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Welcome to the resistance. There is an underground here; fifty thousand people took to the NYC streets last weekend. All across the world they are planning, they are uniting. Don’t rely on the information given to you, seek out the truth yourself. Don’t even categorize this as truth- this is simply one persons take. Richmond’s VA was bulldozed; they are resting in the suburbs to recuperate. They sit for hours on end trying to brain storm solutions. This is mirrored in all the other movements, arguments and laughter both arise simultaneously from groups.

The dialogue has been started, the awakening is happening. Occupy Richmond sends there hope, although the love that was shared with us cannot possibly be contained into words or images. I wish you all could have been there when I told them we existed in Wilmington; I wish you could have felt the support.

Hope for Wilmington NC

In solidarity from VA

There is something bigger here happening, can you feel it?