Riverfront Farmers Market Outreach

Saturday Morning Riverfront Farmers Market . Interested members will meet and talk to visitors at the Farmers Market in an informal way. We’ll have brochures and maybe a sign that says something like “Ask me about Occupy”. This is our first time. Good chance to answer questions and maybe educate our fellow citizens about the movement. Opening up dialogue about frustrations that are normally regarded as avoidable topics with complete strangers is encouraged. Ultimately, we want to pull people in for our encampment and explain that the encampments purpose is to be a tangible display of the 99% waking up. We hope to have video cameras so that we can be in charge of our own media for a change. If you have one with a stereo microphone please bring it with you or contact us if you would like to donate. All welcome.

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'Riverfront Farmers Market Outreach'

  1. afoltrauer@ec.rr.com' annie girl says:

    I’m glad to hear that we’re at the farmers’ market on Saturday AM. See you there.

  2. rpenn@ec.rr.com' Roberta Penn says:

    I’m there every Saturday. Will look for you.

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