The Proposal for UNITY between the G.A’s via Facebook

The Proposal for UNITY between the G.A’s via Facebook

1 The proposal is that each occupation pick 5 individuals via there G.A’s approval to participate on a facebook group page called Occupy Solutions NC.

2 The 5′s main objective is to relay Factual / Credible / Up to Date information to the other G.A’s who are on the page.( Not to make Decisions ) for the other G.A’s

3 If there is a Proposal or Action that is G.A approved that a G.A would like to bring to the rest they would be able to Fast/ Credible and Direct.

4 This is a Closed Group. The only people who would be added would be the 5 from a G.A approved Occupy.

5 All the one’s chosen will be Admins.

6 We are a leader full movement the Purpose of this is to bring UNITY and Better our Communication.

7 If there is changes that the group would like to make to the actual page as far as Events or what not they would inform the other Occupy’s on the page.

8 The 5 who should be on there( And this is just a suggestion) Should 1) Be a constant participant at there respective G.A’s 2) Have access to the Internet and 3) be trusted by there respective G.A’s to receive and relay the correct information.

9 This Proposal has been already approved by the Occupy Charlotte G.A we are in the Process of picking our 5 we hope you will work with us as we work together to make a change.

If you approve please send the names of the 5 to and they will be added.

In Solidarity Occupy Charlotte

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