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11/16/11 GA notes

MK facilitated-We’ve been having the GA then splitting into working groups Announcements-Sean:We’re going to have a windy night with thunderstorms. Bunkering down! Broken down welcome table, getting stuff into bins. Moving tents closer to the building, within limits. Around the sitting area. Also Lynn can host some of our items for safe keeping (Abracadabra). Need to keep the sitting space free for folks. Creativity, Encampment&Bunkering down meeting. Maria food drive starting on Friday. Our site should be an “illegitimate” drop off point. Non perishable/canned. Radio stations will know. Maria offers to drop off to Lowes. We have a container. Keenen has receipts for the bicycle generator supplies. Angie has the financial papers ready. 40 mins alotted for working group break. Regroup at 7:10. Invited to MLK parade to march and speak (we have a slot!) Creativity to create a local monopoly board. Can use a shop to work in for the Parade and Monopoly board. Denny will be posting on fb and on web to get feedback. We have some time (2 months). Encampment will be making house rules sign for locals and new members. Proposal to next GA to get a few more tents so we have personal tents and “guest” tents. Weighing in our outlets and options for tents. Posting on FB is suggested since we have so many members watching our sites. Discussing when we should pass proposals or move to next GA. Our elders provide great input when we do have these proposals. But we also want to foster empowering people and allowing them to lead as well. Some things should be passed at a “full-force” group, but some things need to be passed in a hurry/emergency. Non-financial related= 4 people consensus (as in, if there are 4 people there and all agree, still going on majority democratic voting system here!)…Financial-related=approach financial first then if resources are available then propose to GA = Group conscience, if everyone is comfortable in passing it then it goes. Thanksgiving-poll online, give your input. Kyndall is donating a turkey. Will need sides.
Typed this while the meeting was going on.