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THE PLAN Nov 17th

Sheriff order was delivered, with the officer saying that this order came “straight from the top”:

We are welcome to protest.

We cannot have tents,



Or other “furniture”.

We cannot “deface” sidewalks.

We are welcome to picket at long as the permit serves us,

But an encampment is not welcome.

We have till tomorrow to clear out.

I told LT. Perkins I would relay this information to the General Assembly, and I told him that I was not a leader, nor do I speak for the movement in Wilmington. Our reaction to the request will be obvious tomorrow, whatever we decide to do.

So here is the plan.

Encampment is meeting at 5 pm at City Hall.

They will put together a proposal to be presented at the GA taking place during the forum, as part of the forum.

The forum is at 7, at UNCW.