to endure the chill of reality. Therefore, they ignore any media revelations of liberal failures and persist in their rosy dreams.  They do not want to be awakened and will resist it.

    But let us not be too patronizing.  Perhaps we conservatives have oneirogenic myths of our own.


    [1] “The Declaration of Independence dogmatically bases all rights on the fact that God created all men equal; and it is right; for if they were not created equal, they were certainly evolved unequal. There is no basis for democracy except in a dogma about the divine origin of man.” -G. K. Chesterton, What I Saw In America (1922) Ch. 19.

    [2] This leads to the paradox that, if the nurturing-education theory is right, then the wealthy and aristocratic among us should be the best of humanity and our natural leaders.

    [3] Invariably, the intellectuals within the liberal movement know that they are its predestined leaders.  They can be discerned by their smug, more-evolved-than-thou air.  Eric Hoffer discussed their egotism and thirst for power in The True Believer and The Temper of Our Time.

    [4] This divergence of views about humanity is eerily echoed in views of nature.  Liberals, whether Gaians or Greenies, see Nature as balanced and benign, hostile only when disturbed by man.  Conservatives perceive nature to be indifferent to life and prone to catastrophic instabilities; like Auric Goldfinger, nature can destroy a species by rolling over in its sleep.

    [5] It is disturbing to note that radical Islam fits into our definition of “liberal.”  Islamists do not believe in original sin, regard themselves as an elite group, and expect to achieve a prosperous and peaceful world by global conquest.  Marxism and Islam have so many tenets in common that some sort of alliance or hybridization is frighteningly likely, especially in black or third-world communities.

    • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

      Conservatives choose to ignore the chill of reality by spending their entire lives enduring pain complaining about others who complain and want to fix what is broken rather than live in denial that capitalism works for humanity.

  4. davidandrewwelch@gmail.com' myorangehat says:

    Corrupt industry and politician of the day: Big Pharma & Billy Tauzin (R-LA)(retired).

    This is an oldie but goodie in case anyone wasn’t familiar. Billy Tauzin went back and forth from Democrat to Republican, laughing all the way to the bank (including a Texas hunting club/ranch paid for by political, lobbyist and corporate executive stakeholders in his position on the energy and commerce committee).

    This example should appeal to everyone, since it not only shows the corruption involved in the system (OWS), but how a government agency like Medicare can become bloated and wasteful (Tea) under corporate funded political influence.

    Some background…

    U.S. taxpayers provide $25 billion a year for health-related research and development, much of it related to new drugs.

    Prescription-drug companies frequently take the breakthroughs developed on the taxpayers’ tab, add a little custom design, then patent the drug. This enables them to charge exorbitant sums for pills that actually cost little to make. Their biggest expense is marketing. But billions are spent each year in wooing doctors and hospitals to adopt their brands.

    Government could use its buying power to negotiate lower prices on prescription drugs. The VA does so with immense savings. Other nations do. Yet, the U.S. pays far higher prices for the drugs than other industrial nations, even though U.S. taxpayers often have paid to invent the drugs.

    How could this be? When Bush joined with the Republican Congress to pass the prescription drug bill, the drug company lobby went to work. Then-Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.) chaired the key committee and wrote into the bill an extraordinary provision prohibiting Medicare from negotiating bulk discounts on drugs.

    After the bill passed, Tauzin retired from Congress to take a job as the head of PhRMA, the drug company lobby, with a salary of $2 million a year.

    Wait, it gets better…

    When he tried to strike a deal (again, a lobbyist striking a deal with our government) early 2010 before the Affordable Care Act was passed, he was canned since he was accused of bargaining away Big Pharma’s profits too easily in the deal. Bit by the hand that fed him….Another American success story. Making it to the 1% on our dime (two decades in office, 6 as lobbyist)through cunning and hard work.

    I actually am leaning toward thanking some of these cats (Koch, Pope, etc) for poking these huge holes in our system.

    Actually, no. Government transparency is now allowing all of us access to understand how our political system works, and it’s not pretty. If you don’t see it, look a little harder.

    • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

      For someone who puts a lot of effort into commenting on the flaws in “the system”, you sure do spend almost all of your time complaining about the Republican party.

      If you’d like to get into an extended thread on political fat cats and how much money they’ve earned or scammed over the years, feel free. It’ll continue for quite some time. You’re upset with Billy Tauzin making $2 million? That’s nothing.

      Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had as much to do with causing this recession as anyone or anything, and Franklin Raines (former Clinton admin budget director) made $90 million at FMae while pretending that all was well as the whole system began to fall apart.

      Meanwhile, the only Fannie Mae story to interest the so-called media is Gingrich making $1.6 million. The $90 million Raines made isn’t much of a story to Diane Sawyer and her pals.

      As to big pharma:

      Pharmaceutical research and development totaled almost $70 billion last year. Yes, some of that money came from taxpayers. So what?

      The approval process can take up to ten years, and the cost of developing a new drug has gone up by more than 400% in less than two decades (developing a new drug averages almost $400 million).

      After as many as 50 or 60 clinical trials, the drug is approved or not. If it is, they only have a few years to sell it exclusively, and after that anyone can sell the generic version.

      The next time you need a drug to stay alive, tell them no thanks, and that you’d rather not live another few decades thanks to partially taxpayer-funded R&D.

      Good luck with that.

      • davidandrewwelch@gmail.com' myorangehat says:

        No need to come after me, I agree. Both sides are corrupt. So what do we do about it?

        • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

          My Nov 19 post at 2:59am answers your question on a few levels. It doesn’t answer the more important question of why there’s a ‘W’ in the word ‘answer’. It doesn’t actually do anything, and has no business there at all. Angie refuses to discuss it. She’s too important, running this billion-dollar website while sharing none of the profits.

          • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

            What? “Answer”? Don’t you produce it “ans-were” (With a bit of a soft “W” sound). I do, as do many English dialects. Many people say “Ans-sir” which is a deviation from the original root “andswaru” drawn from a combination of “anti”(meaning affirmation) and “swaru” (from “swerian”, meaning to swear).

            In fact, in the original Germanic answer (“andswaru”) was used as an official statement, often the rebuttal of official charges. By leaving out the “w” sound you are actually removing the element meaning to “swear”, which is the Germanic is equivalent to signing ones name or affirming as if by oath.

            You have essentially converted the word to mean “affirming” without assertion or oath, if you go by the root.

            Hence, I would say the “W” has importance, at least historically… back when to “answer” was to give one’s oath of truth on their good name :)

            *Citation: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=answer

            Oh, did you mean the other part? I love your Nov 2:59 post. It was a great “what” we should do. It did little to address “how” the average American can help make those change, though.

            On Pharma: note that small pharma and biotech companies are being crushed by increasing time-to-market, regulations, and FDA requirements– essentially quelling the 1990s biotech boom (another account of jobs moving overseas due to overregulation and improper/unequal enforcement of those regulations when exceptions are made only for big pharma, not the small players in the market).

            To myorangehat – on Research $$
            Note that the vast majority of public $$ going into R&D are invested in developing technologies that private companies (even big pharma) could not afford because the time-to-market is literally decades and commercial application is uncertain. You can thank those kind of investments for most plastics you use, almost all cancer treatments, LED lighting, improvements in energy storage… the list goes on and on an on..

            I hate to see R&D (much of which is academic or at public research institutions, or small biotech/tech companies) get cut down because big pharma profits from it.

            Lets look at how to regulate big pharma business practice, not cut off the flow of ideas in research (that’s one of the things that keeps us globally competitive– you can bet other nations are investing in it)

            • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

              Note how skillfully she avoids mentioning the $3.1 billion she’s made on this website thus far.

              And no, I don’t buy your explanation about the ‘W’ in answer at all. I clicked on the provided link and my computer exploded. Twice. I’m far too clever to click on that link a third time and ruin a third computer.

              As to the ‘W’, I think it’s obviously the same ‘W’ you’ll find in ‘OWS’. It just wants to sit there, do nothing, be given free everything including HBO and Showtime, and yell at passers-by, just as Angie yells at me every morning when I’m on my way to church to read to sesquipedalophobiacs before leaving at noon to save the rainforest.

  5. Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

    Just to stir the pot…

    From Gary North:

    “The essence of democratic socialism is this re-written version of God’s commandment: “Thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote.”

    “Economic democracy” is the system whereby two wolves and a sheep vote on what to have for dinner.

    Christian socialists and defenders of economic planning by state bureaucrats deeply resent this interpretation of their ethical position. They resent it because it’s accurate.

    When Christianity adheres to the judicial specifics of the Bible, it produces free market capitalism.

    On the other hand, when Christianity rejects the judicial specifics of the Bible, it produces socialism or some politically run hybrid “middle way” between capitalism and socialism, where politicians and bureaucrats make the big decisions about how people’s wealth will be allocated. Economic growth then slows or is reversed. Always.

    Free market capitalism produces long-term economic growth. Socialism and middle-way economic interventionism by the state produce poverty and bureaucracy. If your goal is to keep poor people poor, generation after generation, you should promote socialism. But be sure to call it economic democracy in order to fool the voters.

    The Bible is an anti-socialist document. Socialist propagandists for over four centuries have claimed that the Bible teaches socialism, but we have yet to see a single Bible commentary written by a socialist. If the Bible teaches socialism, where is the expository evidence?

    When I say that the Bible mandates a moral and legal social order that inevitably produces free market capitalism, I have the evidence to back up my position. My critics — critics of capitalism — do not.

    The next time you hear someone say that the Bible teaches anything but free market capitalism, ask him or her which Bible commentary demonstrates this. You will get a blank stare followed by a lot of verbal tap-dancing about “the ultimate ethic of the Bible” or “the upholding of the poor in the Bible.” You will be given a lot of blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah is not a valid substitute for biblical exposition.

    Fact: There has never been an expository Bible commentary that shows that the Bible teaches anything other than free market capitalism.

    Beginning in April, 1973, I began writing a verse-by-verse commentary on the economics of the Bible. The first essay, on Genesis 1:26-28, appeared in the May, 1973 issue of the Chalcedon Report.

    An economic commentary on the Bible had never been attempted before. I discuss only those passages that relate to economics.

    No one before me had ever attempted to write a Bible commentary on a specific academic discipline. I hope mine becomes a model for others.

    I have continued working on this project ever since. I limited my writing to one essay per month from 1973 to 1976. Beginning in the summer of 1977, I began working 10 hours per week, 50 weeks per year on this project.

    I have needed every minute.

    So far, I have written commentaries on every book except Esther and the Song of Solomon. I found nothing in Esther. I do not expect to find much in the Song of Solomon. Some are still in manuscript form: the epistles, the prophets, Psalms, the historical books, and Ecclesiastes. They will be typeset by the middle of 2010 if things go well. As for indexing, I make no promises about anything that is not yet on-line.

    In addition, I have written over half a dozen books that are in effect extended appendixes to one or more of these commentaries. These are posted on-line for free: http://www.GaryNorth.com/freebooks.

  6. earleanddonna@ec.rr.com' Erlkoenig says:

    I’m pretty sure Iraq is very much still there and not obliterated. And thanks to America, any Mosque damaged is being repaired. I know the story you are referring to, Mayorangehat. And I’m wondering how horrified you were when Sadam gassed entire towns, including children. How horrified were you when you found out (assuming your handlers let you know this kind of information), women were raped in front of their family members to achieve obedience to Sadam’s government. Did those 98% election victories send up red flags for you?
    You horror is selective, as with all liberals. You turn it off and on to fit the outcome you want regardless of the facts. You have plenty of anger for the President that drove that tyrant out of power and no anger for the murderous tyrant.

    • davidandrewwelch@gmail.com' myorangehat says:

      You sort of missed the point. That post was from a grandmother exercising her right to free speech along with the OWS movement. Feel free to keep demonizing her all you want.

      BTW what are we doing to stop the genocide, rape, famine, child abuse/soldiers, torture, dictatorships alive and thriving RIGHT NOW across the world? Nothing, since there is no oil in those African contries. They have nothing we want, so f&ck em.

      I am proud of this country and think we can do better, that’s all. A lot of people feel this way.

      • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

        Myorangehat, in which African countries do you want the U.S. to intervene, and why?

        In just over a month in 1994, eight-hundred thousand Rwandans were clubbed and hacked to death (I suspect that if several hundred endangered spotted owls had been slaughtered, President Clinton would’ve sent in the 82nd Airborne).

        Should we have done something about that?

        • davidandrewwelch@gmail.com' myorangehat says:

          All I was suggesting is that Matt’s humanitarian justification for invading Iraq was/is not sound. Cheney’s National Energy Policy was. If the humanitarian justification were, there were/are much bigger atrocities (including Rwanda) that would justify our involvement. I know we can’t afford to be nation builders, but again, there is room to become better leaders in the world stage. And not to mention, to spend our tax dollars responsibly, creating value for our nation. Prioritizing securing our borders from threats should be a priority as well.

  7. svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

    myorangehat…the thread below ran out of room, so in response to your post about TARP etc:

    No, I did not support the TARP program. A much smaller, targeted program would’ve been more effective. The same holds true for the $827B union giveaway, referred to by some as the stimulus program.

    You’re absolutely correct that the TARP oversight was a joke, and I’m not convinced that there was any. I didn’t like this kind of money going overseas either, especially the TARP billions we wasted on wind-farm energy programs only because there are, tragically, still a lot of people here on earth who are ignorant enough or just plain dumb enough to take Al Gore and the eco-frauds seriously. Of course, the green movement these days is only about money, but Democrats don’t care about financial waste that secures votes for them. Well, it used to anyway. Climategate and Climategate II are taking care of that, slowly, even though the so-called media are pretending it never happened. It must be nice knowing President Obama has 5000 press secretaries willing to do everything they can to help him and to destroy his “enemies” in America (B.O.’s word choice, not mine).

    You said that “[w]e need to get back to personal responsibility”. If you’re a Democrat (your post, especially the Tea Party references, tell me that you just might be), may I ask why? The left has not, since the days of the amusingly hapless and overrated John F. Kennedy advocated anything remotely resembling personal responsibility. The essence of liberalism, or progressivism, or whatever you’re calling it this week, is dependence on the government. Look how well that’s working out for the poor, especially blacks in America. Take a walk through New Orleans, Detroit, or down McRae Street here in ILM and find out for yourself how successful liberalism is, while pretending all the while that the endless poverty and violence are really the fault of those racist Republicans (who get no votes in these places and ergo have no power to change anything there).

    If you like the idea of personal responsibility then you must’ve been livid over the bailout of “homeowners” (part of the 99%) who simply didn’t understand their mortgage agreements. People this stupid shouldn’t be allowed to drive, much less own their own homes. I guess their bailouts are just fine, but have they paid the money back yet? No, and they never will. And did you really think Obamacare was about health care? Do you know anyone dense enough to believe, as Obama said, that we could bring health care costs DOWN by adding 30 million people to the health care rolls in America with the same number of doctors, nurses and hospitals? The so-called media bought it, and so did everyone else on the left. And they’re America’s “intellectuals”. Obamacare is about enslaving people in the left’s sick, twisted, endless cycle of dependency, and if he is re-elected (he just might be…people really are that clueless), the new-found “right to health care” will NEVER be taken away. How you people keep finding constitutional rights in a document written several hundred years ago is beyond me. Actually, the concept of sleaze isn’t beyond me, it’s just disturbing.

    You can claim that the big Wall Street banks haven’t paid back the money they owe, but they have. It is the banks used by the cherished 99%-ers who haven’t paid back what they owe. It is the greedy morons who bought houses they couldn’t afford, and were bailed out by the rest of us who haven’t paid back what they owe.

    Most of your complaints were about the Wall Street banks. So, which candidate for president took more campaign donation money from Wall Street than any other in U.S. history?

    You’ll find him at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C.

  8. davidandrewwelch@gmail.com' myorangehat says:

    Lots of questions on who is involved in OWS. Well let’s meet one from http://www.occupymusicians.com (also see occupywriters.com and occupyfilmmakers.com)

    Joan Wile

    On the surface, it might be puzzling to try and connect a grandmother with the music profession, anti-war protesting and Occupy Wall Street. Let me enlighten you.

    I’m a grandmother of five who happens to be a singer/keyboard player/yricist/composer. I’ve worked for years in Manhattan as a studio singer, playing night clubs and cabarets, television, writing and singing commercials, writing and recording songs, and evolving into writing seven musicals, four of which were produced off- and off-Broadway. In other words, I’ve covered almost the entire gamut of the music business except for opera and classical music ensembles. And, when the gigs slowed down at times, I did my share of duty at piano bars in lounges and gin mills.

    I also raised two kids, both very talented musically. My son, Ron Wasserman, is the principal bass of the New York City Ballet and a regular sub at the NY Philharmonic. He also composes and orchestrates concertos and such. My daughter is a very talented singer who opted to become a speech therapist.

    And, then, there are the grandchildren. No, I won’t bore you, in nauseatingl grandmotherly fashion, by extolling their virtues and accomplishments. But, they definitely play a role in my connection to the anti-war movement and Occupy Wall Street.

    In 2003, shortly after we Shocked and Awed Iraq practically into oblivion, I saw a photo in Time Magazine of a 12-tear-old Baghdad boy, Ali, who had lost both arms, whose body was severely burned, and whose entire family had been killed. The reason for this catastrophe, I regret to say, was our dastardly bombing of his City. Horrified, I told myself that I had to DO something.

    I conceived the idea of an anti-war group, to be called Grandmothers Against the War. I felt the concept of grannies protesting the war would carry some weight for a public mostly in favor of the invasion at that time and who tended to think of anti-war people as a bunch of hippie slobs. I began a weekly vigil at Rockefeller Center nearly 8 years ago which continues to this day. We engaged in numerous other actions, prominent among them being our arrest and jailing on Oct. 2005, when 18 of us old dames tried to enlist in the military at the Times Square recruitment center to replace America’s grandchildren being used as cannon fodder. We had lived long lives, we decided, and we wanted them to be able to, also, instead of being slaughtered in a criminal, unjust war. After a six-day trial in criminal court, defended by the legendary civil liberties lawyer, Norman Siegel, we were acquitted. It was a big story all over the world.

    During this period, I employed my musical skills on behalf of our movement. I wrote songs and skits and playlets for us grannies to perform. I figured that protesting should have an element of fun and entertainment to it so it could be more easily digested by a public wary of actions challenging the Establishment. As the Granny Peace Brigade, we performed some memorable rally shows — one in the middle of Times Square on Valentine’s Day, one outside the Federal Penitentiary, many on our trek from New York to Washington and points in between. Some of my anti-war stuff is on YouTube, in fact.

    One thing we grandmothers kept asking during the years of our activism: “Where are the young people? Why aren’t they protesting, as they did during the Vietnam War?” Without the kids, we knew we could never stop the wars as they had in the Vietnam era. Slowly, our hopes for peace began to waver, though we never stopped trying. The lack of activism among America’s young was disheartening, to say the least. Without their energy and commitment, it seemed as if we were just going to sink further and further into a morass of carnage, deprivation, poverty, and general economic decline, with endless wars sucking up our human and material resources. As a grandma, this was a source of great worry to me. The thought of my grandchildren’s futures in such darkness shadowed my days and dampened my spirits.

    And, then, miracle of miracles! Occupation Wall Street began! My hopes began to soar as it quickly gained a toehold on the public’s consciousness. In a flash, our world turned right side up. No more babbling about debt ceilings and corporate personhood. Now, we were focused on the nitty gritty of our existence — the oppression of the uber rich on the lives of the 99%; the greed and cruelty of the banks kidnapping people’s homes; the government’s obeisance to the 1% and its consequent neglect of everybody else’s most basic needs.

    I wanted to be part of this wonderful thing. It seemed to me that it would be helpful if there were more stress put on the relationship of the obscene costs of our wars to the sinking of our economy, and I wanted to help make that point. As soon as I became aware that there was now an anti-war committee as part of OWS, I joined up.

    So there it is — musician to grandmother to anti-war activist to Occupy Wall Street member. And to complete this circle now….OCCUPY MUSICIAN! Scooby dooby oolya du bop!

    Joan Wile is also author of Grandmothers Against the War; Getting Off Our Fannies And Standing Up For Peace (Citadel Press)

  9. svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

    “Sanitation officials said Wednesday that they expect to haul away 30 tons of debris from the Occupy L.A. encampment –- everything from clothing to heaps of garbage to oddball curiosities left behind by the protesters who lived at the City Hall tent city for two months.”


    The self-righteous stewards of mother earth…

  10. svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

    “Stomping out capitalism, one line of code at a time”

    That’s on the official Occupy Wall Street website, in plain view for anyone to see. No wonder the “media” can’t find it.

    They’re still too busy parachuting “journalists” into Wasilla, Alaska to find out if any of the books Sarah Palin ever checked out of the library were returned late.

    Click here to check it out:


    In the third paragraph you’ll see the purple-colored link:


    And there it is. “Stomping out capitalism, one line of code at a time”

    That’s OWS.

    The Huffington Post has lied about their goals:


    The rest of the media has ignored all of this, and and why wouldn’t they? Independents decide every election, and the goal of overthrowing capitalism won’t win the hearts or minds of very many inde’s.

    I quoted someone a week or so ago in saying that today’s Democrat party is run by “those third-rate minds of that third-rate decade, the 1960′s”.

    These people are not helping whatever cause Angie and her fellow Occupy Wilmingtonians have. They, people like Angie who mercilessly refuse to feed their pet fish to their cats just so their fluffy lil friends can enjoy the taste of fresh fish, seem to be reasonable. The people running the OWS movement are not.

    They are dangerous.

  11. svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:


    You are a card-carrying communist in a world in which the merits of communism are only espoused in North Korea, Cuba, the English Department faculty lounge on most college campuses, and in your living room.

    Your decision to call someone else “delusional”, someone who for several days has been factually, logically, argumentatively and meticulously destroying your feeble attempts at making a cogent argument, makes as much sense as Al Gore claiming he understands weather patterns.

    I should thank you though, as your theories on profit–what it is and what it’s for–were funnier than anything Seinfeld ever did. Kramer too for that matter.

    Have to run, I’m meeting Angie for drinks.

    • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

      You don’t get it. If you read Karl Marx and look at Kim Jong Un or Kim Jong Il they don’t match up. You can’t have common ownership of the means of production and have a dictator because the dictator owns it. Karl Marx does not express any need for central leadership at all. You clearly have not read Karl Marx or, if you have, you are attempting to redefine it, or you just don’t know any better and believe the CIA.

      • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:


        If you need to cling to the notion that NKorea is not a communist country because Kim Jong Il, and not the state, controls everything, that’s fine with me.

        Call it a socialist independent state if this makes you feel better, but when classlessness (and endless poverty) is achieved thanks to state controlled distribution of property, the winged, fluffy creature currently hopping around in front of you that walks, talks, hops and acts like a communist duck, is in reality a communist duck.

        Like ducks, communists spend a lot of time begging for scraps of bread.

        • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

          Having read your earlier posts, I have to share a few thoughts that you’ll ignore, Keenen.

          Your posts are filled with comments that make it very clear that you don’t think anyone truly understands this material except for you.

          “You don’t get it.”

          “You clearly have not read Karl Marx”

          “you just don’t know any better”

          “Here is where Matt is delusional.”

          “That’s a farce.”

          “conservatives…still do not understand”

          “I suggest you read the book…”

          “This is the Great Conservative Lie.”

          “You do not know what profit is” [lol, one of my favorites]

          “You are wrong.”

          “I suggest you read about neoliberalism.”

          “I think you are trolling.”

          “It doesn’t matter who you vote for…”

          The message here is obvious: only you are clever enough, and have read enough to grasp the political and geopolitical issues discussed on websites like this.

          This combination of arrogance and insecurity is generally born of the tragic reality that is the left’s control of education and the media. You’re a bright guy, so while your personal version of insecurity comes from issues that don’t interest me, you might want to think about it. Yours is not the only three-digit IQ in America.

          Anyway, since our two historically most important sources of information are run by the left, people like you assume you know everything, and are incapable of saying or writing things like “I was wrong”, “You have a good point”, or “I didn’t know that”.

          Actually, many of us have read Marx’s manifesto, Keenen. It’s a brilliant critique of capitalism, and greed is a bigger problem than most conservatives will admit, but that doesn’t change the fact that you spend all your time on this website trashing capitalism while simultaneously running terrified as fast as you can from the label that is communism because 1.) communism has never succeeded and 2.) communism, unlike capitalism, IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATHS OF WELL OVER 100 MILLION INNOCENT PEOPLE.

          I believe this is what’s called an inconvenient truth.

          You have no doubt tried your entire life to get away with arguing the merits of communism while telling people that what we refer to as communism isn’t really communist at all and that you’re not at all a communist. As most college professors will tell you, the great communist experiment has not only never really been tried, it *will* work someday when it is *properly* implemented (this is why academics are never taken seriously once they leave the classroom and why they spend their lives surrounded by people who will never disagree with them). You’re espousing the virtues of a system that has never worked while trying to constantly run away from your rather obvious adoration of the system itself.

          Well, you’re not getting away with it, and you never have.

          Try enjoying America and appreciating her for all that she is, flaws and all. Think about what it’s like living in places where this kind of conversation is simply not allowed.

          You might actually start enjoying your life, unlike so many on the far-left who would rather spend their time protesting and whining about what’s wrong with America instead of simply allowing themselves to take advantage of what’s great about this country, all because they haven’t met the lofty expectations that they or their parents set for themselves long ago in some distant past that no matters.

          Remember what you wrote a while back, Keenen?

          “I’ve been pissed off ever since the 8th grade”.

          This surprises no one, but doesn’t have to be true forever.

          Land of the free and all that…give it a try.


          Matthew (He Who Shall Temporarily Be Named Steve)

          • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

            That last part should say:

            “distant past that no longer matters.”

            Angie distracted me, she’s a fiesty one late at night.

            • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

              Did you miss me? And, just as a note, I have regularly said “good point”, when merited.

              I have been at work, then came home and did freelance work, promoted my business to new clients, answered a ton of emails, then did Thanksgiving with the parents, then did the first four items all over again–the result being that I remain simply too exhausted for long, drawn out commentary. I’ll do the best I can.

              I’ll sum this up as short as I can, due to exhaustion. America is great. If anyone doesn’t think that is true, they need to leave, not protest. There are plenty of other choices in the world.

              America’s version of capitalism has been improved by a moderation of socialism and laissez-faire capitalist ideas, after all we are (and have been) a mixed economy for some time. Freedom to start businesses, invest, and pursue personal success has allowed the US to grow at unprecedented rates and become a leader in industry and technology– in no small part due to the investment of individuals who were working for much more than mere economic gain.

              In response to Keenen’s comment: Robotics and other technology (particularly manufacturing) were pioneered here in America. Technology changes the employment landscape, but does not take away jobs– it merely shifts the type of jobs available. This change is inevitable, and America was founded on the idea that we can express, invent, and grow. Technology provides opportunity, it is abuse of business and legislative practices that cause the loss of jobs– not tech advances (i.e. robotics, automation, ect.) causing the abundance of new tech jobs are shipped overseas. It’s not technology’s fault– if anything technology has opened doors for new jobs. Now let’s ask why businesses with those jobs are leaving the US….

              Back to the topic at hand. We are a mixed capitalist economy. Social programs are necessary. Regulation of private business is necessary. These ensure growth, when not abused and grown into unruly bureaucracies.

              The issue is not burning down America and restructuring the system into communism or any other system blah blah…

              The issue IS looking at our current leadership and legislation and ensuring that well-intended social programs and regulations (i.e. wellfare, social security, mortgage lending, student loan programs, anti-trust…) are not being manipulated for the personal gain of a select minority of investors and politicians, leaving the rest of America (those that social programs were originally established to help) out in the cold.

              These programs have been abused in the past decades, culminating in economic disasters in recent years.

              These discussions seem almost silly to me: yay capitalism! no, yay socialism! no, yay communism! no, yay to a government run by telepathic cats (my personal vote)! They are all the same in the sense that if we establish policy and legislation but then go on to allow our leaders to, without resistance, abuse and violate that policy… life will basically suck for everyone except the elite no matter what label you stick on the system.

              America was built on revolutionary ideas (check out the Constitution… no seriously… George Washington refused the kingship and dictatorship after all, all in favor of the people’s rights… still a revolutionary idea).

              I’d like to see people fighting to uphold the American dream (i.e. work, learn, succeed based on merit), to promote the principles therein, and to preserve our freedoms. The fact is increasing implementation of socialist programs– and subsequent ABUSE of those programs causing vast inefficiencies, needless bureaucracies, and failure to educate those that could benefit from the programs— in our capitalist society have been hugely detrimental.

              It’s worth protesting to preserve our freedoms and prevent abuse of policies that should be helping people, not serving as bureaucracy-inflators. As I recall, our forefathers were willing to do more than protest, what with the dieing for our freedom and right to live without an oppressive government and all.

              By the way, here is a present for you “Steve”:

              Stop villainizing each other and work to improve America. I’m tired. Goodnight.


              • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

                Priceless artwork, Angie, although if your cats just ate the fish the cats would be happier and you’d have fewer mouths to feed.

                I’m all for telepathic cats running the country, but I suspect that after a few months humans would be eating cat food and cats would be eating humans.

                One more thing, kitten: if you’re just going to be reasonable and offer common sense and solutions that can actually work, then this really won’t be any fun at all. Please go back to defending the lice-infested criminals and protestors in NYC and elsewhere who contribute nothing to society and haven’t changed a damn thing by sleeping in a tent in some park somewhere for two months.

                That’s not protesting. That’s called camping.

                • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

                  Now that I think about it, I will defend Occupy Protestors. If not for the “lice-infested criminals and protestors in NYC and elsewhere” we wouldn’t be having these conversations, in fact thousands of people wouldn’t be discussing this and the many ins-and-outs of national and global economics, finance, ect. Or if they did, it wouldn’t be on a public forum– it would be grouchy unheard lunch-time conversations lost in the mix…

                  One of the strengths of protests, in all its forms (including “camping”, or assembly in other forms) is that is opens a venue for dialog, raises awareness, and unites people with similar concerns/interests– particularly people that often don’t know where to turn otherwise. Occupy has certainly done that.

                  • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

                    Having a conversation is lovely, but the only conversation most OWS people want to have is about why they aren’t getting something for nothing. As long as a conversation is taking place, it must be a good thing. This is b.s., and that IS the OWS movement, even if your goals Angie are, admirably, different from those who run the movement nationally. I don’t expect you to speak for them, and I would call you insane if you tried.

                    The Wall St banks (the focal point of this entire protest “movement”) have already paid their TARP money back. Let me know when the Occupy gang is ready to protest the small and medium size banks that have yet to pay back the TARP money (our tax dollars) that they owe, which is most of it. They will never protest these institutions, because they can’t help the Democrat party pick up one vote by the protesting local, community banks that were the source of most of the lending that expanded the bubble. If they did that, they’d have to ask who borrowed the money and why it was allowed to happen.

                    People too ignorant or stupid to understand what “adjustable rate mortgage” means, people who got into mortgage agreements they could only afford in a stable economy, and people who tried to flip houses to profit from the expanding housing bubble were bailed out along with the larger banks.

                    In other words, the protestors and the liberal advocates who pretend to be journalists can’t look into who received this money, because they’d discover yet another inconvenient truth:

                    It is the 99%-ers who were bailed out, along with the big banks. At least the banks have paid back they cash they owed. As of last week, FannieMae, FreddieMac, GM and AIG still owed $294 billion.

                    Amount still owed by the big, cold, evil, heartless Wall Street banks: $0.00

                    • davidandrewwelch@gmail.com' myorangehat says:

                      So Steve, if we are hearing you right…you are on the record supporting TARP? I thought for sure the Tea Party got some of its original momentum in protest against TARP. What about the portion of that bailout (our tax dollars) that went to Mexico, Bahrain, Mavaria, Japanese car companies, Citigroup and various financial entities with Cayman Island addresses? The oversight on this government program was a joke (like many other gov’t programs, which I thought was another tenet of the right/Tea Party). Our politicians initially voted against this bailout. Wall Street was actually surprised it didn’t go through, sent in their henchmen/lobbyists and convinced Congress that this as now a potential disaster. The few otherwise rational congresspeople were coerced by their peers to rethink their votes and TARP was put into action. Wall Street made big bets and lost. Then went crying to us (taxpayers) how much money they lost, they are sorry, we will pay it back, we promise…some have paid back but certainly not all of it.

                      If Wall Street bets big again and loses (which will happen eventually)…should we bail them out again? That is the question here.

                      We need to get back to personal responsibility which entails consequences for poor decisions, whether you are a bank, a farmer, a corporation, a parent, a minister, any American (I believe that is another conservative principle as well).

              • davidandrewwelch@gmail.com' myorangehat says:

                Well written and articulate post…you put into words what people like me are thinking. For me, that area is usually reserved for Bob Dylan. Thanks Angie…

          • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

            Yeah. I don’t have to be pissed off forever. I could be apathetic instead.

            • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

              Apathetic people don’t post on blogs like this one.

            • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

              Boo apathy, that’s how everything got to be a mess in the first place. The thing is, I’m not sure that you being “pissed off” and the strategy for US economic recovery are directly related. I’m curious, why are you “pissed off”. Is it your job? Do you need more money? more hours? Do you hate your boss and coworkers? Do you dislike what you do? What is the issue? You know I’m a big proponent of ‘think globally, act locally’… its a good way of saying that trying to fix the world (a nigh impossible, and ultimately futility frustrating task) is unlikely to make you happy. But there are things you can do to achieve your goals… there are even people out there that like you, and would like to help you however they can. Just, in speaking with you and reading what you write… I’m not sure what it is that would alleviate your “pissed off”, and by that I don’t mean simply silence what you are saying or bottle it up… but actually make you feel more satisfied. I’m curious. Anyhoo, by-the-by, I can’t fix your laptop, sadly. I’ll try to get it back to you as soon as I can.

          • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

            I do not have the time or consider it worth it to compose an itemized list of your bogus statements. It would simply take way to long.

            “It doesn’t matter who you vote for…” How come you chose to clip that quote off? Oh that’s right. It doesn’t matter who you vote for IN a capitalist system.

            • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

              I used that quote because your point seemed to be that you’re above the petty left vs right nonsense, and that the rest of us are fools for not understanding that.

              Your point is absolutely correct on one level: most presidents have to ignore many of their campaign promises (lies) and do what’s required, as Obama has proved for years. After campaigning for over a year on getting rid of most of our anti-terrorism measures in order to placate the far-lefties who simply don’t care about terrorism because they feel it’s all our fault anyway, Guantanamo, rendition, detention, military tribunals, the Patriot Act, drone strikes and the bombing of Muslim countries that have a lot of oil are no longer thought be evil things or notions.

              Basically, Obama turned out to be an amusingly wimpy but pragmatic version of Bush as far as national security is concerned. On the domestic front, there are plenty of differences between the left and right, differences you casually dismiss in order to be appear to be above the fray.

              You’re down in the muck with the rest of us, but I hope you cheer up…ours is the greatest muck on earth.

            • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

              Because, like it or not, we are in currently in a capitalist system (more or less, mixed economy and so on and so forth, see above tirade on that), that is what we are discussing… though I happen to agree that the bipartisan system is failing us, largely because of the limited difference in actual policy decisions coming from the two parties (same political and corporate interests are unfairly invested in both, it would seem).

              You shouldn’t let those that raise controversial points get under your skin, you know. :)

    • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

      they don’t need cards in capitalism. they implant a chip instead.

  12. matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

    Socialist Pie:

    The pie is a common analogy used to explain Socialist misunderstandings about wealth. The Socialist believes that wealth is limited, like a single pie that must be carved up fairly. Therefore, if one person’s piece is too big, then someone else got ripped off. But the capitalist says we can bake more pies. We already have. Every dark corner of the world has more lights, cars and cells phones than it did 100 years ago. The entire world is wealthier than before.

    Because Socialists don’t actually believe that wealth can increase, they don’t actually believe in economic growth. Instead of wealth, they measure activity. They refer to the
    economic “engine,” and use related metaphors about the economy “stalling” or “over-heating.” This way of thinking begat the theory of Stimulus. After all, engines sometimes need to be primed or jump-started. And what better way to jump-start the
    engine of economic activity than by forcing people to be active? That is done by forcing money to change hands: Taking it from one person (tax) and giving it to another (spend). If we follow this theory to its extreme conclusion, then the more that government taxes and spends, the more circulation of money that occurs, and the healthier the recovery. It’s like CPR.

    The problem is that the economy is not a pie or an engine or a beating heart. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. said “We must think things not words.” Here are the basic things we must consider:

    1. Prosperity is the ability to fulfill your needs and your wants. We prosper by exchanging goods and services. We track that exchange by using money.

    2. We are limited, both individually and worldwide, in the resources we have to seek prosperity. We are limited by time, land, talent and stuff.

    3. All of your wants and most of your needs are best known by you. Only a few of your needs are better known by your local government, fewer by the state and the least by Washington D.C. By design, government cannot spend your money more wisely than you
    can, even if you’re rich. It is inherently wasteful and inefficient.

    4. When government spends our money, our limited resources, on things we don’t want or need, it has squandered our ability to prosper.



  13. Thank you for another fantastic blog. Where else could I get this kind of info written in such an incite full way? I have been looking for such information.

  14. dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

    Here is where Matt is delusional. “Capitalism give each individual the ability to be rewarded for their effort to whatever degree they can rise to.”

    • matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

      OK, I’ll admit that I could have phrased that better but the point still stands correct. Just take a look outside and all around you are products and services being exchanged thanks to capitalism. No one is holding you back from starting your own business. Many people, (black, white, young, old, short, & tall), have started with ZERO and have worked their way to millions. All you need is a passion for something and a little work ethic. I’ve seen and heard of 10 year olds starting businesses with the help of their parents. If you want a local success story then go to http://www.freakerusa.com and read about this guy that was close to being homeless– now look at him. Capitalism doesn’t promise anything, but, the Opportunity is there for anyone and everyone who is willing to take a chance.



  15. Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

    Capitalism vs. Socialism

    It has been well said that “A Socialist is just a Communist who does not know what he is doing”.

    The merits of Socialism are theoretical, the idea is that people will excel because of their desire to make the community as a whole better without any specific benefit to themselves other than the “better community”

    The demerits of Socialism are that in practice people won’t work to do their best because their specific personal results are the same whether they do well or whether they barely do enough to get by. All end up suffering from the community gravitating towards the lowest common denominator of commitment and performance.

    The merits of Capitalism are not theoretical, Capitalism give each individual the ability to be rewarded for their effort to whatever degree they can rise to. The only limits are on the individual’s desire and commitment. This utilizes the inherent selfish motive in man to preserve himself and turns it into something that benefits the entire community. I want a well kept house because the value is greater for me, but my neighbor benefits from my well kept house as well in his property values. If I provide a product or service for less that a competitor I will have more customers and prosper more than I would with a very high price and few customers. The customer benefits from a low price and I benefit from a prosperous business.

    The demerits of Capitalism would be the ability to become so successful in a given area of commerce that you have no competition to act as a check and balance to how the business conducts itself.
    This is know as a monopoly, Capitalist countries pass laws to prevent monopoly’s from controlling market sectors because competition is a necessary component in making Capitalism work for the people.
    Capitalism is actually not a “system” it is what happens in the absence of a “system”

    The “mixed” system of allowing some to Capitalize but then punishing their success to transfer the fruit of their labor to those who do not contribute to the community is damaging because it takes away the personal motivation of both the earner and the receiver to do their best. The earner try’s to hide his wealth to protect it instead of investing it to grow it, the receiver has no incentive to work for his own benefit because others provide for his needs whether he participates or not.
    This is why charity has always been more effective when handled by private community organizations like churches. By keeping them acts of grace as opposed to “entitlements” the “help” spurs gratitude in the mind of the one “helped” and becomes a motivator to the one being helped to rise as quickly as possible out of their economic dependence.
    An entitlement causes them to believe that they are entitled to the support they receive and therefore have no reason to feel any urgency to do any better.

    The conclusions I have offered hear are easily verified by examining the history of nations who have embraced these philosophies, I have never seen Socialism benefit any group of people over time or Capitalism fail to prosper any group of people over time when the few exceptions are regulated.

    The key is to be very careful to only regulate legitimate exceptions. Too much regulation destroys the marketplaces ability to adjust quickly and efficiently, causing the same problems that socialism always causes.

    It is no coincidence that government agency’s operate inefficiently and private companies operate very efficiently.

    Unions have removed any incentive to be great. One need only stick around long enough to get an ever growing reward.

    Performance that is good is not rewarded and poor performance is not punished.
    And the result is the DMV (or any other agency).
    Many will say that what I have described here is more Communism than Socialism but Communism is the natural progression of Socialism, when the failings of Socialism become apparent the migration to Communism is necessary to force the people to continue the system.

    It has been well said that “A Socialist is just a Communist who does not know what he is doing”.



    • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

      Capitalism is based on the theory that if profits are high then there are plenty of fair paying jobs to go around. That’s a farce. Over the thanksgiving holiday I was talking to a surveyer that could remember when they used to use a theodolite and triangulation method with a crew of 5 people. Now robots do it. Where did all the jobs go? You don’t need as many technicians making the robots as you did using the manual labor method. I’ve heard many conservatives make this argument before but still do not understand that Karl Marx made this argument back in the 1830′s in the Communist Manifesto.

      • matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

        First, let me say that with Capitalism, in the USA especially, no one is holding you back from starting your own business or Corporation. Many people, (black, white, young, old, short, & tall), have started with ZERO and have worked their way to millions. All you need is a passion for something and a little work ethic. Capitalism doesn’t promise anything, but, the Opportunity is there for anyone and everyone who is willing to take a chance. Part of the problem is that public education doesn’t teach you how to be an entrepreneur or prepare a work force for the 21st century. You are exactly right with the robots– the automation of many labor intensive processes has caused tons of people to lose their jobs. No offense, but I think most people saw that coming a mile away and it is not going to change. And why should it? With automation we can build things smaller, better, faster, cheaper, and safer. To ban robots or any type of automation would bring future developments to a halt. The days of working away in a factory putting a car together or anything for that matter are gone. The low-skilled factory worker is being replaced by a highly skilled technician and/or software programmer. And because of public education teaching our kids to rely on the gov’t and obsolete factory jobs instead of themselves we have to import tech savvy folks from overseas to fulfill all these 21st century jobs.



        • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

          The opportunity is not there for everybody. If you are smart you realise just how little of an oppotunity you have in “competing” against the assets at the disposal of the board of directors and CEO’s of corporations as well as the pittance they pay in tax relative what you have to pay. The IRS is controlled by the most “successful” capitalists who will make it seem as though there is something that you owe that you really don’t. Why? Because they are receiving subsidies from the government. That is what capitalism is.

          Your following statement is a total lie.
          “And because of public education teaching our kids to rely on the gov’t and obsolete factory jobs instead of themselves we have to import tech savvy folks from overseas to fulfill all these 21st century jobs.”

          These workers are imported because they will work for less and is another example of capitalism. Schools in the US have done away with vocational programs and replaced them with classes like principles of technology. I took those tech classes but it doesn’t matter because there is somebody else who will do it for less as a result of the desperate situation in their country that the US military industrial complex has profited on and ensures that it remains desperate.

          • matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

            Keenen, I wish I could just give you a more optimistic outlook on life but it’s just not that simple.

            If you save a little money, proposed a sound business plan, received a small business loan, and started your own business. I highly doubt that the “board of directors and CEO’s of corporations” are going to come and crush your business just because they have the assets to do so– just drive down the street and see all the businesses that haven’t been crushed by the “evil” Wal-mart and Lowes. If you can differentiate your business from everyone else and always provide “value” to your customers then you will succeed– (not to over simplify it).

            Some people seem to think that a programmer is a programmer and that an engineer is an engineer. They see companies choosing foreign nationals over US citizens and they protest that these companies must surely be looking for cheap labor. Mind you, I have no doubt that some companies do operate in this fashion; however, we should not conclude that this is indeed their motivation. People are like snowflakes, after all; no two of them are alike. Engineers are not interchangable, and it would be foolish to conclude that one programmer can do the work of another, simply because they both know how to produce code. Plus, if many Americans are not willing to relocate then that just increases the problem.

            Mind you, I’m not saying that American techies are lacking in skills or qualifications. That would be an oversimplification as well. Rather, my argument is that we should avoid painting with a broad brush and look deeper than just saying that tech colleges produced X amount of Programmers and there were X amount of Programmer jobs available. Different companies have different needs, and some of them will have a hard time finding just the right people. This is especially true of companies that are pushing the envelope of high-tech development and who need to recruit the most qualified people possible.

            I’ve heard tech engineers make the same observation. As one friend said, “A good programmer requires a lot of different skills. These skills are developed in several ways: (1) a good basic education, (2) experience, and (3) analytical thinking. I haven’t met much people who combine these skills.” When a company isn’t just looking for someone who can hammer out code – when they need someone with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, for example, or who can develop strong software architectures – then the pool of possible candidates can dwindle dramatically.

            This problem is especially acute in strongly cross-disciplinary fields. Suppose that you need someone who can do circuit design, but who also has some software development and mechanical design skills. Such people are valuable in fields such as robotics, automation, and disk drive design, and they can be tough to find. When an American engineer is passed up for jobs like these, it’s typically not because companies want cheap labor. Rather, it’s because people with the right combination of skills can be mighty difficult to find. That’s why companies are willing to recruit foreign nationals for these jobs, despite all the legal expenses and headaches involved.

            Lastly, I don’t think too many people will disagree that K-12 public education in our Country, as a whole, is well below par compared to all other nations. I believe the latest numbers were as follows: “The three-yearly OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report, which compares the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds in 70 countries around the world, ranked the United States 14th out of 34 OECD countries for reading skills, 17th for science and a below-average 25th for mathematics.”



  16. dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

    Adolf Hitler was not a socialist. He was the epitome of capitalism. Socialism is the common ownership of the means of production. Adolf Hitler didn’t just round up Jews. He also sent Marxists to his concentration camps. Marxism was a direct threat to his centralised power.

    I suggest you read the book “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution”. Private American institutions such as the Gurantee Trust Co., the United Copper Company, JP Morgan and their devisive use of “non-profit” organizations such as the American Red Cross mixed with the capitalist make up of American government provided a massive passive aggressive apparatus to co-opt Marxist revolutions. Joseph Stalin was co-opted by Walls Street much like China was co-opted by Wall Street with Richard Nixon’s “opening up” of China. The Tiananmen Square massacre happened in 1989 after this “opening up”. Guess who the protesters were. Communists. People complaining about the exploitation of the working class. People who saw their government getting further out of their control. I wasn’t surprised to hear Glenn Beck suggest sending out tanks to squash OWS protesters.

    • Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

      Wrong again.

      Large segments of the Party staunchly supported its Official socialist, revolutionary, and anti-capitalist positions and expected both a social and economic revolution upon the Party gaining power in Germany in 1933. The leader of the Party’s paramilitary organization the SA, Ernst Röhm supported a “second revolution” (the “first revolution” being the Nazis’ seizure of power) that would entrench the Party’s official socialist program and demanded the replacement of the nonpolitical German army with a Nazi-led army. Of the million members of the SA, many were committed to the Party’s official socialist program. Hitler himself took an in-between position in that he allowed capitalist private enterprise to exist as long as it obeyed the goals of the Nazi state but if a capitalist private enterprise resisted Nazi goals, he smashed it.



    • Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

      Whose Party Platform is this… ?

      More reasons why Adolf Hitler was a Socialist.

      A declaration of war against the order of things which exist, against the state of things which exist, in a word, against the structure of the world which presently exists”.

      And this description of a political movement as having a ‘revolutionary creative will’ which had ‘no fixed aim, no permanency, only eternal change’

      And this policy manifesto:
      9. All citizens of the State shall be equal as regards rights and duties.

      10. The first duty of every citizen must be to work mentally or physically. The activities of the individual may not clash with the interests of the whole, but must proceed within the frame of the community and be for the general good.

      Therefore we demand:

      11. That all unearned income, and all income that does not arise from work, be abolished.

      12. Since every war imposes on the people fearful sacrifices in life and property, all personal profit arising from the war must be regarded as a crime against the people. We therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits whether in assets or material.

      13. We demand the nationalization of businesses which have been organized into cartels.

      14. We demand that all the profits from wholesale trade shall be shared out.

      15. We demand extensive development of provision for old age.

      16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a healthy middle-class, the immediate communalization of department stores which will be rented cheaply to small businessmen, and that preference shall be given to small businessmen for provision of supplies needed by the State, the provinces and municipalities.

      17. We demand a land reform in accordance with our national requirements, and the enactment of a law to confiscate from the owners without compensation any land needed for the common purpose. The abolition of ground rents, and the prohibition of all speculation in land.

      So who put that manifesto forward and who was responsible for the summary quotes given before that? Was it the US Democrats, OWS, the British Labour Party, the Canadian Liberals, some European Social Democratic party? No. The manifesto is an extract from the (February 25th., 1920) 25 point plan of the National Socialist German Workers Party and was written by the leader of that party: Adolf Hitler.

  17. moymoiz@gmail.com' cliejoisemi says:

    this is not bad at all my friend. yahoo

  18. Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

    Why Socialism is Wrong:

    The crimes of the Holocaust, the purges of the Soviets, the thuggery and inhuman brutality of the statist regimes of the last century. The Nazis, for pete sake!

    In the late 1930s, the noted economist Friedrich Von Hayek wrote his landmark pamphlet “Road to Serfdom,” laying bare the diseased skeleton of socialist/utopian thought that had permeated academia and the salons of his day. With an economy of words that showcased the significance of his conclusion, he pointed out the Achilles heel of collectivist dogma: for a planned economy to succeed, there must be central planners, who by necessity will insist on universal commitment to their plan.

    How do you attain total commitment to a goal from a free people? WELL, YOU DON’T! Some percentage will always disagree, even if only for the sake of being contrary or out of a desire to be left alone. When considering a program as comprehensive as a government-planned economy, there are undoubtedly countless points of contention, such as how we will choose the planners, how we will order our priorities when assigning them importance within the plan, how we will allocate resources when competing interests have legitimate claims, who will make these decisions, and perhaps more pertinent to our discussion, how those decisions will be enforced. A rift forming on even one of these issues is enough to bring the gears of this progressive endeavor grinding to a halt. This fatal flaw in the collectivist design cannot be reengineered. It is an error so critical that the entire ideology must be scrapped.

    Von Hayek accurately foretold the fate that would befall dissenters from the plan. They simply could not be allowed to get in the way. Opposition would soon be treated as subversion, with debate shriveling to non-existence under the glare of the state. Those who refused compliance would first be marginalized, then dehumanized, and finally (failing re-education) eliminated. Collectivism and individualism cannot long share the same bed. They are political oil and water, and neither can compromise its position without eventually succumbing to the other. The history of the twentieth century is littered with the remains of those who became “enemies of the state” for merely drawing attention to this flaw. As Von Hayek predicted, the socialist vision would not be achieved without bloodshed.

    • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

      So instead “we the people” shouldn’t have any say at all. The rich should decide for us because the 99% don’t know any better. That is elitism. This is the Great Conservative Lie. Who’s the elitist.

      • Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

        Brother, you do have a say in Government. Yes, it may be slow and frustrating but that is the way it was designed originally– so that one person or a small group couldn’t rule as a Dictator over the majority. What you describe sounds like the way Democrats and Progressives do business. They are so smart that know how to provide you a house, a job, retirement, TV, a Car, Free Internet, Free Healthcare, etc. because we the 99% are too dumb to figure it out ourselves. Conservatives believe in the American Spirit and individual responsibility. If you want to run for Congress as a Occupy Party member then be my guest. No one is going to keep you from doing so– especially the evil “rich” people. Part of the reason why people feel “oppressed” ( which is ridiculous ) is because the large majority of folks don’t pay attention to politics nor VOTE for that matter. And, the result ends up being a permanent political “class” that doesnt listen to their constituents and votes to benefit themselves– Republican and Democrats.



  19. My brother suggested I would possibly like this website. He used to be totally right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t consider simply how so much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

  20. dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

    The only time profit is usefull is when you are self-employed which means that money is really payroll. Otherwise, profit is used as an instrument to pique investor interest, which means you are taking hard earned money from employees. Small for profit bussinesses like the one where I work have responded in the only way capitalism allows. Taking away health insurance and sick pay. That means I do the same work for less.

    • Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

      Wow, obviously some of you have no idea how the business world works. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have to defend the merits of Capitalism in a place like Wilmington. Long Story short– without making a profit then a company is doomed to failure. Companies, large and small, must reinvest profits in the company in order to make it grow by such things as R&D, New Product Development, Hiring additional people, etc. If a company doesn’t grow, then it does not remain competitive, and sooner or later the company will go under. If the company is publicly traded on the stock market then Profits are needed in order to pay dividends to stakeholders. The higher the dividends then the higher the stock price in most cases. This is how many Americans build up their own retirement. Now, if a company pays out dividends that does not mean in any way possible that they are taking away anything from the employees. Employees wages are considered an expense– and Revenues-Expenses= Net Income (essentially the profit). If your job is having to cut back on your benefits that sucks but be thankful that you still have a job– many companies in town had to cut people just to keep things going. And if I remember correctly then Wilmington still has the worse unemployment rate in the entire state. Also, considering that they cut your benefits already then I would start looking for a new job if the small company has not been around for at least five years. They have $100,000/year jobs (no education or skills necessary) in North Dakota if you willing to relocate– which nowadays everyone should be willing to relocate– worse case scenario. Not sure if that will change any of y’alls mixture of socialist and communist beliefs but I tried. Just remember that without profits and Capitalism then you would never have had PCs, Macs, iPhones, Facebook, this website, and on and on. Oh, and Capitalism didn’t get us in the mess we are in today– 100 years of a slow march towards a Socialistic Welfare Country has! Period! All Presidents during that time have grown the size and scope of Gov’t into our daily lives– Ronald Reagan was just a speed bump towards those means.



      • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

        You do not know what profit is as most people who have been beat over the head with capitalism don’t know what it is. Profit is not reinvested in the company when it is on the stock market. Income that a company reinvests back into the company is called overhead. Do you really want to try to explain the merits of capitalism?

        • Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

          Keenan, you should seriously take an accounting class because that is not the meaning of overhead. Overhead is the costs required to run a business, but which cannot be directly attributed to any specific business activity, product, or service. Generally the common expenses such as rent and utilities. I would love to hear the socialist’s definition of profit.



  21. matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

    Dear Occupy Group,

    I would be truly amazed at how anyone could explain away this video and associate with this movement.


    Thank you.



  22. matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

    Dear Occupy Group & Keenen,

    *All in reference to posts below*

    I’m not sure if you were referring to something else or just have a misunderstanding of what neoliberalism means when you stated “corporate welfare neoliberalism”…? For everyone else, wikipedia has a pretty good definition.

    Also, I find it interesting how in the responses to my post (exception of Steve) would not go so far as to oppose the comments made in the 10 min documentary- specifically the ones about being “radical left”. And considering that it is still up and no real goals have been posted to the site yet it makes me wonder what this Occupy group really represents. Steph, in a comment below, states “but the things that are important will become more glaringly clear as we all become more focused.” What does that mean? The OWS folks recently put up a list of demands that include the following:

    –Raise the minimum wage immediately to $18/hr. Create a maximum wage of $90/hr to eliminate inequality.

    –Institute a 6 hour workday, and 6 weeks of paid vacation.

    –Ban the private ownership of land.

    –Ban private gun ownership.

    –Abolish the debt limit.

    –Institute a negative income tax, and tax the very rich at rates up to 90%.

    Is this what you guys were waiting for to become more “clear” and “focused” on? I read Angie’s “Perspective on the Occupy Plan” and didn’t get anything out of it except that there is no plan. Honestly, I find the wishful thinking that the Occupy movement is somehow just like the Civil Rights Movement very offensive. What OWS thinks as their rights to my private property, my rifle, and restricting my income for the good of the whole goes against everything that Dr. MLK lived and died for. Are these the goals and demands of Occupy Wilmington? I hope not. That doesn’t sound like a Country of Freedom and Liberty to me. I didn’t defend the U.S. Constitution for 5 years as a U.S. Marine so some academic hippies could come and take everything away from my kids and grandkids. So, again I politely just wanted to make the suggestion that you guys put your Concrete Goals up front (whatever they may be) and disassociate with this Occupy stuff as it’s turning into a mix of Socialism/Communism/Fascism, etc on steroids. I believe you would have a lot more people out there with you if that were the case.



    • matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

      Almost forgot to mention that the OWS demands were supposedly not an “official” stance by the group as a whole but of one individual. But, if that were the case then why have it up with so much prominence? How many OWS folks would publicly refute these demands? Not many.



      • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

        The person who wants an insanely high minimum wage hasn’t done any research into this, or s/he would realize that as soon as the wage goes up, people making minimum wage would be let go, as their bosses would no longer be able to afford them. Thomas Sowell has done research galore on this kind of thing.

        As to the “maximum wage”, please move to North Korea or Cuba where such things can be implemented by one guy without any dissent, or at least any dissent that anyone will ever hear about.

        No guns? Matt covered that one.

        No land ownership? You’re an idiot.

        A 90% tax rate on the wealthy? This would cripple capital investment. The wealthy would hide their money so effectively that not even their families or mistresses could find it. The planet’s collective economy (a phrase that I’ll wager appeals to you) would crash.

        Six hour work days and six weeks vacation? France tried something similar. How are they doing these days?

        “If one considers the people who would like a job but have stopped looking — so-called discouraged workers –and those who are working fewer hours than they want, the unemployment rate would move from the official 9.4 percent to 16 percent”, said Atlanta Fed chief Dennis Lockhart. If B.O. hadn’t wasted two years on a health care plan very few people wanted…nevermind.

        Less work and more vacation and elimination of student debt–that’s what a lot of the OWS movement is about: “We want free stuff because we deserve it. We want more vacation time because we hate work. We shouldn’t have to pay back our student loans because, well, we’d have to WORK to pay them back, and as we’ve already made dame clear, WE HATE WORK!”

        Supercilious twits.

        • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

          I posted this in response to Matt’s other post on my article… here’s a copy.

          There are many OWS members with their own opinions, some of which are insightful & some of which make no sense whatsoever. I think a big part of what has generated OWS is the outcry that those opinions, good and bad, are not being heard or acknowledged by our representatives.

          Instead of crying out against the movement based on you-tube videos of a minority of Occupy individual members, I think we should be trying to move Occupy in a positive direction. After all, how often do thousands of people rally for the same basic cause?

          That being said
          -It is generally accepted that a drastic hike in the min wage will hurt small business the most, preventing hiring, destroying jobs and preventing new job creation. After all, making small businesses shell out more for their employees is just taking money out of our neighbors pockets– not the pockets of global international business who will circumvent these laws irregardless. A wage max, in our current system, would just limit hourly employees while NOT limiting those on salary, 1099, etc. Anyone calling for those clearly represents an undereducated minority, or else the quote was taken out of context from a larger proposal. I would be very sad to see Occupy supporting these goals, but would be happy to see Occupy members pressuring their individuals states (who should be actively monitoring and playing a role in min wage anyhoo) to be active in individually addressing min wage issues.

          –”Institute a 6 hour workday, and 6 weeks of paid vacation.” How about empower people to work for themselves, increase skills, increase financial awareness, help people start businesses & navigate the financial pitfalls therein. I SEE Occupy members doing those things here. If they aren’t elsewhere, then shame on them. Maybe we can make a difference, maybe we can’t. At least we’re trying.

          –”Ban the private ownership of land” Whaaa? I think the only thing I’ve heard that can even relate to this is that Occupy INSISTS on the right to use land that is already PUBLIC in accordance with rights given by the Constitution and often unfairly limited by local ordinance that is extremely selectively applied– a clear abuse of legislation favoring personal political agendas over the public.

          –Gun ownership= Constitutional. Occupy=100% in support of Constitution. Need I say more?

          –”Abolish the debt limit.” Which debt limit? Federal debt. I won’t go into this one too deeply right now, fed debt is… out of control. Maybe we should try revamping our budget process. Maybe we should get some CAPABLE people in Washington who actually will represent the people’s best interest instead of private agendas that have facilitated this debt…

          –”Institute a negative income tax, and tax the very rich at rates up to 90%.” We already have Earned Income Credits and several systems in place for “negative” tax breaks, especially for those working. How about this– increase financial education and resources so that the rich are not the only ones taking advantage of existing tax programs. Fact is, the bottom percentage of the population is kept down simply because they lack the education and experience to know what forms to file. But that’s really another topic.

          …More importantly, most people (no offense, especially to those that have never been business owners) don’t realize that many businesses do not pay certain types of taxes like individuals in order to avoid double-taxation. Again, over-taxing and raising taxes on business is just taking money out of your neighbors pocket. I mean, where do you think the money businesses have is coming from? The magical golden goose? It comes from sales, salaries, loans, etc. Tax more=businesses charge more=fewer or lower paying jobs. Let’s think of some solutions that won’t kill the local economies of this country. Just tax the rich isn’t it. How about increase supervision and regulation on large corporations that are thoroughly abusing existing tax (and other) laws, and have been for years.

          I think the big outcry comes in when large businesses are given these breaks (ohh, and might I add in SIGNIFICANTLY larger ways than small and local biz) and then, to boot, allowed to form into major monopolies that fail, and are then handed bail-out funds in addition to reasonable tax breaks. Not to mention the myriad of just plain illegal (not the mention unethical) practices of the upper administration of those corporations that is brushed off with no real repercussion. That sorta pissed people off, and it should.

          I’m cynical, but I think that most people don’t know enough about economics to know what to do exactly (thus many mixed messages coming from Occupy), but I’m glad that they care enough to get involved. People that care can learn. People that are apathetic can not. That’s a first step. And maybe Occupy will make the right points overall, maybe it won’t. All we can do is try to make sure that is does here, and if the things we do here are good then they will spread.

          Wow, that was longer than I meant it to be. Until next time… :)

          • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

            Angie, if you ran the Democratic Natl Committee, the Democrat party would be much better off than it is now, since it’s currently controlled by the “third rate minds of that third-rate decade, the 1960′s” (I forget who said that).

            As long as Richard Trumka and President Gump run the party, the far-left will keep you from accomplishing whatever you want the left to accomplish.

            …Trumka is the union thug who told the left not to touch Medicare, Soc Security etc in the debt negotiations (that’s the entire problem, and thanks to Trumka, the Dems won’t do anything about entitlements).

        • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

          Private ownership is violent. I’ll explain. There is an illusion that capitalism is a peaceful system in which hard work is rewarded with ownership rights. Throughout the cold war Wall Street has been exploiting Latin America and the South Pacific by taking their land, “owning” it and then the desperate population that has now been victimized will work for nearly nothing. Remember that the next trip you make to Wal-Mart.

          • Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

            Thank you for showing your true colors. If not for the USA then South America would still be living in the stone age. And now, Brazil is an emerging market with a prosperous economy and middle class. My only suggestion for people who hate capitalism and the USA so much is just to move to Cuba.



        • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

          Guns are violent. Guns were invented to blast feudal lords off their horses. Who were feudal lords? They owned the means of production in society. What is capitalism? The hording of the means of production in society. Feudalism has been reincarnated in capitalism.

          • Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

            People are violent. The triggers don’t pull themselves. A country without the right to own weapons is a country without freedom. If it is any thing hoarding the means of production then it is the socialistic federal government that we’ve been living under for almost 100 years. Centrally planning the private sectors by picking the winners and losers in businesses, making outrageous pork barrel projects, and bailing out any company that contributed to their campaigns. True Capitalism has not existed in the USA for many many years– if it had then we wouldn’t be in the mess that we are in today.



            • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

              “People are violent.” Even the ones who follow Jesus. Ask yourself why they were invented though. Not for survival but rather to kill people. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people and guns make it easier. If guns didn’t make it easier then why invent them?

    • pgrear@grearlaw.com' pgrear says:

      Just for the record. I marched in the 60′s during the Civil Rights movement. I work all day, every day. I support OWS and am convinced that Dr. King would also. I think the concept and evolution of OWS is sound. To me it makes two basic demands upon our broken system. Create a country that’s fair to all and that offers all a legitimate opportunity to achieve the “American Dream”. For those that want more structure and leadership, look to the man in the mirror.

      • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

        Just for the record, I work all day every day (and some nights). I would certainly have marched in the Civil Rights movement (cept for not quite being born yet), and I applaud those that did. I applaud your statement here. I just wanted to say that. Thank you for taking time to write this, I think there are a lot of Occupiers that appreciate the support. :)

    • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

      I suggest you read about neoliberalism. It is the idea that private corporations run more efficient because of the profit motive. Therefore, they are a less expensive way to provide services than through non-profit government programs. If that idea made sense to you read over it again. I’d like to hear you explain how for profit is less costly to tax payers than non-profit, remembering that profit is not overhead.

      • Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

        There are several issues to address here but the biggest one is how the private sector does a better job than the public sector at most services. Look up John Stossel on YouTube and you’ll see on multiple occasions how this is true based on real life events. The biggest reason is competition not profit. If there is competition then companies will fight it out in order to earn your business– for instance trash pickup. If the city picks up your trash then one, they require you to purchase their service so taking your own trash to the dump is out of the question because who wants to do that and they compete against no one. This leads to mediocre and expensive service via manager bonuses, unnecessary equipment, two much staff, and possibly unfunded retirement and benefit packages. Whereas, if several small businesses are brought into the picture then they are going to operate lean and efficient or else die out due to their competitors. And the more competition then the lower prices will be as they fight for market share. Reading up on the Five forces model would benefit greatly here specifically industry rivalry.



        • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

          But the private sector doesn’t do a better job. Ask any Marine if Haliburton did a better job. Xe Services are private fascist thugs running on tax payer dollars or China. Alan Greenspan recently redtracted his support for neoliberalism. Look at the debt, look at all the private companies the government contracts out work to. What world are you living in? I’d like for you to explain what you have labeled as “real life events”. Competition reaches a threshold to the point there is a clear winner. When there is a clear winner you have no competition anymore do you? If the goal is to out-compete your competitor one of you will be the winner, no? I’ve got a real life example. General Dynamics just out competed Force Protection. Guess what that resulted in. General Dynamics BOUGHT Force Protection. Guess what that means. Less competition. Competition is a failure. The only real competition that capitalism creates is in the job market and that’s not good for 99% of people. That means less jobs.

          • Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

            First off, I am a U.S. Marine Veteran and I spent quite a lot of time in Iraq defending our Country so people like you can get on websites and trash your own country without fear of a secret police coming to your apartment and throwing you in jail. Second, you are comparing apples and oranges. Third, I had no problem with KBR. The civilians freed up Marines to fight. That is what Marines do best! Not sitting behind the wire cooking and cleaning. Plus if it wasn’t for the contractors then the military imprint in Iraq would have been twice the amount it was at its peak. Lastly, two words, Central Park. When government managed Central Park, it was a crime zone. Now it’s wonderful. Those who lived near it donated most of the money that renovated it and now maintains Central Park. I can name a million more examples if you wish. Figured this one would really hit home for you because of your OWS Comrades. Oh, and how is Gov’t run AMTRAK working out for ya? Please explain to me, since you hate capitalism and the free world so much, how would our country work? Would we have one gov’t sanctioned and funded business for each industry? Thanks.



            • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

              I think you are trolling. Neoliberalism is sucking money from what used to be solid publicly funded services operated without a profit. KBR would send empty trucks on convoys just to charge the government for their “service”. That’s capitalism for ya.

              • Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

                Wow, when did I get so old? I had to look up “trolling” in the Urban Dictionary. I must have hit a nerve in order to get such disrespect. Either way, that was never my intention. My only intention was to provide information in plain language to anyone viewing this website so that they could decide for themselves and to provide the other side of the argument– or else it would just be liberals arguing with socialists.

                As far as KBR sending out empty trucks “just to charge the government”, I would love to see your evidence because I was a part of MNF-W G-4 (Logistics) and that never happened on our watch.



        • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

          If the city runs a trash collection service and doesn’t contract the work out to a private company, voters can change the things they don’t like. If a private company is providing the service that company can buy politicians to keep contracts with them as they increase their fee’s. It is destroying America. Stop it.

          • Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

            Brother, the example I gave cut gov’t out of the picture completely. It would be like any other service or product. If you don’t like Joe Bob’s Trash Collection then you as an individual drop their service and go with Suzy Q’s Trash collection. Just get Big Government out of our lives and the corruption will die off with it.



  23. portcitypeter@gmail.com' Peter says:

    Hey Y’all
    I was at a soccer game the other day and saw a grilled cheese food truck called “The Cheesy Banker”. It was disgusting, especially because his logo is of him hanging from a golden parachute made of grilled cheese with money flying out of his pocket! Nothing better than protesting in front of that thing! Apparently he posts his locations on facebook..check it out!

    • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

      That’s called “capitalism”. You’re protesting a man making money for his family because you don’t like his logo?

      Either you’re the least happy person in Wilmington, or you are The Cheesy Banker himself, in cognito. Why else would you post the facebook web addy for a business you find “disgusting”? Very sneaky, if so. Applause all around.

      Either way, the man has devoted his life to grilled cheese. A higher or more noble purpose in life, one cannot imagine.


      “One San Francisco police officer was slashed by a razor and another had his uniform torn and cheek cut in a clash with Occupy San Francisco protesters Saturday afternoon, authorities said.”

      Phily’s local ABC affiliate had the story of a woman being raped at the Occupy Philadelphia location, and in Denver, the protesters, like in several other cities, have been told to go home.

      I hope the Occupy Wilmington protesters (with whom I agree on precisely zero substantive issues) can show the rest of the country how to do this kind of thing peacefully, but it’s getting ugly out there and the violence is starting to tarnish the reputations of the good people who are involved.

      • the.john.ohara@gmail.com' John says:

        This “Steve Von Stenmen” persona is hilarious! Stephen Colbert couldn’t create a frothier caricature of an ignorant authoritarian who thinks he has the world figured out and can’t accept any challenge to his deeply-ingrained absolutist worldview. Whoever is responsible for this “Steve” fellow, keep the posts coming; Swift, Twain, and Vonnegut combined couldn’t come up with satire as on the money as this!

        • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:


          Thank you for juxtaposing my work with that of Taylor Swift and those other two people, but she’s much more talented than I am. Prettier too.

          When you find the courage to refute anything I have written on this site, please do so.

          Seven OWS “protesters” are now dead, the latest in Utah.

          If you aren’t aware of the rapes, assaults, and various crimes like protesters exposing themselves to children, stay online and look around. It’s all there–it’s just not on tv for some odd reason. The tv media clowns are probably still too scared of the violent Tea Partiers, none of whom were ever arrested, to leave their homes and report the OWS crimes.

          My latest favorite:

          A Wells Fargo bank was vandalized by the Occupy Oakland thugs just a few days before the protesters decided to deposit their $20,000 in donation money in–wait for it–the very same Wells Fargo Bank, the one with the smashed windows and graffiti!

          Clever, classy, hypocritical li’l thugs.

          Don’t worry though, the media are ignoring almost all of this even as you no doubt whine constantly about the bias at Fox (which is real–and annoying to me).

          A 14-year old girl was raped by a 24-year-old man in Dallas.

          Which do you find more amusing, John:

          The 14-year-old girl being raped or the seven dead people?

          Enjoy the laughs.

        • jimsenner@yahoo.com' Jimbo says:

          It is obvious from your post that you are a well-read, educated person. Congratulations for wasting about $100K of your father’s money because it is obvious that you picked up a lot of 50 cent words, you learned nothing substantive in the 4 years that you wasted in college. Steve is absolutely right. Instead of childishly mocking him, you should put down your Marxist screeds and take his advice to heart.

          • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

            I gave him a few days to respond, but apparently John is yet another disturbingly derivative, prototypical devotee of Saul Alinsky.

            He refutes nothing, sophomorically derides the other party, doesn’t bother to offer solutions or even a cogent argument and, having realized that he’s light years removed from his argumentative and factual depth, runs away from the discussion like a scared little girl.

            To John and his ilk, this constitutes “victory”.

            (p.s. What kind of person goes after someone else for expressing outrage over the rape of a 14-year-old girl, outrage that John and his beloved media sources have yet to express?)

            • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

              Don’t get me wrong on this, Steve. Believe it or not I have enjoyed following your ongoing commentary on the movement, though (something like you said) I agree with few if any of your points on substantive issues. That being said, I think that some of the darker aspects and negatives of Occupy tend to get swept under the rug and downplayed. I think it’s important not to dismiss the crimes, brutality, and other unfortunate events, but instead ask how we can prevent them from occurring in our area (which, might I add, we have been so far successful in accomplishing).

              But on to the point. You mention offering solutions. I’m curious, in your opinion, what better solutions could you propose. What is the solution to the violence, the financial crisis, rising taxes, increasing federal debt,the ongoing class divide based on income/globalizaton. The Occupy movement didn’t create these things. If I’m not mistaken, the Teaparty addressed many of the same issues. So is your concern with the “what”, or the “how” of Occupy. And if its the how, then what is your solution or stance?

              • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

                Angie my love, you asked “What is [your] solution to the violence, the financial crisis, rising taxes, increasing federal debt,the ongoing class divide based on income/globalizaton. The Occupy movement didn’t create these things.”

                One at a time.

                1. The violence……Tell the protesters to go home, or to start acting like adults, and the violence will end. You said the Occupy movement didn’t create these things, but they did indeed create the OWS violence. If you meant violence on earth in general, I have no reply to that, since many forms of violence lead to the filming of movies that I enjoy watching and books that I enjoy reading. I’d hate for that trend to end. That’s not selfish at all, it’s…ok, I have no credible way to finish this sentence.

                2. The financial crisis…..Repeal Dodd-Frank for countless reasons, some of which I even understand. Here are a few:

                Title II of DF allows the govt to take over a “covered financial company” if its failure, or its particular breed of fiscal stupidity is deemed “a significant risk to the financial stability of the United States”. These companies will be given less than 24 hours notice to defend themselves in District Court, and the court has to render its decision in less than 24 hours. The court acts in secret as the law is written and the records are sealed. And yet somehow Republicans are called fascists by liberals who have no idea what the term means.

                Dodd-Frank interjects the federal govt into areas previously governed by the states or a company’s shareholders. Congress now regulates how much a publicly-traded company’s executives can be paid, who sits on the board that determines its exec’s pay, which attorneys can advise the board, and when exec’s are being paid too much. It would be a good thing if I had that much power, but no one else should.

                Section 15G(e)(4) of Dodd-Frank defines a “qualified residential mortgage” for purposes of the exempting said mortgages from risk-retention requirements. In other words, if you want to sell asset-backed securities, you have to carry some of the risk. But some of the ignorant fools who screwed up this economy are now allowed to define a “qualified residential mortgage”. The foxes are no longer just running the henhouse. They own it and can legally do anything they please. Even more artificial manipulation of an already-fragile housing market isn’t the last thing this country needs, but that’s only because the last thing we need is a meteor the size of Fiji to strike the earth.

                The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created under Title X of Dodd-Frank is yet another massive, cumbersome, bloated federal bureaucracy run by someone who, like a federal union employee is very difficult to remove, and which is ostensibly designed to make life better even though for some odd reason all it really does is give anonymous government drones more power than even power-hungry people know how to handle.

                Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank did as much to screw up this economy as pretty much anyone on earth, but since we don’t have journalists here in America, few people know what they did. Somehow, these two clueless buffoons were put in charge of pretending to fix a financial crisis they helped to create. Why not just ask Bernie Madoff? Why not ask Tim Geithner? Oh yea, they did. Anyway, they created a several-thousand-page-long bill and did absolutely nothing about Fannie and Freddie, the two biggest problems. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be dissolved.

                Even though Dodd and Frank helped to create the sub-prime mortgage mess, which was the genesis of the economic debacle through which we’re still suffering, and which was created not by Wall Street alone but by Wall Street, Democrats, Republicans, the credit rating agencies, Alan Greenspan, his cronies like Tim Geithner, and ignorant and/or stupid people who to this day still cannot define “adjustable rate mortgage” and thus had no business buying a home they could only afford in a stable economy, the so-called media still manage to blame only Wall Street. Hence the protests of OWS types who have no idea why the economy is the way is it because Katie Couric, Keith Olbermann and the ladies of The View never explained it to them.

                As an example of the media’s intentional failure to tell the truth as to what was happening as the economy imploded: Barney Frank said on CNBC on July 14, 2008 that “Fannie and Freddie are fundamentally sound…I think their prospects going forward are solid” just as the entire system was crumbling around him (and he knew it). Oddly, this stunning and somewhat sickening comment didn’t make it to very many MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, or CBS morning or evening news programs–none, as I recall. Frank made the comment on CNBC, and NBC ignored it. There was a kitten stuck in a tree in Tulsa that day, so the “journalists” were busy.

                Dodd and Frank bite. Dodd-Frank bites. Repeal it.

                I would immediately get rid of Obamacare. It’s such a disaster that many companies and many of the unions that own the Democrat party are exempt from the bill. Nancy Pelosi, one of the dimmest bulbs in the history of watts, tried to lie her way past the truth-revealing exemptions by saying that only small companies are exempt from Obamacare. McDonalds, hardly a small company, is exempt. Why do you think much of Obamacare only takes effect in 2013? By the time people realize what it’s doing to businesses and families, Obama hopes to have been reelected. They already know. Who on earth thinks we can add 30 million people to the health insurance rolls and have costs go down, even though we’re using the same number of doctors, nurses and hospitals? Almost every leftist in America, their media friends as well, believes this nonsense.

                Obamacare doesn’t address portability or tort reform, which is as asinine as some corrupt fool writing a financial reform bill without addressing the problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Oh wait…

                I would do everything I could to get people to pay attention to media sources that are not owned by the left, which is to say about 15% of the so-called media. The other 85% as I have said in other posts, are not journalists, but are instead far-left advocates who pretend to be journalists. They admitted to their biases in survey after survey until less than a decade ago. Now they pretend they’re objective, and mindless sheep (and a lot of decent people who don’t have time for politics) take them seriously.

                For example, the Climategate scandal was the biggest story in the history of the global warming debate and yet, two weeks after the story broke, the weekday morning and evening news programs on ABC, NBC, and CBS hadn’t mentioned a word about it (do NOT use the political source for stupid and ignorant people, otherwise known as “Wikipedia”, to look this up, or to look up any political information that can in any way be tainted by bias–you might as well call Keith Olbermann and ask him what he thinks about it).

                Jon Stewart called Climategate a “huge news story” (proving yet again that he pays as much attention to the news as Paris Hilton does) and yet the broadcast networks ignored the scandal for over two weeks. The top climatologists in the field had been caught admitting in their emails that they lie, erase data that prove them wrong, manipulate data, and do all they can to destroy the legitimacy of any publication that prints opinions and facts that are contrary to their beliefs, and the media couldn’t have cared less. We could get clean drinking water to every person on earth who currently doesn’t have it, for the same money that we’ll waste trying to save the planet from all that darkens the dreary dreams of Al Gore, the crap about which he lies every time he speaks.

                Trillions of dollars are involved here, and because we have very few actual reporters in America and around the globe, not many people know that Al Gore is a fraud. We know the planet warmed about a degree ove the last century. *Why* is the question, and the science is not settled or even close to being so. Just as liberals now call themselves progressives because “liberal” is a dirty word in politics, the global warming hysterics had to change their pet name to “climate change” because the planet stopped warming and they didn’t know what to say about it. A third iteration, “climate crisis”, was used briefly before being summarily dismissed as pablum.

                The anti-American hacks who write for the New York Times, who have never met a national security secret they didn’t want to leak (especially if the leak could hurt a GOP president), refused to print the leaked emails from Climategate because “the documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all manner of private information and statements that were never intended for the public eye, so they won’t be posted here”. Isn’t that sweet? These disgraces to the nation have no problem revealing national security secrets, but if a set of one-thousand emails that makes Al Gore and the global warming hysterics look like the fraudulent liars they are, well, that won’t be printed due to privacy concerns.

                It’s not about the climate. It’s about money, and they admit it when they’re not being careful. Ottmar Edenhofer, co-chair of Gore’s beloved Useless Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group III, admitted in November of last year “one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy”. No kidding, Ottmar. Please alert Diane Sawyer. She still hasn’t heard about any of this.

                Margot Wallstrom, a former member of the European Commission for the Environment (like Al Gore with a job and a title) admitted that the Kyoto Accord “is not about whether scientists agree. It’s about levelling the playing field for big business”. Former President Chirac of France said Kyoto is “the first component of an authentic global governance”. Again, it’s the GOP’ers who are said to want control over everything. Unreal.

                Ignorance is our biggest problem. The so-called media keep people ignorant, and they do so intentionally. Until this changes, America will suffer.


                Listen to the Tea Partiers, because while they have a variety of stated purposes, they really only want one thing: fiscal sanity. Why do you think those cowardly babies in Wisconsin not only ran and hid in Illinois for three weeks simply due to an election that they lost, but are now trying to recall a governor who earned 53% of the vote by saying he’d balance the budget? The left is terrified of anyone who can lessen the influence of unions, and the unions are full of, and run by people who are as greedy as anyone around. Walker wanted these union slobs to pay a mere 12.6% of their health-insurance premium and made paying public union dues optional. This is unreasonable? The so-called media hate the Tea Partier’s goals, ergo they are called racist without evidence, and extremists because…well, because Andrea Mitchell and David Gregory say so.

                3. Rising taxes…don’t raise them, lower spending instead. It is not difficult in theory, but it’s impossible in practice because not enough people in DC want to do it. Both parties are corrupt. Peter Schweizer’s latest book, ‘Throw Them All Out’ details outrageous money-making schemes pulled off by people in both parties, schemes that would land any Wall Streeter in jail. In DC it’s all perfectly legal. The Huffington Post is pretending, like Officer Barbrady on South Park, that there’s nothing to see here and that we should all just move along. You will hear a lot about this book, but only on Fox (the network not trusted by closed-minded people). I watch, and laugh at, CNN and MSNBC every damn day. Lefties can’t watch Fox News because it challenges their beliefs. That’s not allowed in liberal-land.

                4. Increasing federal debt…see # 3, and then elect a president who understands capitalism, likes capitalism, likes America and isn’t clueless enough to think that Keynesian economic policies which have never worked and haven’t worked over the last few years, will miraculously work now. Elect people who understand that companies like Solyndra won’t need massive bailouts if they’re built upon solid ideas. People will throw money at them if they think it’s a good investment. The anti-capitalists on the far-left just can’t get a grip on that. Solyndra (and the other companies whose names you’ll learn soon enough) was run by a big-time donor to Obama’s campaign, and he was rewarded with our tax dollars.

                5. The ongoing class divide based on income/globalizaton…the class divide cannot ever be erased and is only being exploited by people on the left who know they can get a lot of votes from poor and middle class Americans by punishing achievement and hammering the wealthy with higher taxes even though all current evidence proves that it will do nothing more than force the wealthy to take fewer capital risks as opposed to reinvesting it back into their businesses in the form of hiring and product development.

                People who own businesses are currently sitting on a lot of money-trillions in fact-and it isn’t going to be used to hire anyone as long as they’re terrified as to what Obamacare and Dodd-Frank will do to them over the next few years.

                You want to help fix the economy? Get rid of Obama and about 400 members of the U.S. congress. Start over with people who actually give a damn about America.

                Enjoy the results.

                • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

                  My God. All that and I forgot to mention energy policy. Short and sweet, we have so much oil and natural gas it’s frightening. We cannot however get to it because the environmetal cases won’t let us touch it. There are jobs and revenue galore to be found within the energy industry, if we were allowed to do what’s necessary to do what we could to take care of ourselves.

                  Don’t like deep oil wells that break and slime-up the Gulf of Mexico? Then let us drill closer to shore, where divers can fix such broken pipes in a few days.

                  • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

                    *environmental* cases

                    • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

                      I love the fact the person who gave me the thumbs down dislikes my comments so much that s/he felt the need to give a thumbs down to my spelling correction. THAT’S devotion to the cause. You’re changing the world!

      • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

        Plus Steve is doing worlds of good for our search engine rankings, we’re ranking on Google for great new terms. I’m so happy to see this kind of discussion bringing in new members. Like I’m always saying– free speech, open communication channels, that’s how we reach people. :)

    • cmckaughan@ec.rr.com' Lynne says:

      Obviously, Peter, you missed the point of The Cheesy Banker. The man behind the food truck was a loyal 30 year employee of a great bank, Wachovia, until the market collapsed for all of us. He stayed on after the Wells takeover until he, like many other Americans, realized that times had forever changed and that he had to reinvent himself. He, along with his family, came up with The Cheesy Banker because of his love of cooking, and was “saved” by a grilled cheese sandwich (see parachute!). He’s jumping out of the bank building….get it??

      Take the time to see an entrepreneur’s sprit before you blast the,,,,you may be on the same side.

      Hope your team won…..

    • cpwue@gmail.com' Big Al says:

      PETER I know the man who owns The Cheesy Banker. It appears you are not aware as to what you are talking about. Did you know the man who owns the truck left the bank to start a small business? Is that not what Occupy stands for? He even took his truck to the Salvation Army early on Thanksgiving to feed the homeless. People already are under the impression that we do not know what we are talking about and its ignorant people like your self that make the rest of us look bad. Next time you want to bash a local business look into it, do a little research.

  24. svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

    “Vibrant Urbanism”…interesting.

    This is the DC crowd full of animals who pushed down a set of stairs a 78-year-old grandmother who rode 11 hours on a bus to attend a dinner in Washington. She was taken to the hospital with cuts, bruises, and a large welt on her head. Another elderly woman was also hurt.

    Watch the video and feel the “vibrant urbanism” mentioned in the next post:


    By the way, the map of the Occupy DC zone found in the Washington Post article includes paths temporarily named after Che Guevara and Angela Davis.

    Guevara was a sadistic, vicious, Marxist mass-murderer who succeeded at nothing in life except killing people, and who is, thanks to the publicity he received from another third-rate dirtbag, Fidel Castro, worshipped by liberals/progs everywhere, especially professors, teachers, and ignorant children but not by people like me whose run-on sentences seem to never end.

    Angela Davis ran for Vice President on the ticket of the Communist Party in 1980 and again in 1984.

    With a resume like that she could of course only wind up in one place: academia. She was, and for all I know still is, a professor at UC Santa Cruz and a variety of other schools.

    This is where future professional protesters (aka “Union Members Who Spend Their Lives Whining About Conservatives Worshipping Money Even Though Their Votes Have Been Purchased By The Democrat Party With Nothing More Than A Taxpayer-Funded Pension) waste a lot of money taking her classes in Women’s Studies, Repressed Feminist Rage And How To Effectively Ignore It, Why We Don’t Need Men Except For Denzel Washington, and Why Stalin Was Right, before said students realized they had just thrown away over two-hundred thousand of their parent’s dollars to get a degree in something that only matters to angry Marxist academics and daft freaking hippies who can’t get over the fact the 1960′s are over.

    Occupy camps in Portland, Salt Lake City and Oakland are being shut down because people keep dying, 3 in the last few days. That’s pretty damn vibrant.

    In Portland, a lovely young girl can be seen in the following video telling her fellow humanitarians that if anyone witnesses any “sexual violence” such as rape or assault, they should NOT contact the police but should instead find someone wearing a pink armband, because people with pink armbands care.

    Contacting the police could lead to negative publicity, and that’s much more important, obviously, than finding the guy who raped or assaulted the female who should’ve kept her damn mouth shut, so that the scumbucket can’t rape any other women or young girls.

    Good people, good times, OWS memories…


    None of this has anything to do with the people protesting in Wilmington, especially the delightfully and irrepressibly polite Angie, IT goddess extraordinaire.

    It does however, point to the obvious fact the OWS movement is hurting the Democrat Party, which fully embraced OWS from Obama to Biden to Pelosi to all the leftist cheerleaders we laughably call “journalists”.

    Stay peaceful, Wilmingtonians, and you might actually accomplish something.

    • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

      I had to like this one, because I agree, in part. Crimes (sexual assault especially! But also other crimes) should be brought to the police. No occupy groups are militia or militant organizations– they do not have the resources or right to handle crimes (and I would say that it is the VAST minority that would be presumptuous enough to think they do). It is the duty of security/peace/deescalation teams in Occupy groups to cooperate with current laws and the police (thus peaceful non-violent protest). I am very proud that Occupy Wilmington NC has so far been in full cooperation with the police.

      The idea of offering medical and emotional support to crime victims is admirable, especially in the case of sexual crimes. Discouraging police involvement is not.

      On that note, I think Occupy groups are getting publicity, and that gives us a venue– a wealth of people with various skills and resources that will allow us to take actions that can make a change on a local level, as well as on national and global levels. It starts small though, by setting an example HERE and NOW, letting Occupy Wilmington become an example of how Occupy groups can run efficiently and effectively to contribute to break down socioeconomic barriers that are ripping our country apart at the seams.

  25. heritagel@bellsouth.net' Lynn says:

    “Below is a piece written by my brother-in-law..wanted to share it with y’all.

    Perhaps the Occupy Movement has already gotten the image of an angry, anarchic mob of disenfranchised youth staked out in dirty encampments where they are not supposed to be, bent on upending the system.
    There is strong evidence to encourage one to think twice.
    For instance, a massive, full, three-page feature in today’s Washington Post Style section on Occupy  D.C.’s Mcpherson Square encampment says it exudes what the Post calls a “vibrant urbanism” that is organized and peaceful.  Reston never got news feature coverage this big.
    With Occupy, Mcpherson Square is now covered with tents serving finance and resource allocation, the news media, social tech,clothing and blanket supplies,
    trash pickup three times a day (wow!), and giving haircuts.  Areas are set aside for safe space, signs, hooping, teeth brushing, and “fun.”  Where in the poverty-beleagured cities of America are places as well-organized ands well-kept as Occupy D.C.’s and the other similarOccupy creations nowsprouting up around thecountry.  The Post counted 17 committees that manage the various tasks in McPherson.  No doubt social communcation is playing a key part in Occupy’s marvel of growth, and relatedness to the phenomenon of Arab Spring and awakenings in other countries.
    Indeed, though there is anger and determination to instigate change through Occupy, the Movement is already accomplishing a fresh look in down-in-the-mouth America.
    Occupy the hearts and minds of a depressed people and a polarized society:  That’s a
    worthy first step.”

  26. svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

    Number of OWS protester arrests as of Nov 4: 3187

    Number of Tea Party arrests, EVER: 0

    Sleep well my darlings. We will protect you from these thugs.

    • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

      Number of arrests in the America Revolutionary war: >5000
      Number of arrests during the Civil Rights Movement: 32% increase over previous decade
      *cited from online sources, so I’d like to verify further, but has to still be a good ballpark. :)

      Not to mention arrests during the Great Depression, Women’s suffrage movement, the list goes on…

      Can we judge the merit of a movement, either the Tea Party or Occupy based on arrest statistics?

      Change isn’t easy, Tea Party members and Occupy members face many of the same changes and respond in different ways. Different individuals go about voicing there concerns in different ways (thank you America for the freedom to do so), but we are still part of the same whole. I may not like you some days, you may not like me… but this kind of abuse of statistics and fighting among ourselves only obscures the real issues that both groups are concerned with.

      • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

        Women AND 14-YEAR-OLD GIRLS are being abused, raped and assaulted by these Occupy-The-Planet-Because-The-Capitalists-Won’t-Give-Us-Health-Care-And-Education-And-Everything-Else-We-Demand-For-Free-Because-We’re-Spoiled-And-Lazy people, and you’re upset about my “abuse of statistics”?

        How about the actual, verifiable, tragic assault, abuse and rape of women and underage girls by liberals?

        In Dallas “Richard Wayne Armstrong, 24, is charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old runaway from Garland at the protest group’s downtown campsite. Police said Armstrong had been part of the group living in the tent city near City Hall, but he failed to register as a sex offender in Dallas County.”


        I’m not saying the Wilmington protesters will do such evil things, but you might want to think about the point of all this. For a lot of so-called protesters, it’s just rebellion, misspent time, hippies tring to reclaim the glory that never really existed in the 60′s, and a chance to do what liberals do best: bitch, complain and moan about life not being fair enough, simply becaue they’d rather be given everything for free instead of work for it.

        I’m hungry, my cat is hungry and very fluffy, and I am gone for now.

        • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

          I’ll say it so you don’t have to…

          I made it sound as though you personally couldn’t give a rat’s furry butt about the abuse of women and men throughout the Occupied Territories, and I’m almost sure you do care. My apologies for insinuating otherwise.

          I’m “almost sure” you care because the liberal cheerleaders you call “journalists”, and most people on the left, couldn’t care less. It sickens me, although not right now. I choose not to be sickened by anything at the moment because this turkey sandwich is really tasty.

        • matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:


          I had a lot of respect for you until you mentioned that you are a cat person.


          • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

            This anti-feline bigotry will not stand.

            I hereby humbly request, if not downright freaking demand, a meeting of the Occupy Wilmington General Assembly at 6pm at the Wendy’s near UNCW on College Road on the third Saturday of the fourth month following the release of the last ‘Twilight’ vampire film (a reference which should guarantee the annoyance of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, aka Matt, who I can name because I am fearless in the context of posting anonymous online drivel under the insipidly stupid nom de plume Steve Von Something-or-other).

            The purpose of this meeting of the General Assembly, in glorious American, bureaucratic-yet-somehow-pointless fashion, is to create a committee of no less than 13 (thirteen persons who reside within New Hanover County and who for reasons known only to them actually give a damn about the offense I have taken at the insensitive hands, or typing-fingers really, of this miscreant known as “Matt”, which I put in quotes because my real name is Matthew, and I would *never* allow someone to call me “Matt”, twice.

            This committee will, after six months of monetary donations, meetings, sub-committee meetings, hearings which will differ from meetings in ways to be determined by said sub-committee, and a few rousing miniature-golf contests in which I will always get to use either the yellow or red golf ball, create a blue-ribbon panel of pinheaded, political people who pretend to be experts at a variety of useless things so that they may, in a less-than-timely manner and under the influence of any legal substance that can be purchased with donation money, complete a report detailing the answer(s) to the only question which America needs answered at this time:

            What the hell is Matt’s problem with people who love cats?

            Once the uselessness of the panel’s report and its conclusions are fully appreciated by all involved (probably only me by then), I shall explain to Matt the following: I grew up with labradors, but wanted a fluffy friend in my twenties and knew damn well that I would never get out of bed to walk a dog early in the morning, nor would I subject a dog to living in a variety of apartments which may or may not have a lot of space. In addition, I’ll explain that cats can be left alone for over a week with no problem, whereas a dog will destroy your furniture, use your entire home as his/her personal toilet, and die, having eaten all the food you left out for him/her within the first 24 hours. Also, cats have have every bit as much personality as dogs, as long as you don’t ignore them as kittens; if you do, they will ignore you for the next 18 years. In brief, I like animals and have no cat or dog preference. I do however, have way too much time on my hands.

            If he still doesn’t get it, I shall then, in typical male fashion and for no reason whatsoever, with the full support of the General Assembly (a body taken lightly by no one because they capitalize both the ‘G’ in General and the ‘A’ in Assembly), summarily kick Matt’s tail in front of every girlfriend and ex-wife he has ever had.

            I think, even with our various political differences, we can all agree that Matt would at this point deserve to be violently thrashed, if for no other reason than the fact that he chose to give me sarcastic grief over my love of cats while failing to take even the mildest shot at me for making a Taylor Swift reference. This is inexcusible. Thank you for your time.

            • Matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

              Steve aka Matthew,

              Thank you for your response. I found it very entertaining and insightful. I hope your cat is doing well and that you are able to get another dog someday that will be friendly to the cat.

              On a more serious note, I love your other comments on this site– especially the solutions you offered above in previous comments. I would love to see what big gov’t & tax the rich solutions would come out of the Occupy folks. Maybe they could add a tab at the top of the page and call it “Suggusted Solutions”.



              • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

                Appreciate the kind words, and shall herewith cancel the aforementioned tail-kicking, not only because you and your Marine pals could kill me in 17 different ways using only your thumbs, but also because I suspect we have better things to do. Thanks for your service to the country…it is appreciated by some of us anyway.

                My only complaint would be that as a Marine, you failed to take over Bora Bora, which would’ve given us yet another U.S. territory to visit on vacation for less money than it costs now. Please address this concern soon. The Bora Borans are pansies, and it wouldn’t take more than 5 of you to capture the entire country in about 20 minutes.

  27. svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

    Having 90% of the media on your side helps to keep the insanely long list of OWS arrests, rapes and assaults off of the evening news, but not even they can hide the reality of your situation: you want to get rid of a govt/corporate alliance that you perceive as fascist by allowing the federal govt to control even more than it already does. Please think for yourselves and stop listening to Keith Olbermann, Brian Williams, CNN, the NYTimes and Jon Stewart.
    Europe is disintegrating, and the democrats haven’t noticed that the system they want to implement HERE is imploding OVER THERE. We cannot afford to take care of everyone and the safety nets are not meant to be permanent. Democrats want them to be permenent so they can continue to get the votes of all those they “help” with money, health care, union pensions, etc that we can no longer afford. How much has this “help” actually helped anyone?
    Have any you even once been to the disastrous experiments-in-liberalism known as New Orleans, D.C., Detroit, Camden NJ, or St Louis? These are America’s most violent cities, and they have been run by democrats for over a century now. Think about that. They are crime, poverty and violence-infected ratholes. Democrats get 90% of the black vote so it’s obviously not the fault of any other party that these cities are such horrible places to live.
    The Tea Partiers only want to establish some fiscal common sense (since neither party is interested in that) and the left’s only reaction is to 1.) call them racist without evidence (there’s still a $100,000 reward waiting for anyone who can prove that John Lewis was called the N-word before the Obamacare vote…no takers) and 2.)parade for all the world to see a bunch of intellectually vapid kids who are so stunningly devoid of cognitive function that they cannot even protest in anything resembling an original fashion. And please, take a good look at the older protesters, the ones you’re copying for lack of originality. They’re 1960′s hippies who never accomplished anything–that’s your future, young protesters. You will wind up just like them. Angry. Unhappy. Bitter.
    This post will be erased by the closed-minded, amusingly timid people who are afraid of dissent so I suspect only one or two people will read this. Perhaps they will think about all of this for just a moment or two…and ask themselves why the people who run this website delete posts that don’t fit their paradigm, and what that says about liberalism–or is it called progressivism this week? I don’t know what it’s like to be afraid of information, dissent, and truth. But every far-lefty in America sure does, and none of them will ever admit to knowing how awful it makes them feel inside.
    Have a nice day(in other words, don’t look up all the arrests and incidents of violence/rapes/assaults in NY or elsewhere…just pretend it’s all very peaceful, and somehow, Occupy Wilmington will be just like an afternoon watching kittens chasing butterflies:)

    • to each his own. i hope you find peace in life.

      • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

        “Peace” was attained long ago, at the mere cost of a few decades being alive. It is those on the far-left who are incapable of enjoying their lives. They’re simply never happy. It’s a shame, but they don’t want to do anything but complain. Perhaps they should spend some of their parent’s money, go to Tibet, and see what a real “occupation” looks like.

        Ah well…

        • kssbiker@gmail.com' keith says:

          go back to sleep

          • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

            As I predicted, my post was deleted, lol.

            Dissent will not be tolerated!!!

            Think like us or else!!!

            The OTHER people are the fascists!!!


            • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

              Your posts are still out there. You have to click to enlarge now. If you get over 5 “thumbs down” it will minimize the post, based on community input. We welcome your posts, but please be considerate that all ages and all types read the website, and we would like to keep a postiive community. If you have issues or questions, we are happy to address them. Thanks. -Occupy Wilmington IT

              • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

                “Community input” = proof that closed-minded people refuse to allow polite dissent on this website. Thanks for proving it conclusively Angie. I knew you would.

                • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

                  Angie, you wrote that “If you get over 5 “thumbs down” it will minimize the post, based on community input.”

                  I have only 3 thumbs down my dear, and the post is hidden…..do you not know your own website’s rules, or did you lie?

                  Take care doll : )~

                  • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

                    (its 5 across the thread, so it was counting your posted replies, etc.) I had rather mixed feeling about the hiding as well though, and think you raise a valid point about it. As long as you refrain from profanity, and keep it “PG-13″, please, I see no reason that the community should not see and respond to your thoughts.

                    It had been a non-issue before, but I think that an open system upholds the values of free speech. I modified the default value so that comments are no longer hidden based on rating.

              • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

                Angie, if no one is trying to “stifle” my comments, then why was my other post, which was a polite critique of liberalism and the OWS nonsense “hidden”? If all viewpoints are allowed, then why “hide” something because it is not well-liked?

                Of COURSE it is not well-liked, I’m trying to point out how fraudulent and dangerous the OWS movement is. Do you think you’ll hear about anything I might mention while watching ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or MSNBC? No, you will not. I said that my post would be deleted by “closed-minded, amusingly timid people”, and your actions proved me correct. I apologize for calling the very few good-natured protesters “losers”, but seriously, look around at the dregs of society that make the park in NYC look like a war zone, where cops admit they will not enter for fear of starting a riot. How do you describe these people?

                WOMEN IN NYC HAVE BEEN TOLD NOT TO REPORT BEING RAPED, and I should be constantly polite about these leftist animals?

                From the left’s beloved Daily Kos: “Billie Greenfield, who left her home on the Upper West Side three weeks ago to live in Zuccotti Park, tells us that she was part of the mediation team that handled the sexual assault claims against Iketubosin.”


                Rape (and assault) reports are sent NOT TO THE POLICE but to a “mediation team” who can kill any chance the media (who worship these people anyway) will have to report the DOZENS of rapes and assaults that have forced women to sleep together in a very large tent for safety…and you’re annoyed that I call them losers? Again, my most sincere apologies. Simply stunning.

                Again, you wrote: “These case[s] are reviewed by the Occupy Wilmington Peace and Security team, as well as legal team, to ensure that we do not repeat the mistakes of others.”

                The “Wilmington Peace and Security team”? You’re guilty of doing what you claim NO ONE ELSE IS DOING and YOU’RE REPEATING THEIR MISTAKES, which you said you would not do. I strongly suspect you are not turning matters over to the police, because that would defeat the purpose of having your own “peace and security” people, would it not? If that’s the case, then it’s disgraceful and you know it, Angie. I hope I’m wrong on that one. My apologies if I am, but why have a peace/security force if all crimes are reported?

                You also wrote that “We promote improvements in fiscal and financial responsibility and accountability for individuals, government, and corporations.” (then you must really hate public unions, right? sure ya do…)

                You stated that “Many normal individuals (irregardless of political affiliation) are just trying to make a living, and have unfairly lost homes or jobs, experienced huge hikes in interest rates, large healthcare bills, and unemployment due to policy, economic change, legislation, corporate policy, and many other factors.”

                Since when is life fair? If you watch the videos coming from NYC, you’ll notice that the definition of “fair” applies to anything that the protesters demand for free while doing no work to earn it. They get violent when simply told they can’t have free goodies!

                For example:

                That is liberalism, or progressivism, lol, these days. “Give us everything we want for free because we feel we deserve it, or we’ll hurt you”.

                A few more thoughts on your mischaracterizatons of the OWS crowd:

                You wrote: “We do not, and will not, tolerate violence. The Occupy movement in general promotes this.”

                Wilmington’s will be the FIRST not to tolerate violence (again, why the peace/security team? just call the cops!), and to say that the “Occupy movement in general” does not tolerate violence is a lie.

                Have you heard of a city called Oakland, California? The entire “movement” in Oakland is BASED ON VIOLENCE and vandalism. One “parent” used her kids in a stroller to block traffic.

                A 78-year-old GRANDMOTHER in D.C. , Dolores Broderson was pushed down the stairs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgcRlrt2ZL4

                Occupy DC protesters used children as human shields while trying to break into a building occupied by successful people.

                A woman in Glasgow was gang-raped by her fellow “protesters”.

                This could go on and on, but the hundreds of crimes are NOT typical of a movement that, as you so oddly said, opposes violence? They encourage it, and participate in it every night.

                One more comment from you Angie: “If you didn’t have a stake in this, you wouldn’t feel the need to express yourself here in the way that you do.” My dear, I do not have a stake in this movement, but I find it laughable that you write about my “express[ing]” myself, even though you chose to hide my post so no one would read it. Just pretend liberals have open minds, ok? I know it is difficult. Just pretend they do. Let them judge for themselves if I am a waste of their time. I wrote things that liberals don’t want to read, and you “hid” the comment so that people would fly right past it. No one will click on a hidden post. Why not pretend the Occupy Wherever types have open minds and can decide for themselves if they want to read what I post here? Because you don’t want them to read it, that is why. Liberals are the most closed-minded people on earth, and they always 1.) enjoy proving it and 2.) get mad whenever you point it out to them. Just admit that you hid the post so no one will read it, so I can have an ounce of intellectual respect for you people.

                But don’t worry…Brian Williams, Jon Stewart, Andrea Mitchell, Chris “[it's] not a crime to call up al Qaeda” Matthews, and Diane Sawyer haven’t heard a thing about all of this violence, so all of you can pretend it simply isn’t happening.

                If you “hide” this post, you’ll only be proving, again, that you don’t want people to think for themselves. In closing (yay!) please consider the following, and this is as of 1 week ago:

                Number of OWS arrests across the USA as of Nov 4: 3187……….Number of Tea Party arrests, EVER: 0.

                Have a nice evening.

    • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

      Good Morning Steve,

      I am an IT administrator on this site. I would like to advise you to please be careful of very short posts especially with terms like “loser”, insulting/racist/derogatory terms, profanity, and special characters. Our spam filter may catch them (by the way I freed your other post). I just wanted to let you know that nobody was trying to stifle your comments, even if we don’t agree– but please try to be respectful in your word choice. In fact, I would say that a number of people appreciate a different perspective, and Occupy Wilmington is doing everything we can to engage the community, not simply protest and encamp (i.e. community service, volunteer activities, and community awareness projects).

      Occupy Wilmington (and the Occupy movement in general) consists of a number of demographics. Just for example, we have former Tea-Party members, several veterans (young and old), republicans and democrats (as well as others that are not party affiliated). These people come from diverse background. For instance we have people employed as computer programmers, physicians, physicians assistants, nurses, attorneys and attorneys aid, small business owners, employees at large local corporations (I know of at several chemists, technicians, and others), as well as undergraduate and graduate students from UNCW, Cape Fear, NCSU, Miller Monte, and several other local and regional institutions.

      We do not, and will not, tolerate violence. The Occupy movement in general promotes this. Incidents have occurred across the country, which are not ignored. These case are reviewed by the Occupy Wilmington Peace and Security team, as well as legal team, to ensure that we do not repeat the mistakes of others. We are workign to constantly improve, to learn, and to grow.

      We promote improvements in fiscal and financial responsibility and accountability for individuals, government, and corporations. We encourage peaceable actions to make these changes.

      Many of your friends and neighbors, your children, and quite possibly you yourself have been impacted by poor financial and economic choices, quite likely out of your control. Many normal individuals (irregardless of political affiliation) are just trying to make a living, and have unfairly lost homes or jobs, experienced huge hikes in interest rates, large healthcare bills, and unemployment due to policy, economic change, legislation, corporate policy, and many other factors.

      While individuals should take action themselves (i.e. improving skill sets, getting education, community involvement) systemic change is also necessary.

      We support the right of all members of our community, under the fifth amendment, to exercise free speech and assembly without fear of retaliation. In fact, we encourage members of our community to know that they are not alone, and to establish a network of support to connect members of the community experiencing financial hardship.

      A large number of people from this community have donated time and energy, outside of full-time jobs and other employment, to try to bring together those impacted by the recent financial crisis.

      If you didn’t have a stake in this, you wouldn’t feel the need to express yourself here in the way that you do.

      As a politically independent community action, we welcome you to make positive contributions to improving the movement ans its message.

  28. I cherished up to you will receive performed right here. The caricature is tasteful, your authored material stylish. however, you command get got an impatience over that you would like be turning in the following. in poor health no doubt come further until now again since precisely the similar nearly very ceaselessly inside of case you defend this hike.

    • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

      This reads like something Joe Lieberman would say.

    • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

      Angie, if no one is trying to “stifle” my comments, then why was my other post, which was a polite critique of liberalism and the OWS nonsense “hidden”? If all viewpoints are allowed, then why “hide” something because it is not well-liked?

      Of COURSE it is not well-liked, I’m trying to point out how fraudulent and dangerous the OWS movement is. Do you think you’ll hear about anything I might mention while watching ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or MSNBC? No, you will not. I said that my post would be deleted by “closed-minded, amusingly timid people”, and your actions proved me correct. I apologize for calling the very few good-natured protesters “losers”, but seriously, look around at the dregs of society that make the park in NYC look like a war zone, where cops admit they will not enter for fear of starting a riot. How do you describe these people?

      WOMEN IN NYC HAVE BEEN TOLD NOT TO REPORT BEING RAPED, and I should be constantly polite about these leftist animals?

      From the left’s beloved Daily Kos: “Billie Greenfield, who left her home on the Upper West Side three weeks ago to live in Zuccotti Park, tells us that she was part of the mediation team that handled the sexual assault claims against Iketubosin.”


      Rape (and assault) reports are sent NOT TO THE POLICE but to a “mediation team” who can kill any chance the media (who worship these people anyway) will have to report the DOZENS of rapes and assaults that have forced women to sleep together in a very large tent for safety…and you’re annoyed that I call them losers? Again, my most sincere apologies. Simply stunning.

      Again, you wrote: “These case[s] are reviewed by the Occupy Wilmington Peace and Security team, as well as legal team, to ensure that we do not repeat the mistakes of others.”

      The “Wilmington Peace and Security team”? You’re guilty of doing what you claim NO ONE ELSE IS DOING and YOU’RE REPEATING THEIR MISTAKES, which you said you would not do. I strongly suspect you are not turning matters over to the police, because that would defeat the purpose of having your own “peace and security” people, would it not? If that’s the case, then it’s disgraceful and you know it, Angie. I hope I’m wrong on that one. My apologies if I am, but why have a peace/security force if all crimes are reported?

      You also wrote that “We promote improvements in fiscal and financial responsibility and accountability for individuals, government, and corporations.” (then you must really hate public unions, right? sure ya do…)

      You stated that “Many normal individuals (irregardless of political affiliation) are just trying to make a living, and have unfairly lost homes or jobs, experienced huge hikes in interest rates, large healthcare bills, and unemployment due to policy, economic change, legislation, corporate policy, and many other factors.”

      Since when is life fair? If you watch the videos coming from NYC, you’ll notice that the definition of “fair” applies to anything that the protesters demand for free while doing no work to earn it. They get violent when simply told they can’t have free goodies!

      For example:

      That is liberalism, or progressivism, lol, these days. “Give us everything we want for free because we feel we deserve it, or we’ll hurt you”.

      A few more thoughts on your mischaracterizatons of the OWS crowd:

      You wrote: “We do not, and will not, tolerate violence. The Occupy movement in general promotes this.”

      Wilmington’s will be the FIRST not to tolerate violence (again, why the peace/security team? just call the cops!), and to say that the “Occupy movement in general” does not tolerate violence is a lie.

      Have you heard of a city called Oakland, California? The entire “movement” in Oakland is BASED ON VIOLENCE and vandalism. One “parent” used her kids in a stroller to block traffic.

      A 78-year-old GRANDMOTHER in D.C. , Dolores Broderson was pushed down the stairs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgcRlrt2ZL4

      Occupy DC protesters used children as human shields while trying to break into a building occupied by successful people.

      A woman in Glasgow was gang-raped by her fellow “protesters”.

      This could go on and on, but the hundreds of crimes are NOT typical of a movement that, as you so oddly said, opposes violence? They encourage it, and participate in it every night.

      One more comment from you Angie: “If you didn’t have a stake in this, you wouldn’t feel the need to express yourself here in the way that you do.” My dear, I do not have a stake in this movement, but I find it laughable that you write about my “express[ing]” myself, even though you chose to hide my post so no one would read it. Just pretend liberals have open minds, ok? I know it is difficult. Just pretend they do. Let them judge for themselves if I am a waste of their time. I wrote things that liberals don’t want to read, and you “hid” the comment so that people would fly right past it. No one will click on a hidden post. Why not pretend the Occupy Wherever types have open minds and can decide for themselves if they want to read what I post here? Because you don’t want them to read it, that is why. Liberals are the most closed-minded people on earth, and they always 1.) enjoy proving it and 2.) get mad whenever you point it out to them. Just admit that you hid the post so no one will read it, so I can have an ounce of intellectual respect for you people.

      But don’t worry…Brian Williams, Jon Stewart, Andrea Mitchell, Chris “[it's] not a crime to call up al Qaeda” Matthews, and Diane Sawyer haven’t heard a thing about all of this violence, so all of you can pretend it simply isn’t happening.

      If you “hide” this post, you’ll only be proving, again, that you don’t want people to think for themselves. In closing (yay!) please consider the following, and this is as of 1 week ago:

      Number of OWS arrests across the USA as of Nov 4: 3187……….Number of Tea Party arrests, EVER: 0.

      Have a nice evening.

  29. kiko@byrzenix.com' Kiko says:

    Just curious to know if anyone is interested in attending the Occupy the Courts protests taking place on the anniversary of Citizens’ United, January 20.

    It would be at the federal courthouse downtown. Still a ways off, but seeing if there’s any interest whatsoever.


  30. matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

    Dear Occupy Group,

    I read through some of the comments, meeting notes, and other pages of the website and I think I agree with a couple points being made here– please note that they are hard to find.
    1. End the federal bailouts of big corporations.
    2. End the purchase of corrupt politicians by corporations.
    3. Kick the Lobbyist out of D.C.
    However, as I watch the “10-min documentary” posted on the site, and see the ever-increasing violence coming from some of the other Occupy Groups, I am completely turned off from your cause. The documentary is summed up at the end that if you are wanting to be an answer to the “Tea-Party” or belong to the “Radical Left” then this is the place for you. Radical Left… The Repeat after me chanting stuff… wow! Scary. I just wanted to make the suggestion that you guys put your Concrete Goals up front (whatever they may be) and disassociate with this Occupy stuff as it’s getting uglier. I believe you would have a lot more people out there with you if that were the case.



    • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

      The system is ugly. Realize that the things that you said you agree with are things that people have agreed on for years. We elect people in our “democracy” and nothing changes. We’ve sent emails and signed petitions for years and nothing changes. The more we’ve petitioned our government in ways that don’t involve taking it to the streets, the more corporations spend on owning our new squeaky clean politicians, the more corporate welfare neoliberalism and upside down socialism we get. “Repeat after me” is the human mic. It is used to amplify what somebody is saying so that everybody in a large assembly can hear what somebody has to say. If there’s anything that is a “repeat after me” indoctrination it is the corporate run media. Peaceful protests are the easiest ones to expoit because the people are unarmed and have announced their interest in being peaceful. Therefore, all that has to be done is to have the police force use intimidation and often times there will be a protester who says “hey, that cop just whacked me in the shin” and they start pushing back. Public spaces are critical to democracy for our first amendment rights. During the apathy of America in the past thirty years we have not used our public spaces to the extent that our founding fathers would have hoped for. As a result, many restrictions on the use of public spaces have come into law. That is going to change.

      • svsg432@gmail.com' Steve Von Stenmen says:

        “Corporate Media”…that was John Edwards favorite line about the media. It was an amusingly dim-witted way of describing media types who were already on the left’s side, while complaining about how they weren’t liberal enough

        Dig the so-called logic from Senator Edwards: large corporations are run by evil, greedy, wealthy conservatives; media conglomerates are corporations; ergo all media conglomerates are run by conservatives. You have to be 6 yrs old to buy this. It’s as though Disney (ABC), GE-til-recently (NBC), Google, Microsoft, etc are run by republicans, lol.

        The media are on your side, lefties, and you’re complaining about them?

        What would you say if they actually reported the crimes being committed by the OWS thugs, and the thousands of arrests? The fact that they ignore the activist left’s criminal behavior (while lying about the Tea Party’s non-existent violence) is even more proof that they’re on your side, as if all the media surveys over the decades don’t prove that already.

        Just because, like Keith Olbermann, you’re so far to the left that the media seem like they’re not on your side, doesn’t make it true.

      • matthewglennjohnson@gmail.com' Matt says:

        Dear Occupy Group & Keenen,

        I’m not sure if you were referring to something else or just have a misunderstanding of what neoliberalism means when you stated “corporate welfare neoliberalism”…? For everyone else, wikipedia has a pretty good definition.

        Also, I find it interesting how in the responses to my post (exception of Steve) would not go so far as to oppose the comments made in the 10 min documentary- specifically the ones about being “radical left”. And considering that it is still up and no real goals have been posted to the site yet it makes me wonder what this Occupy group really represents. Steph, in a comment below, states “but the things that are important will become more glaringly clear as we all become more focused.” What does that mean? The OWS folks recently put up a list of demands that include the following:

        –Raise the minimum wage immediately to $18/hr. Create a maximum wage of $90/hr to eliminate inequality.

        –Institute a 6 hour workday, and 6 weeks of paid vacation.

        –Ban the private ownership of land.

        –Ban private gun ownership.

        –Abolish the debt limit.

        –Institute a negative income tax, and tax the very rich at rates up to 90%.

        Is this what you guys were waiting for to become more “clear” and “focused” on? I read Angie’s “Perspective on the Occupy Plan” and didn’t get anything out of it except that there is no plan. Honestly, I find the wishful thinking that the Occupy movement is somehow just like the Civil Rights Movement very offensive. What OWS thinks as their rights to my private property, my rifle, and restricting my income for the good of the whole goes against everything that Dr. MLK lived and died for. Are these the goals and demands of Occupy Wilmington? I hope not. That doesn’t sound like a Country of Freedom and Liberty to me. I didn’t defend the U.S. Constitution for 5 years as a U.S. Marine so some academic hippies could come and take everything away from my kids and grandkids. So, again I politely just wanted to make the suggestion that you guys put your Concrete Goals up front (whatever they may be) and disassociate with this Occupy stuff as it’s turning into a mix of Socialism/Communism/Fascism, etc on steroids. I believe you would have a lot more people out there with you if that were the case.



    • Steph says:

      I understand where you are coming from Matt,and you’re right. It is getting uglier-but that is the face of revolution. Even those who go to great lengths to be completely non-violent and peaceful find themselves in “ugly” situations with law enforcement and things happen that no one plans for. To be sure there are going to be things about this movement that will turn people off,but the things that are important will become more glaringly clear as we all become more focused. After so many years of the hammer coming down on all of us,it was bound to happen,so while some things get ugly,other things will get done. That is the hope and goal of the Occupy movement on the whole I believe.

    • matatses1@bellsouth.net' Matt says:

      Um, I don’t know whoo posted this but it was not myself, Matt Pike and it worries me that the computor seems to think it is since I am logged in as Matt. Is ther more than one Matt in the group? Am I being hacked somehow? I know next to nothing about computer stuff to know this. At any rate I don’t want to take credit for someone elses words or have someone elses words attributed to me.

      • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

        You can choose a “Display Name” when you login, under the “Users” Section. Someone else can choose “Matt” (maybe their name is matt?) as a display name, even though their user name is not Matt. You can choose a distinct display name for yourself if you would like to distinguish.

  31. bobs@atmc.net' Bob Slaughter says:


  32. jabschenk@gmail.com' Jo Occupy WilmingtonNC says:

    Wow, love this group and the website! Could we add a Calendar of events as we are getting lots of work group meetings and actions as well as the GA’s ! Thanks for all who are dedicated to this movement and dedicating so much of their time and energy! Hope to see you soon!

    • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

      You can add events to the calendar by loggin in and choosing “Calendar” from the left sidebar. They will show up in the event list ont he right side of the homepage

  33. mail.kermit@gmail.com' bluefrog says:

    I am a father, work 2 jobs and go to school full time. I completely support this movement but I have no time to participate.

    What can I do to help?

    • nhpriorities1@aol.com' dennybest says:

      you can help spread the word about our meetings and our protest. talk us up to your friends and co-workers

    • angie@angies-art.com' Angie IT Group says:

      It always helps to post information on school bulletin board too, where others might see it. Most of the info is printable and available in the Documents section on our site. Also, you can always create articles for the site– anything you want, its completely open authorship. Tell your story, how this movement affects you and your kids, post writing, pictures, or poetry. Content added to the website helps people around the nation see who the 99% in Wilmington are on a personal level, and its a great way to support everyone. :)

    • we will cover for you Papa blueFrog! Thanks for your support!

    • mail.kermit@gmail.com' bluefrog says:

      Thanks for the info!
      I’ve posted some flyers around campus.
      I’ll definitely vote 6th, too. Do we have a list of “99% friendly” candidates?

    • bunnyplasm@hotmail.com' Scott McCormick says:

      One important way you can make a difference: If you have a bank account with one of the giant, multinational banks (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc.) close your account and open up one with a local bank or credit union. Of course, it’s not always easy to do, especially given your time constraints, but if we all do it, we’ll hit them where it hurts.

  34. So, let me make sure I have this right. Bank of America released its annual profit today, 6.2 billion dollars. And that’s before they even raise their ATM fees like they plan to on people who can’t maintain an “acceptable” minimum balance. You would think a company that big would give somebody a break when things are down. Many working people will get hit by their scheme-when they (we, the 99%) can least afford it. And when you factor in the unemployed,the underemployed and our seniors, I say it’s time to get serious about jail time. Where are all those family value activist judges and justices when we could use them?

  35. jillloveswow@gmail.com' Jill says:

    I’m putting up flyers in the downtown area to advertise the protest on Thursday. Any suggestions of locations where these should go up? Keep in mind that we need to diversify the people who show up; there’s no good reason that it’s generally only been white college kids. Surely there are pissed off Asians and Indians and black people too. EVERYBODY needs to raise their voices TOGETHER.

    • nhpriorities1@aol.com' dennybest says:

      we will hopefully be moving our weekend meetings to the park around martin luther king center which is in the heart of the african american community

  36. justanotherone42@live.com' Jake says:

    Behind you guys 99%! Hope to make the next one at 132! With elections coming up in a little over a year we have to find a presidential canidate to pull behind, what with the republicans and Obama firmly taking major donations from Wall Street. We need someone who is for the people, not playing for special interests. Takin’ it to the Streets!

  37. daltic@embarqmail.com' Dennis Altic says:

    Good to see that things are happening.

  38. nihamas@yahoo.com' John T says:

    Return to America with rule of law which states “A person must commit an action that causes harm to another person before they can be arrested, charged, or convicted” instead of the political hypocrisy that exists in the judicial system of the dictatorship known as the United States!

  39. ron@ec.rr.com' Ron says:

    #Occupy Wilmington NC–Solidarity Forever!

  40. Rtjr@yahoo.com' History Buff says:

    If I remember my 8th grade history correctly we live in a Republic not a Democracy. Historically all democracies have failed over time.

    • margeneshortyred@yahoo.com' Lilly says:

      Technically it’s referred to a democratic republic.

    • nihamas@yahoo.com' John T says:

      The correct wording is “A Democratic Republic” which is far different from the dictatorship now in place by the dictators of the Democrat and republican parties!
      Reform the tax code to a flat tax of 10% over poverty level for all entities; including corporations to eliminate loopholes and special entitlements and restrict wall street speculators from keeping prices of commodities falsely high!

      • ron@ec.rr.com' Ron Shackelford says:

        i prefer a progressive tax. the more you make the more you pay, as a percentage of income. T. Jefferson insisted it was the only way we could avoid a new Plutocracy. a flat tax is regressive. working people pay a larger percentage of their income on necessities and a flat tax hits them hardest. To the rich, flat tax is chump change.

      • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

        That means that my taxes would increase. This year my taxes, state and federal, amounted to 6% after refund. If my taxes were 10% I would spend less money. If I and everybody else who is barely hanging in the middle class have our taxes increased that means less consumer spending. Less consumer spending means higher prices as the tycoons cater more and more to the rich. Progressive taxes are proven to work very well.

    • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

      I know and I’ve been pissed off ever since the 8th grade. Are you saying that democracy is a failure? Is communism or socialism democracy? I know about Wall Streets connections with the Bolshevik revolution. The connection was only made to corrupt the Soviets as it has corrupted America as well. It is in Wall Streets interests to destroy democracy where ever it rears its “evil” head. A republic is the reinstitution of feudalism.

    • dreaming_well@hotmail.com' keenen says:

      The Holy Roman Empire was a republic. It fell.

    • the.john.ohara@gmail.com' SPQR says:

      History Buff, I think you need a little more buffing…wikipedia is a good place to start. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_republics Look at all of the republics in that list that aren’t extant today. Historically all democracies, all monarchies, all republics, all empires have failed over time. That’s hardly an argument.

  41. jbubert@earthlink.net' Barbara Ubert says:

    It is time for the American people regardless of the political affiliation to stand up to the powers that be, i.e. big business and tell them that our government is not for sale. Our politicians have to be made aware that their jobs are directly affected by us, not the huge money spenders that contribute to get them reelected. And we need to get educated and not bowled over by the negative commercials that are thrown our way by the big dollar donars that smear candidates rather than educate us as to the preferred candidate ideas they are supporting. Until these smear campaigns become inert, they will continue to steer the uneducated voter. Let’s make a difference.

  42. ron@ec.rr.com' Ron Shackelford says:

    If we strip away all the labels and get beyond all the isms, if we take a look around and take stock of our situation, we truly are the 99%. There really is a 1% that builds its wealth off the sweat of others’ labours, if not off their backs. Laws have been passed that give the 1% favored status with our government. They enjoy reduced taxes and get cash incentives. They benefit from expense writeoffs and pay taxes on profit while we, the 99%, are taxed on income. Protest > Register > Vote> >>Change it!

  43. damnedatom@gmail.com' adamf says:

    Occupy the fucking PLANET!

    99 Percent – http://www.facebook.com/weare99percent
    Alabama – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy‐Alabama/226595187395471?ref=ts
    Albany – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy‐Albany‐NY/208683202530917
    Albuquerque – http://www.facebook.com/occupyalbuquerque
    Albuquerque (Official) – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy‐Albuquerque‐Official‐Burque/131057133662928
    Allentown – http://www.facebook.com/OccupyAllentownPA
    America – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy‐America/244497372264534
    Ann Arbor – http://www.facebook.com/occupyannarbor
    Appleton – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy‐Appleton/291381300888929
    Arcata – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy‐Arcata/220016521390780
    Arkansas – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy‐Arkansas/216470221751122
    Asheville – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy‐Asheville/166674240083903?ref=ts
    Ashville – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy‐Asheville/166674240083903
    Atlanta – http://www.facebook.com/OccupyAtlanta
    AusRn – http://www.facebook.com/OccupyAusRnTx
    Bay Street – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy‐Bay‐Street/180376238704926
    Bend – http://www.facebook.com/occupybend
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    Boise – http://www.facebook.com/OccupyBoise
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    Syracuse (2) – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy‐Syracuse/277484755608934?ref=ts
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  44. ewang7855@gmail.com' rob ewing says:

    How do i join occupy wilmington? Want to come down tomorow.

    Socialism for the rich? Capitalism for the poor? I wont take it anymore!

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