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Greetings Occupy Wilmington

My family is heading your way to visit family.  We are from Albany, NY (Occupy Albany) and just participated in the Wall St. action at OWS this morning.  We are excited to come and meet occupiers in Wilmington soon to share and learn.  Stay Strong!

The Littlejohn Family


Who is the Top 1% Mostly? Wall St? Nope.

Only 14% of the 1% are actually financial institutions on Wall Street.

The majority of the 1% are lawyers and doctors.

Do you know where the largest collection of lawyers in the U.S. is?
Washington DC

Do you know what the richest area in the US is?
Washington DC

Who bailed out Wall St?
Washington DC

Who gave Wall St the tools to create what happened?
Washington DC

I believe your movement it not only misplaced, but uninformed.

Slogans for signs

Slogans for Signs

  • Render Unto Banksters Nothing!
  • Chairman Bernanke–Regulate Your Damn Banks!
  • “Currency for a common good”
  • “Paychecks not credit card bills”
  • “Stimulus not corporate welfare”
  • “End debt slavery”
  • “Debt forgiveness, not debt peonage”
  • “Money is a commons”
  • Those with golden parachutes should jump out of a plane.
  • My mother was right. Too much banking makes you go blind!
  • Go directly to jail! Do not pass Go(vernment)! Do not collect $200(’000’000’000)!
  • Do you feel it trickle down?
  • None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. -Goethe
  • People over profits
  • Wall Street has the real weapons of mass destruction
  • If only the war on Poverty was a Real War
  • Land of the Fee, Home of the Slave
  • We are the 99%
  • Lost my job Found an Occupation
  • Stop the War on Workers
  • I drove 1768 miles to occupy Wall St
  • One person, one vote… NOT… One dollar, one vote!
  • Trickle Threat
  • Wall Street is our Street
  • Did you lose your home or Wall Street stole it from you?
  • Not anti capital, just anti-Theft
  • The People are too big to Fail
  • I’ll believe corporations are people when TX executes one
  • The People Stand with Mother Earth and now it’s “spring” all over the world