ThinkTwice: Occupy is a Worth First Step

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Below is a piece written by my brother-in-law..wanted to share it with y’all.

Perhaps the Occupy Movement has already gotten the image of an angry, anarchic mob of disenfranchised youth staked out in dirty encampments where they are not supposed to be, bent on upending the system.


There is strong evidence to encourage one to think twice.

For instance, a massive, full, three-page feature in today’s Washington Post Style section on Occupy D.C.’s Mcpherson Square encampment says it exudes what the Post calls a “vibrant urbanism” that is organized and peaceful. Reston never got news feature coverage this big.

With Occupy, Mcpherson Square is now covered with tents serving finance and  resource allocation, the news media, social tech,clothing and blanket supplies, trash pickup three times a day (wow!), and giving haircuts. Areas are set aside for safe space, signs, hooping, teeth brushing, and “fun.” Where in the poverty-beleagured cities of America are places as well-organized ands well-kept as Occupy D.C.’s and the other similar Occupy creations are now sprouting up around the country. The Post counted 17 committees that manage the various tasks in McPherson. No doubt social communcation is playing a key part in Occupy’s marvel  of growth, and relatedness to the phenomenon of Arab Spring and awakenings in other countries.

Indeed, though there is anger and determination to instigate change through Occupy, the Movement is already accomplishing a fresh look in down-in-the-mouth America.


Occupy the hearts and minds of a depressed people and a polarized society: That’s a worthy first step.



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