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GA Notes 11/27

Facilitator: Trey
Scribe: Linda/MK
Stack: Ethan
Timekeeper: Denny
Vibes: ??
Demonstration Thurs. 4-6 p.m. @ Monkey Junction. Gather near BurgerKing. Sign-making workshop Tues. @ SEEAC, 6 pm
Occupy Wilmington Benefit Concert & Art Auction, 12/9, 6 p.m. at Projekte Gallery, 523 S. 3rd St. Artists still needed for the event. Contact Sarah Reaves. Please contact all your friends & tell them about this fun event. It’s posted on FB & the web page.
Bill before Congress to allow federal troops to be deployed to states without request from state governors. Please call NC senators & ask them vote against this unconstitutional legislation.
Committee rpts:
Outreach: Downtown Farmers Mkt. presence generated some interest, Occupy Wall Street videographer & family came by, offered to share info, wanted video for their site. The Farmers Mkt. event will continue thru Dec.10th. More people are requested to come join the outreach effort. Sat. 9 am-1 pm
Media: requested that the videographer who was taping the GA become a part of Occupy Wilmington’s media team & he agreed.
Finance committee report requested. No one there to give it.
Old bizness:
Request for funds ($100) to take to Occupy Raleigh. Donation was approved by GA at former GA. Assumption was money would come from Financial.
All of the money that’s been donated through WePay should go to bail/legal fund.
Where is the $200 in donations that were collected during encampment? Does finance have it? No one knows.
Proposal to have finance committee meeting within a couple of days. Meeting to be announced a couple of days in advance on FB & website so those who want to attend will know about it. All agreed.
A member asked a smoker to move away from him because the smoke was blowing at him. A rule had been passed that smokers need to be 10 feet downwind from the gathering. Smoker protested that the rule had been made.
Smoking is a health & safety concern.
New bizness:
Proposal to endorse Kate’s occupation & hunger strike. Concerns about health monitoring. Kate & Linda agreed that Linda, a nurse, would consult. All agreed on endorsement.
Peter passed review of Inside Job & spoke of how powerful & informative the video is. Denny said he’s passing a tape of the doc. around, let him know if you are interested.
Concerns about requests for changes in consensus process used at GAs. Suggestion Zak & Mary Kate present a detailed explanation of how aspects like Step Up Step Back works so that we are using more elements of the process in an effort to make our GAs more inclusive, smoother, easier to understand. MK said that group had been reminded of missing elements but not all of them are being used.
Request for MK to repost her excellent space ship model on how to streamline GAs. She agreed to do so. She gave an explanation: teams/committees/working groups meet and come up with that they think needs to be done. If they need to coordinate with another group they check with group to see if that would. When a viable proposal is devised it is presented to GA for approval. If there are doubts, questions about the proposal it goes back to committee for reworking before it’s brought back to GA. The GA does not dissect & reconstruct proposals.
Request for facilitator for the next week. Jerome volunteered.