Wave Transit; The People’s Buses

Three occupiers attended the public hearing held at Wave Transit’s Board of Directors meeting in Forden Station on June 28th. In solidarity with at least 20 other working class people of Wilmington, NC, we educated the Board about the devastating effects this would have on Sunday food service industry employees who depend on a bus service that, if anything, needs to be expanded as well as service for the rest of the week.

The public also scolded the Board of Directors on layoffs and bloated administration salaries. Several complained about bus drivers who are stressed as a result of a diminished workforce and reduced benefits; therefore, causing poorer work ethics and impleasant attitudes. No media was present except for Occupiers, one of which who is bringing it to you now.

The Board of Directors voted to return to planning and finance committees to rework a budget that would only cut Sunday service after exhausting all other possibilities. Board member, Mr. Jeffrey B. Petroff, suggested one possiblilty would be to add a fare to the Downtown Trolly service, which was added as a free service several years ago to service PPD employees. PPD has since been bought by private equity firms and its Wilmington office destroyed 700 jobs.

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