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GA Notes 11/27

Facilitator: Trey
Scribe: Linda/MK
Stack: Ethan
Timekeeper: Denny
Vibes: ??
Demonstration Thurs. 4-6 p.m. @ Monkey Junction. Gather near BurgerKing. Sign-making workshop Tues. @ SEEAC, 6 pm
Occupy Wilmington Benefit Concert & Art Auction, 12/9, 6 p.m. at Projekte Gallery, 523 S. 3rd St. Artists still needed for the event. Contact Sarah Reaves. Please contact all your friends & tell them about this fun event. It’s posted on FB & the web page.
Bill before Congress to allow federal troops to be deployed to states without request from state governors. Please call NC senators & ask them vote against this unconstitutional legislation.
Committee rpts:
Outreach: Downtown Farmers Mkt. presence generated some interest, Occupy Wall Street videographer & family came by, offered to share info, wanted video for their site. The Farmers Mkt. event will continue thru Dec.10th. More people are requested to come join the outreach effort. Sat. 9 am-1 pm
Media: requested that the videographer who was taping the GA become a part of Occupy Wilmington’s media team & he agreed.
Finance committee report requested. No one there to give it.
Old bizness:
Request for funds ($100) to take to Occupy Raleigh. Donation was approved by GA at former GA. Assumption was money would come from Financial.
All of the money that’s been donated through WePay should go to bail/legal fund.
Where is the $200 in donations that were collected during encampment? Does finance have it? No one knows.
Proposal to have finance committee meeting within a couple of days. Meeting to be announced a couple of days in advance on FB & website so those who want to attend will know about it. All agreed.
A member asked a smoker to move away from him because the smoke was blowing at him. A rule had been passed that smokers need to be 10 feet downwind from the gathering. Smoker protested that the rule had been made.
Smoking is a health & safety concern.
New bizness:
Proposal to endorse Kate’s occupation & hunger strike. Concerns about health monitoring. Kate & Linda agreed that Linda, a nurse, would consult. All agreed on endorsement.
Peter passed review of Inside Job & spoke of how powerful & informative the video is. Denny said he’s passing a tape of the doc. around, let him know if you are interested.
Concerns about requests for changes in consensus process used at GAs. Suggestion Zak & Mary Kate present a detailed explanation of how aspects like Step Up Step Back works so that we are using more elements of the process in an effort to make our GAs more inclusive, smoother, easier to understand. MK said that group had been reminded of missing elements but not all of them are being used.
Request for MK to repost her excellent space ship model on how to streamline GAs. She agreed to do so. She gave an explanation: teams/committees/working groups meet and come up with that they think needs to be done. If they need to coordinate with another group they check with group to see if that would. When a viable proposal is devised it is presented to GA for approval. If there are doubts, questions about the proposal it goes back to committee for reworking before it’s brought back to GA. The GA does not dissect & reconstruct proposals.
Request for facilitator for the next week. Jerome volunteered.

Riverfront Farmers Market Outreach

Saturday Morning Riverfront Farmers Market . Interested members will meet and talk to visitors at the Farmers Market in an informal way. We’ll have brochures and maybe a sign that says something like “Ask me about Occupy”. This is our first time. Good chance to answer questions and maybe educate our fellow citizens about the movement. Opening up dialogue about frustrations that are normally regarded as avoidable topics with complete strangers is encouraged. Ultimately, we want to pull people in for our encampment and explain that the encampments purpose is to be a tangible display of the 99% waking up. We hope to have video cameras so that we can be in charge of our own media for a change. If you have one with a stereo microphone please bring it with you or contact us if you would like to donate. All welcome.

GA Notes 10-11-11

Occupy Wilmington NC General Assembly

October 11, 2011   6:00 p.m.  Meeting lasted 1 1/2 hours by agreement

Stackmeister – ?

Facilitator – Denny


Denny went over the “hand signals” for the General Assembly (jazz fingers for approval, hands down for disapproval, “so-so” hands that I have not seen anywhere before, the triangular “I have a point to make” sign (also for questions) and the crossed arms for blocking/extreme disapproval).


The first two proposals arose out of a situation that arose on line, with one member (“Archie”) posting offending comments and creating false Facebook profiles to rejoin the group, in combination with the fact that the member in question was also interviewed by the media under a name which others were not sure was his own.


Proposal – by Joe – that anyone speaking for the group give their own name.


Points raised – some people cannot give their names – possibly because their jobs might be at risk because of the affiliation for example

alternative suggested – that they give their own name or be anonymous

although we have a right to our individual opinions, we have to remember we will be seen as part of the group

isn’t it best that we give the media a verifiable identity.

if someone is speaking anonymously, how does the group know who is giving the information

giving a name adds a sense of legitimacy,however we shouldn’t force people to do something they aren’t comfortable with.

It was noted that Archie had given the name that we knew him by to the media, so he was not misleading anyone

the media has ways of finding out true identities and one flaw discovered by them can by used to harm the group

we shouldn’t worry about the media.  Instead our media team should be the group putting our message out there


In its final form, Joes proposal was “Be who you are to the media – state your name or no name.” and it was carried.


Proposal by Molly, because of the trust issues raised by Archie’s posts and false profiles, was that he show his ID and give some justification for the creation of two false Facebook profiles.


Points raised – Keith, who had received what was interpreted as a threat from Archie had gone on to resolve his conflict with Archie, considering him to be a valid person with good points who was having a negative day

Archie spoke for himself and apologized for presenting “his truth” as he did, misreading the group, acknowledged that he got agitated when he felt that he was not being heard, stated that he felt he still had a lot to offer the group and said if it happened again he would leave of his own volition.  But he would not produce his ID.

It was stated that he was taking the position of stating he ha nothing to hide but simultaneously hiding something

The view was expressed that he could call himself Bugs Bunny for all one member cared, but he should abandon posturing

Disapproval of the use of profanity and sexual innuendo and a preference for “grown-up’ posting was expressed

Disapproval of giving the matter so much time and the suspicion of attention-seeking was raised

This was countered by the point that we should ourselves avoid being insulting towards other members at meetings

Ted put a block on the proposal – stating that if one person had to show his ID, everyone should have to

Delthea clarified the issue of Molly’s desire to feel safe within the group, as she had dealt with infiltrators/instigators in other protests, and that the showing of the ID was a security precaution.

Roberta stated that it was not all about the ID, it was about trust – What do we need for trust in each other?

Joe offered the friendly amendment that Archie show his ID to someone both he and Molly trusted and that this person could state to Molly it was valid.  To this Molly agreed.


Delthea proposed that anyone causing problem after problem after problem be voted out in General Assembly and that proposal was carried.  Other related proposals were withdrawn.


Denny proposed that General Assemblies handle announcements first, then committee reports, then proposals.  Roberta asked about agenda items and he stated that those would go into proposals – left over business from the prior meeting would go to the top of the proposal list for next time.




Molly announced she had to deprive us of the good easel and left with it, leaving Joe to transform himself into a very talkative replacement easel.


Committee Reports:


The Encampment Committee (Keith) reported that he had talked to someone at the Farmers Market and had been told that they used the street and ten feet into the park.  Past that, our presence wouldn’t disrupt the market.

Points made – the area right at Water and Market Street might be particularly good – better than the riverfront section

concern was raised about how the presence of a large Occupy Wilmington group might really affect their business/customers


The Legal Committee (Sarah) reported a temporary roadblock in that the local lawyers guild contact was not returning calls, but she was still trying.


The IT Committee reported that the website was up and now we need to fill it up.  Work is still being done on it.  They need to identify a few people who can edit it and figure out a process so that anyone can bubble up content to the site.




1.  That we change the location of the October 15 Bank of America demonstration from the BofA by the university to the BofA on third street where there is a vacant lot nearby, and wide sidewalks, and which is a more public space.  The proposal carried.

Points – Roberta showed support as the new site was visible but our people would not be in the way

Keith showed support  – although we are not close enough for easy student participation, time to mobilize a large number of them was running short in any event

The possibility of arranging transport for students to the new site was suggested

It was clarified that the BofA and the bank across from it would be open from 9-1 on Saturday

The specifics of the event will be fast-flashed to union members

Roberta asked if all was prepared – Sarah will work on the permit, Denny will handle security and Jim will make it a Facebook event

Jim (or Joe?) stressed that we should make our own signs so that “it looks like human beings doing them.”

Delthea volunteered to do a sign workshop.  Glitter was mentioned.

The question of whether we could have a large sign was raised – it could not be a carried sign but could be a sign “planted” or standing

at the site, was the conclusion.  Jim has suggested a banner to the Arts/Creativity Team.

Roberta asked exactly what were we going to do when we got there.

It was decided that the people attending should have a brief general assembly to decide when they got there – from 8:30 to 9:00 with the event starting at 9:00

It was suggested that people bring folding chairs.


2.  That we set up a temporary encampment at the lot on 4th and Castle.  The proposal carried.

Points – Keith felt it should be an educating location, a “folk school” with daily workshops from noon to dark, open to everyone

The location would allow involvement of the African-American community

Music and entertainers would be included.

The requirements that the propety owner wants us to meet have been given to the Legal Team although the document is not yet drawn up.

The concern that if we called it an encampment, we would never get a permit for a permanent encampment elsewhere was raised

but after a consideration of alternative names for it – training center, folk school, school – it was determined that we were engaging

in a discussion of semantics which would not really affect the perception of the place itself and (I believe) there was general agreement to call it an encampment (after all, people will be sleeping there), and let legal deal with any issues when we find our permanent site.

Some concern about if it was large enough for tents was expressed and it was decided to measure the lot.

Concern was voiced about how, if it was private land, we were actually exercising our right to occupy public space.  To this, the temporary nature of the encampment was raised as mitigation.


3.  Locations for the permanent occupation

Points – docks next to PPD are not a real possibility

Riverfront Park

The Convention Center – which is public property WITH bathrooms even though visibility is not as good

But shouldn’t the occupation allow us maximum comfort if we have a choice?

Denny suggested that we leave the idea of a permanent location fluid for now and this met with approval

It was noted that it would be getting cold, but it was pointed out that our comrades in New York and Boston were experiencing cold too and the occupiers would just have to deal with it.

It is not too early to start arranging for large tents.

The medical team needs to consider resources for people getting sick.  Julie, an RN, answered for the team.  The Good Samaritan Law covers non-certified professionals and her as long as she is not providing care in the name of her employer.  There is some doubt about the ability to make prescription drugs available but one member reported that his wife was a P.A. with the ability to prescribe.  Julie emphasized prevention – hand sanitizers and proper eating/drinking.  They will provide all the medication they can legally.  Delthea will see if the Red Cross will do any first aid workshops for us.


–Creating our own media was discussed.  Apparently the NC Indiemedia site is down.  There is now an ICR site.  Roberta suggested we look into (U-stream?) and other sites for posting videos and photos.  It was suggested that we use our own website for as much as possible, since we can control the content there.  We need to get the word about our October 15th event out.  IT and Social Media teams are still working on the website but will also be integrating with Picasa, Flicker, Tumblr, Twitter for a full frontal assault on the social media.


- It was stated that there is no such thing as a closed committee – people who want to join should make that desire known.


Roberta noted that we still needed to talk about the type of workshops we wanted to do and that will be put on the stack tomorrow.


It was also noted that we hadn’t discussed talking points.  That will also be held over.


The question went out as to whether there were people who had time to do things for the group in the daytime.


(Ron???) asked that anyone engaged in taking as much as possible from the banks without giving anything back should contact him.


It was suggested that we add a “soapbox” segment at the end of the meeting for anyone who wanted to stay and talk after the meeting had ended.  Others would still be free to leave.