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GA Notes 12-11-12

Roxanne facilitated with help from the group

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You’ve all heard me (and others) go on and on about being positive in the face of adversity, but its normal to feel frustrated, scared, and just plain tired.  We are slowly gaining ground, though.  It’s hard sometimes, but no matter what happens we are in this until we see change.

I adapted this graphic…. I think it says it well. We work in solidarity with each other and other Occupy groups.  Stay strong.  We are the 99%, after all.


We can be removed from city hall, kicked off of public property in violation of our constitutional right to assemble, and even removed from the streets in spite of city issued permits– but we can not be silenced.  The powers that be fear us, but remember what I told you about negative comments on the website? For each negative comment, the search engines throw us a hundred new viewers.  Every act of opposition only strengthens us, and brings out more supporters irate over the ongoing violation of our rights as American citizens.

We have publicly taken action to improve the community, and publicly announced our intentions to cooperate with local government and police.  We have worked with local business and nonprofits, and continue to expand our outreach programs and community actions.  We will keep doing what we are doing, and what is right– the voice of the people– will inevitably prevail.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -Mahatma Gandhi

You may be scared, by those that seek to control and exploit the people are more much more scared than we are.  SOLIDARITY!


–Standing with you all,
Angie IT

P.S. I’ll be at the University Forum tonight speaking– keep me posted on what’s going on at the encampment

Proposal for IT


Proposal for IT

Why? Because the website is a direct reflection of the organization of the group itself. It cannot be arrested, moved, cancelled or rained out on. It’s the perfect base for when things get sticky.

Plan: I have organized the “post categories” into working groups. My only question is weather or not we keep the forum. If we have both the word press rolling blog, and the forum on the wordpress rolling blog, its like we are duplicating information, along with efforts.

     I know that because people couldn’t wrap there heads around word press being a forum, we made a forum.

But now that’s really really confusing for people.

Because where do you post your comment? The website? Or the forum? 2 different conversations are going on within  the same working group, and efforts are lost or duplicated EX- me making a forum, and then Angie making a better forum, and then wondering why we made a forum in the first place.

 So I’d like to remove the forum, now that the website has more organization for discussion. and then people will be more motivated to contribute if they know there ideas and energy wont be wasted.

And this doesn’t get anymore confusing than it already is.

major website change


So… the more I see the activity on the site, the more I notice posts on the site are used as a forum. I know we stated this before, but there seems to be some confusion on where to actually post things for discussion.

Could we

 A) Delete the “wordpress website” and transfer all the info written to the forum

 B) Delete the forum and organize the wordpress website in the order of the forum? and then just rename the website to “forum” to avoid more confusion.

ultimately these are both organization and transparency tools- its seems redundant to have both; and confusing.

I don’t want to go ahead and make such a big change without any input from the group

website tweaks i would like to see

i find this site to be unorganized and would like to propose some tweaks to make it better. this is my opinion and in no way reflects poorly on those who have worked so hard to create and run this site in such a short amount of time.


replace current tabs with these:

homepage…cleaned up a bit with a statement of purpose or some other message


schedule or calendar



contact us


working groups




tweets stream- #ownc #occupywilmingtonnc

find us (where we are physically at any given time)


does anyone else have any opinions on these things? the forum could be proforums or simple machines. there are lots of good free platforms to use.


thank you