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GA Notes 12/07/2011

Roxanne was Facilitator
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please review the following proposal that was passed at last nights GA. There is alot of communication going on right now on face book and on the forum in light of encampment coming up. Have a work group meeting! on line, in person, over the phone, how ever you choose! communicate the actions being taken on the WG you are apart of via the forum. I’m seeing allot of posts just flailing about on FB, if you think your carrying out an action pertaining to a certain work group- you are. communicate that action! get others who are doing the same action to join you!

GA Notes 11/4/11

Facilitator: Roberta

Notes: Roberta; reviewed, amended & posted: Susan

There was a discussion of the BOA protest tomorrow. Denny said all permits are in place. In addition to what may have already been created, Kate has made some posters/flyers for members to take and disseminate. She is making handbills to be passed out at the protest. Possible parking places are the church behind the BOA, the lot behind Rooms to Go and UNCW.

Molly, who is giving a workshop in non-violent civil disobedience at the OWS fundraiser at the Juggling Gypsy, led a discussion of how OWNC might prepare for such an action. Members of group participating in civil disobedience will be trained and then identified as a participant before each action.

The group discussed how important it is to use the OWNC forum for discussions. MK, who as a member of IT is working on making the site user-friendly and meet the needs of the group, updated some of the work she has been doing with the forums. Members shared their experiences about FB communications being mis-understood at times and mean-spirited. All agreed that when the discussion gets testy, people should respond with kindness and peace to diffuse the tension. All also agreed that the OWNC website forum should be used for lengthy discussions and/or debates, and a better use of FB would be to disseminate information and direct people to the forum on the OWNC website.

A discussion of OWNC’s actions surrounding Black Friday/Buy Nothing Day arose from today’s FB thread that was at times non-productive. The importance of honoring members led to suggestions on how OWNC could address holiday season consumerism/corporate greed/supporting locally-owned businesses. After a group discussion of flash mobs, political theater & informational leafleting Ron proposed a series of events that would support shopping at locally-owned businesses. The group supported the proposal through consensus. Molly agreed to do the initial coordination of members to plan & stage the events. Linda & the creative team members will be asked to work on the events as well as those who have been doing preliminary work on flash mobs.

Encampment discussion: Ron is working on getting a tent for the site. Keenen has drawn a map of how the site will be set up. Kate, who is coordinate the collection of clothing and other items to keep encampers warm, said more donations are needed. Several people offered to donate items. Kate said she could need some help with transportation, organizing and delivering items as we move toward encampment.

Agenda GA 11//11

facilitator: Roberta

old bizness: BOA Demonstration


please submit agenda item in FB message to Roberta by 4 p.m. or bring to the GA

Proposed GA Agenda 11/3/11

Facilitator: Roberta

There are no items on the agenda at this time. If you have items please FB message me by 4 p.m. or bring them to the GA, 6 p.m. Greenfield Park Amphitheatre.

Possible Agenda item, discussion of OWS